Mid March 2012  
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Founders Journal 87
Beginning with Issue 87 (Winter 2012) the Founders Journal can now be downloaded as an eJournal. It is no longer necessary to purchase a subscription to the Founders Journal. It is available for $1.99 each from our online store.

You can choose from two digital formats:

(for iBooks, Nook and other ePUB readers)

(for Kindle and other mobi readers)


"Editorial Update"
     (Tom Ascol)
"The Compatibility of Determinism and Human Freedom"
     (Bruce Ware)
"Why I Am Still a Baptist"
     (Robert R. Gonzales, Jr.)
Timothy George and Reading Scripture with the Reformers: An Interview
     (Wyman Richardson)

Past issues of the Founders Journal are available in PDF format for free in our online archives.

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