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From the Director's Blog
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Founders Journal 84
Read the latest commentary from Tom Ascol:
Founders Study Center 10-Week Course
 A Biblical Call with Pastor Al Martin
A Biblical Call
Learn what constitutes a biblical call to the gospel ministry. 

Topics include: six wrong reasons to enter the gospel ministry; four essential elements of the call; and the mental, spiritual and practical gifts required for the pastoral office.

Register now for our spring 10-week course beginning on March 19.

Other courses this spring (now in progress) include Baptist Identity with Dr. Tom Nettles, and Systematic Theology III with Dr. Roger Nicole. Late Registration for 16-week courses ends March 2, 2012.


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What Then Shall We Sing?
 Part 1: Thoughts on Music

Founders Journal 83
How do you evaluate music? What questions should you ask of the songs you choose to hear and sing?

What Then Shall We Sing?
Part 1: Thoughts on Music

by Ken Puls

In Part 1 our focus will be on music in general--the music we hear and enjoy in all of life. We will consider the following questions:

1.  What is music?
2.  What does music communicate?
3.  How does music communicate?
4.  Can music be evil or worldly?
5.  What music can we enjoy as Christians?

     Read more (PDF)

     Grid for Evaluating Music (PDF)

Upcoming Events

Check out these upcoming events in 2012:

Founders Conference Midwest
     Theme: Elect of Every Nation
     February 28-29
     In St. Peters, MO
     Read PDF of conference brochure

Speakers: Joshua Wilson, Roger Duke, Curt Daniel, Walt Chantry and Bruce Walker
     Cultivating Gospel Community
     March 30-31
     In Fort Myers, FL

 Speakers include: Steve Timmis and Jared C. Wilson
Click here for registration information and schedule.

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