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October 14

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Cooking Pancakes

Saturday, October 1  

Pancake Breakfast

8:30 to 10:30 AM 

Bag Day at the

Treasure Chest

9 AM to 3 PM 

Room for Rent 
at RVCC!

Spacious old classroom.

Beautiful south-facing sunny room. 

Great room for 

office or studio.  

Approx. 348SF.

Join us! 

$275 per month 

includes utilities. 

 For more info please contact Bo Holland 

at 434-361-0100


room 3 

RVCC Tenants

Leslie Alexander

Megan Atthowe 
Larry Cabaniss 

Christine Davis

Greg Ebelherr 

Flickinger Studios

Claudia Gibson  

Susan Gorman

Habitat for Humanity

The Hamner Theater 

John Helfrick 

Cathy Kiehl 

Rebecca L'Abbe

David Lipscomb

Sandra Pleasants 

K. Robins Design

Wren Shoumate 

Treasure Chest 

Rose Valentino

Brian Webb  


RVCC Board of Directors 2011-2012
Gifford Childs
Vice President
Bill Howard
Connie Muscenti
Bob Kinney
Sue Chase
Margaret Clair
Sarah Jane Stewart
Bob Yoder
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October 2011Top 

   Join us Sunday, October 2 
     for the Volunteer Picnic
                  4-6 pm
oct 2 picnic

Hello Friends of RVCC:

      Well we finally did it! A new boiler has been ordered and is scheduled for installation. The old boiler served us well, but was very inefficient and well past its useful life. With good luck and good maintenance, the old boiler kept us warm for many years beyond anybody's expectations. Last year however, luck ran out and the old boiler started leaking internally, making repair impractical and replacement urgent.

      By extending the life of old boiler, RVCC benefited by allowing us to use our limited financial resources for required building code and life safety upgrades. It also gave us time to make sure the heat system upgrade was aligned with the long term plan for heating and cooling the whole building.

      RVCC will benefit immediately from more efficient use of fuel oil. RVCC will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs and risk of boiler failure in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, we do not have funds to replace the old supply and return piping from the radiators yet so we can still expect some leaks and the familiar clanking when the heat is on!  

     Please come by and enjoy all the activities and the warmth at RVCC.


Thanks for your continued support! 

  Gifford Childs

RVCC President

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Rockfish Nights 

Buy your tickets today 


Rockfish Nights 2011

Saturday, November 12.  


This year we're going back to jazz -- way back to 1930's Gypsy Jazz, from Le Hotclub de Biglick ...  

hotclub sepia   ... a feel-good band for all ages and musical preferences. You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes (and ears) off  them. These guys are entertaining, virtuoso performers, each with a rich background in music performance. Even if you don't dance, you won't be able to keep your feet still! 

Check out their website at:


as usual you can count on dinner, 

a cash bar with Nelson County's 

best selection of beer and wine, 

and most of all, our unique Silent Auction - 

truly the most entertaining Nelson County experience ! *


Doors open at 5 pm for Auction/Appetizers/Bar

Followed by Dinner & Music

Ticket price is $40 per person.

Click here to buy tickets online or

buy them in person at RVCC Treasure Chest.


* Have a unique item you'd like to donate to the Auction? Drop it off at the Treasure Chest (make sure they know it's for the auction and get your name for recognition!) 

or call 434-361-0100 to arrange for a pick-up.

Thank you!


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Seniors Art Exhibit at RVCC

senior art show
     A collection of paintings by senior citizens at Nelson County Community Center,  Lovingston, and Mary Williams Community Center, Charlottesville, opened in an exhibit in the RVCC conference room gallery on September 25. 

The collection is called Painting Without Numbers: 

A Collaboration with First Time Painters. 

artist 1
Margaret Constance Henderson with her painting Feeding the Chickens.


     The exhibit continues through October 20, 2011. Gallery hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday or by appointment.


     Call RVCC 

(434-361-0100) for more info.  


artist 2
Dolores Goska with her painting Ocean Scene.



"What art

 offers is space; 

a certain breathing room for the spirit." 

John Updike











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Claudia of Claudia Gibson Catering  

ms. claudiaExotic aromas waft down the halls and from the windows of the community center, enticing the hapless visitor to search for their source. They come from the kitchen of Claudia Gibson, located at the end of the East hallway. She may be baking her delicious cardamom rolls, a chicken pot pie or warming up a yummy carrot ginger soup, using fresh and local ingredients.

Claudia's specialty is ethnic international cuisine that she learned from growing up in Lebanon, living in Italy, Mexico and Guatemala, and traveling throughout Europe. She has been a caterer for about 25 years. She also has an art degree and is know for her basketry and dried flower arrangements, both of which are for sale at the first indoor market in December. Claudia's artistry has transformed the RVCC dining room and hallway with grass and flower arrangements, colorful fabrics, and decorative baskets. She also upgraded and customized the kitchen which she shares with the pancake breakfast crowd.

