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September 23, 2012

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Report from Advocates Pakistan:
Historic Church Burned Down
by Angy Mob   


Dear Friends 


Just this morning we received a disturbing report from our friends of Advocates Pakistan.  Just yesterday, a mob of Muslims, apparently angry over the "Innocence of Muslims" internet movie, attacked a church compound in Mardan, Pakistan.  Ezra Shujat, President of Advocates Pakistan sends the following report:


On September 21, 2012 a mob of several hundred Muslims men attacked the Church compound in Mardan city, 48 kilometers from the provincial capital of Khyber Paktunkhwa.
The mob broke through the main gate of the Church compound, attacked and set on fire St. Paul's Sarhadi Church, St. Paul's high school, the library, a computer laboratory and houses of four clergymen that includes Rt. Rev. Bishop Peter Majeed, Pastor Chand Masih, Pastor Ghulam Shad and the house of Ms. Shamshad, the Principal of the School. The mob also damaged and set alight the moveable property including a car and three motorcycles. Mr. Zeeshan Chand, 17, a son of Rev. Chand, was beaten by the mob who had to be hospitalized in Mardan.

According to Rev. Binyameen Barkat, 50, the treasurer of the Northern Diocese, Church of Pakistan, "We were under threats of such attacks since last week and had requested the local administration to provide security to the Church property, which they did however it was not enough to stop the aggressive armed men".
Attackers brought kerosene oil, guns and sculls. They damaged the door, windows and stoned the Church. The mob desecrated the Alter, tore the copies of Bibles, prayer books and later put everything on fire, the source said.
"We immediately called the fire brigades, however the mob stoned and did not allow the fire fighters to enter into the Church compound" 
Attorney.Ezra Shujaat.President,Advocates Pakistan has condemned the incident and called the faith leaders to put out the fire burning in hearts and minds of people due provocation such the recent film. The St. Paul's Church was historical and built in early 1900 's
With Warm Regards
Ezra Shujaat
President, Advocates Pakistan 

Please continue to pray with us for peace in Pakistan and other countries that are still facing this backlash from the September 11 attacks in Libya and Egypt.  We join with Brother Ezra in condemning the violence in incidents like this. 


May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . .


Grace and Peace,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney


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