Growing Green Minds....
means two things:
1. kids having time for unstructured outdoor activity
2. kids growing up understanding how nature works.

"Nature teaches us everything we need to know." -Albert Einstein
None have gone as planned, but to date, most of the interviewers have been attractive...Click here for the NBC Ginger Zee appearance.

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Know a Teacher?

In an effort to help kids understand how the world works, and help them perform on tests, we developed a Teacher's Guide to compliment our book An Environmental Guide from A to Z. It's packed full of real-world, hands-on activities all aligned to Illinois State Standards for grades 3-5. Click Teacher's Guide and Standards Matrix

Hello September!,
I write the word "September" with a lump in my throat. Fall weather can be great, but it's a bittersweet time. Kids reunite with old classmates, but trade-in sun on their cheeks and sand between their toes for florescent lights and text books.

Read this piece on the Green Sugar Press blog why play remains an important way for children to learn. 

See you outside,

Happiness and Time with the Kids
The "Happiness Index" peaked in the US more than a generation ago. Since then, our waistlines, our commuting time and the nation's GDP have grown. At the same time, the amount of time kids spend playing outdoors has shrunk significantly.

What to do about it?

Instead of focusing on ways to increase GDP, why not spend time raising your family's happiness index? Take a few minutes together and come up with ideas to improve quality of life. This may entail consuming less and telecommuting more. Canceling the cable bill for a few months will free up more time to play.  Still feel like a chauffeur to over scheduled kids? Try a nature club: Nature Club

Other ideas? Try the Green Hour Website

"There is more to life than increasing its speed" -Ghandi

Obama talking about food choice, amount of play and healthcare costs....
No matter your opinion on what Congress ought to do with health care insurance, please consider connections between our food choices and the level of our physical activity with well-being and healthcare costs. Click here for an interview with President Obama on farmers markets and kids playing.
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