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Vol. 4, Issue 2                                                                                           January 23, 2012
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Let Us Know Your Needs 

Advocates' international prayer & praise correspondent,  Bulgarian human rights attorney Diana Daskolova  reminds all advocates to  e-mail AI Prayer Net  your Advocates International prayer requests for inclusion in the next AI Prayer Calendar.            _______________ 


The entire Advocates Africa team thanks you for your prayers.  For inclusion in the next Advocates Africa Prayer Calender.  Please send any items of prayer or praise to Alison Diarra at alisondiarra@gmail.comThank you.

Advocates International
Global Council Meeting  

The Global Council held its annual meeting January 13-14, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.  Under the Chairmanship of Min Choon Lee, the GC continues to refine and implement the vision for AI's global efforts through our Global Resource Teams and Task Forces.
AI Global Council, Barcelona 2012
Front row L-R: Dongsub Sim (S. Korea), Robin David (India), 
Min Choon Lee (Malaysia), Nina Balmaceda (Peru);  
Row 2 L-R: Sam Logan (USA), Brent McBurney (USA),  
Mats Tunehag (Sweden), Latcho Popov (Bulgaria); 
Row 3 L-R: Teresa Conradie (South Africa), Mike Chibita (Uganda), Roger Sherrard (USA), Gerardo Amarilla (Uruguay); 
not pictured but in attendance: Gilberto Ribeiro (Brazil), Gregory Vijayendran (Singapore), Nicolas Duval (France). 
Not in attendance: Alice Soo Hon (Trinidad & Tobago)
Rose Mbah Acha (Cameroon), 
Ruth Ross (Canada),
Botrus Mansour (Israel), 
Mark Mudri (Australia),
and Lynn Buzzard (USA)

The meeting was a tremendous success and we are encouraged by the progress from our time together.  2012 will be a year of tremendous growth and exciting challenges as AI continues to develop the Global Resource Teams.  The next GC meeting will take place in April 2013, location TBD.

In addition to the GC meeting, most of those in attendance were also able to attend the Rule of Law & Integrity Global Task Force conference.  More about that conference right below.

Global Task Force on Rule of Law & Integrity conference a great success 
 On January 12 and 13, Advocates International's Global Task Force on Rule of Law & Integrity held a very successful conference in Sabadell, near Barcelona, Spain. 

The meetings were attended by participants from six continents and included a wide variety of topics from corruption and government employee whistleblowing to human trafficking to religious freedom in predominatntly Muslim nations to international criminal corruption to judicial reform in Latin America, among others.  Participants were very encouraged by the gathering and getting to better know specialists in a variety of areas.  One participant indicated that he now knows key players in these fields in the event that problem issues arise in his work, and who to "go to" for contacts and assistance when necessary.

A special debt of gratitude is owed to our host in Spain, Eliseo Gomez, and to GTF Co-Chairman, Latcho Popov, for their hard work in putting on such a great event.  A huge thanks also to all of you who have been praying for both the Task Force conference and the Global Council meeting.  Your prayers made all the difference.    


Thank You for Your Financial Support

        AI is not a recipient of government funding and is solely dependent upon the financial contributions of those who believe in its mission, thereby enabling it to serve "clients" ranging from heads of state seeking to implement constitutional reforms to persecuted and imprisoned believers sentenced to death for their faith. We are most grateful and thank you for whatever financial support or voluntary service you can provide in support of AI's mission. Here's how you can help: (more)