Growing Green Minds at Green Sugar Press  is about two things:
1. kids & unstructured outdoor activity
2. kids growing up understanding how nature works

In the words of Einstein, Nature teaches us everything we need to know.

Calling all COLLEGE STUDENTS and anyone thinking about a career!

Read the commencement address given to University of Portland students this year by world-famous entrepreneur and environmentalist
Paul Hawken (as a PDF): here

And Hawken's website

The movie Where the Wild Things Are has teamed with The National Wildlife Federation to launch a Be Out There Campaign.

Read more here

It may be nearly November, and your sweaters may have replaced your swimsuit, but there's still great locally grown food available. Find a farmer's market near you. If you're in Chicago, click: here

If you're still cold, visit the butterfly haven at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Musuem. Do it by November 2nd,  and you'll visit free. Details on their 10th Anniversary Celebration.

See you outside,

P.S. For the replay of my interview on 101.9 The Mix, click Green Kids        

Thoughts on Raising Smart Kids...
A neat article in the New York Times on make-believe play teaching self-control and helping the mind develop. The full article here

And an article, also from the Times, on Walt Disney agreeing to offer refunds to those who purchased Baby Einstein products after studies show educational claims have no merit : refund!

Compost happens...
In recent news about moving past the Industrial Revolution where we eliminate worthless waste and pollution (and, hopefully, lower income taxes):

Last week, San Francisco passed a bill mandating residents separate their organic food waste from their landfill-bound trash.

And, while Chicago may well be behind the curve in recycling waste, Illinois passed Senate Bill 99 - Food Waste Composting. Effective January 1, 2010, it allows for large-scale composting in Illinois. Businesses will be allowed to have 3rd parties remove food waste where it can be used in composting operations rather than contribute to our waste stream. There are already big plans in and around Chicago in the works. Stay tuned...
Are you an Educator?
The Chicago Botanic Garden is working with Cornell University to understand how public gardens can better serve local schools. Click here to complete a brief survey to help the study.
To thank you for your time, the Chicago Botanic Garden will provide you with free admission to the Gardens, a $20 value.  Questions? Contact Erin: enm6@cornell.edu, 607.254.2945.
Book of the Month: Ray Anderson's:
Confessions of a Radical Industrialist

Ray & Tim
Founder and CEO of Interface Global, the world's largest tile carpet manufacturer, Ray Anderson set a goal in 1994 to to change his business from a toxic, petroleum-based business, releasing immense amounts of air and water pollution and creating tons of waste to a business modeled on how nature works: by cycling nutrients (materials) and living off current solar income. In fifteen years, Interface has:
  • cut greenhouse gas emissions by 82%
  • cut fossil fuel consumption by 60%
  • cut waste by 66% and water use by 75%
All while increasing sales by 66%, doubling earnings and raising profit margins!!

*Note: Interface is mentioned in the "R is for Rethink and Redesign" spread of An Environmental Guide from A to Z.