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Volume 34, Number 4                                                                         February 3, 2012  

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MACo is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that serves Maryland's counties by articulating the needs of local government to the Maryland General Assembly

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 Maryland State House  

February 8, 2012
10:30 a.m.

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2012 MACo Executive Committee


President, Ingrid Turner     

1st VP, Richard Pollitt   


2nd VP, Thomas Duncan 


Secretary, Isiah Leggett   


Treasurer, John Barr  


Immediate Past President, Ken Ulman 

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In the last couple of weeks, I have joined county colleagues in speaking to the General Assembly - giving a "big picture" sense of what we are facing at the county level. It's good to know that the Senators and Delegates have a real interest in our issues, and some of the questions and conversation that has come from these presentations makes that clear.

I have shared over and over with our Senators and Delegates the fiscal problems and challenges we face, and I really encourage you to do so as well. I'm sure that in your county, you are seeing a drop in your property assessments - the counties are clearly in worse economic shape than the state is. But the state is the one talking about shifting costs to our books. One of our worst fears is upon us. We know they have difficult work ahead. We have difficult work ahead. But please don't miss the chance to tell your county story to your Annapolis representatives. I need your help.

Get those phone calls into Annapolis. We're not whining, we're just telling it like it is.


Ingrid M. Turner, Esquire  

Prince George's County Council Member