     This past year Claudia's Café was a Friday lunch smorgasbord that was such a huge treat for RVCC tenants and others who dropped in. It was not only a fantastic meal but a wonderful venue for getting to know one another better as tenants and neighbors.  Alas, Claudia got too busy to continue but she may have an evening meal once a week if there is enough interest. Let her know if you'd come for dinner.

     Claudia's catering business is thriving. Last weekend she provided food for the Curry School of Education at UVA and for Sandra Pleasants' annual yoga retreat. She also caters weddings, private parties, anniversaries, and business meetings and is a member of Retail Relay, an online farmer's market in Charlottesville. Saturday morning you'll find her at the Nellysford Farmer's Market, at one of the biggest and most popular tables selling coffee, hibiscus tea, and numerous pastries, cookies, and vegetable pies.

     Claudia Gibson Catering is a wonderful asset to the community center where she has brought her sweet and savory aromas and homey touches for five years.  Her car is the first one to arrive at the center in the morning and the last to leave in the evening, Wednesday through Saturday, so stop on by for a treat or an easy take home meal. If you knock on her door you will be greeted by lovely and gracious Claudia and/or her attractive young assistants, Lianna McAvoy, Freya Ritchie, Claudia's daughter, or Jessie Carter. They will sell you entrees to go!

Call her at 434-760-4182,
visit her website:  or contact her at

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 Historic Window 

Restoration Workshop

      On September 10, RVCC held a historic window restoration workshop.  The workshop was attended by 8 very enthusiastic RVCC members.   Jim Imbur led the workshop and shared his knowledge and best practices learned over many years.  Jim opened the workshop with an overview of what we would accomplish during the day.  He showed us the special tools and materials needed and reviewed safety issues. 

      One window in the conference room was selected.  First we removed the sashes, which is no easy task because of the large window size and the counter weight system.   After congratulating themselves for not breaking anything the team was ready to move on to the task of removing many layers of old paint and glazing.

      Jim described two processes of removing old paint down to the original bare wood.  The first process uses an infra red heater which heats a 12" section of sash in about 30 seconds.   The other method uses steam which softens the paint and glazing area in 40 minutes.   Both methods soften the paint and glazing making it easy to remove with a sharp scraper.   We were all surprised at how much easier, safer and better for the environment this was compared to chemical stripping. 

      The workshop attendees worked together and in a relatively short time all the old paint and glazing was removed.  What we found under all that old damaged paint and glazing was very high quality wood in excellent condition.   Next we removed several panes of damaged glass.  To do a complete restoration all the glass would be removed and resealed, however we found out quickly that the additional time would not be worth the benefit.

The next steps in the window restoration process are priming, glazing, top coating, weather stripping, repairing the counter weight system and finally re-installing. 

     Unfortunately these steps could not be done until the windows dried out.  We therefore filled in the window frame with plywood until the sashes are ready and we have all the parts for counter weight system.

      The workshop was very enlightening in many ways.  We learned that these old windows if restored properly will significantly improve energy efficiency by reducing air infiltration, the biggest source of heat loss in an old building.  These old windows cannot compete with modern windows with insulated glass but have a tremendous historic value advantage.   The first step is always the hardest and now that we have taken this step and learned what is involved the other windows should be much easier. 
window workshop
Workshop participants learning to build a steamer.

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Hamner Happenings

in October 2011

Hamner Theater 



Saturday, October 8: 

The Central VA Blues Association Monthly Jam

Doors at 7 pm, show at 7:30 - no admission charge, a la carte food and local wine and beer available as always.



Friday, October 14, 7:30 pm
Saturday, October 15, 2 pm
"Nat's Last Struggle"
Fresh from the Norfolk New Plays Festival, a one man play by Virginia playwright PA Wray. Beginning with Nat's court sentencing and hanging, the play focuses on his after-life doubts as he defends his actions before God's seat of judgment, though we're not so sure God is there to hear him.  (Note: Saturday matinee at 2pm.) Tickets $15



Thursday, October 20: 

"The Prisoner of Second Avenue"

Neil Simon's classic comedy The Prisoner of Second Avenue opens for a three week run, October 20 - November 6.   Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.  Tickets $15  



Thursday, October 25:

"The Fantasticks"

Tandem Friends School will bring its production of The Fantasticks to the Hamner for one show only - see what another high school is doing!  Curtain is at 7 pm; tickets are $10 and $6. 


October is very full as you can see!  Please visit the website:  for details and further information ... and don't miss an event here at the Hamner Theater!  Celebrating life and the shared human experience in your own backyard!



The Hamner Theater is excited about our upcoming events and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


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Newest Volunteer Project: 
Once again the dynamic Weems duo showed up 
to help with a needed upgrade ... 
this time for the sign at the front entrance to RVCC. 
Here Henri Weems and President Gifford Childs are installing new posts to hold the newly painted signage.

Many thanks to  

our generous & hardworking friends.

 sign painters 

We invite you to join us at the

Rockfish Valley Community Center ...

Where Community Happens!