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Welcome PBIA Instructors

Hello all PBIA Instructors,    


Wow, what a quick Summer it's been!  We hope you were able to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend.


Please note the Billiard Congress of America office has moved.  Our new address is:


Billiard Congress of America

10900 West 120th Ave., Unit B7

Broomfield, CO 80021 


Welcome to our new PBIA Instructors!

PBIA Article Submission Request

To help continue to promote the PBIA and our instructors, Jerry Forsyth with AZBilliards has offered the PBIA a dedicated instructional section on the AZBilliards.com web site.
azbilliard logo
Topics can vary from proper techniques and tips of the trade to billiard etiquette - all with the aim of provinding valuable information to AZBilliards.com readers and highlighting the vast array of knowledge PBIA instructors provide the industry.

In addition, if there's something interesting happening in your local pool room, tournament scene, class room, or your training facility that may not fit within the parameters above, send it to us anyway and maybe we'll include it!

What's in it for you?  We'll include your name, photo and email address if your article gets chosen. 

Please submit your 500 word instructional article and photo to rob@pbia-instructor.com

Double Check PlayBetterBilliards.com 

PBIA Corp. Logo When was the last time you visited the PlayBetterBilliards.com web site?

The new web site offers consumers and students access to leave comments and questions for each active instructor on the site. 

All instructors are encouraged to ask their students to leave feedback on their personal profile at PlayBetterBilliards.com.  There is no better advertising than word of mouth, and there are no better mouths to help us promote the PBIA  than those of your students.  This new feature on the web site will allow current and future students to gain a more in depth understanding about our PBIA Instructors.

We recommend  that all instructors check the site regularly for feedback, questions from students, and to ensure that your contact information is accurate. 

PBIA Instructional Videos & Video-Clips 

Help us and we'll help you...There are many current PBIA Instructors who have recorded and released videos and video clips either with a formal DVD or through youtube. 

We are collecting video clips for our PBIA video-stock library.  We will use the instructional clips to continually promote the PBIA and a new consumer membership program we will be announcing in the near future.  

If you have any DVDs that you would like to have considered for this effort, please send them to:

Billiard Congress of America
c/o PBIA Video
10090 West 120th Ave., Unit B7
Broomfield, CO 80021

If you are sharing a video clip that you have already posted to youtube, please send us the hyperlink along with an original (editable .mov or .mp4) file to rob@pbia-instructor.com, with PBIA Video in the subject line.   


If we choose your video, you will receive credit and exposure for the material.

(Below is a sample of a PBIA instructional video clip from Jerry Briesath's How to Play Pool Right. )

PBIA Presents: Selecting a Cue with Master Instructor Jerry Briesath
PBIA Presents: Selecting a Cue with Master Instructor Jerry Briesath

PBIA Google AdWords Campaign Update

  • Online ads promoting PBIA instruction have been clicked 13,844 times!   GoogleAdwords  


PBIA Sponsors Billiard Congress of America Mobile Rules Application

mobile app cover image
Loading Screen Image
Mobile Rule Application
The Billiard Congress of America is in the final stages of developing a mobile
app version of Billiards: The Official Rules and Records Book for the iPhone and android platforms.  

The new mobile application contains the world-standardized rules for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 14.1 Continuous, as well as referee regulations, table and equipment specifications, and more. 

As a strategic move to continue to grow and develop the PBIA brand, the PBIA has become the official sponsor of new mobile rules application.

The new mobile app is in the final stages of development and is going to be released to the general public in the near future. 

PBIA Polo Shirt

PBIA Shirt
PBIA Sample Polo Shirt

We are considering placing a bulk order of PBIA Polo Shirts for instructors of the PBIA.


The shirts will cost approximately $37.  The shirt color choices are tan, white and light grey.

If you are interested in purchasing a PBIA Polo, please send an email to rob@pbia-instructor.com by Friday, September 14th, and let us know how many shirts you are considering, color choice and what size you'd like to order.


We will then determine if there is enough demand to place an order.  We will need to order a minimum of 50 shirts to guarantee this price range.  

PBIA Program Housekeeping

  • PBIA logos are available for download at www.playbetterbilliards.com.  
  • Download the PBIA logo and visit www.vistaprint.com to print business cards for as low as $3.99 for 250 cards. 
  • To get an update on your student hours, send an email request to rob@pbia-instructor.com. He will generate an Excel spread sheet that lists all of your entries.
  • Suggestions and ideas are welcome from all PBIA Instructors. Send them to rob@pbia-instructor.com and help the organization get better and better.  

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