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is growing green minds by encouraging kids to get outside and connect with the world around them. All children ought to have a chance to get their feet wet and their hands dirty.

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Michigan Apples!!
For better tasting and less expensive apples, lease an entire apple tree this year.

$50 gets your family an opportunity to harvest an entire tree, roughly 80-120 lbs of apples. Add $10 if you want them picked and delivered to Chicago.

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Located two hours from Chicago.
Did You Know?
We have industrialist Andrew Carnegie to thank for promoting the availability of books to all citizens.

Today, the US has more than 9,000 public libraries. While Carnegie didn't build the first public library (Boston did, in1854), in his final years Carnegie used his private wealth for the common good. He died in 1911 and by 1920 he and his estate were responsible for the creation of 1,700 libraries.

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June has been an awesome month!

It began with a trip out east. En route, I visited and was inspired by Oberlin College. Check out the blog posts:
Oberlin Trip.

In NY, we formalized a deal with Eco Zone Media to support their Green My Schools campaign. Also, in the Big Apple, I spent a few minutes in Rockefeller Center for an interview on NBC's "Today in New York."

Additonally, Green Sugar Press titles have been chosen by Operation Storytime (a program sponsored by Target) for their books to be given to at-risk, inner city kids.

And while I'll never be a movie star gawker, I met Daryl Hannah and fell in love......DH Loves Life

See you outside,

It's Official: June is "Outdoor Month"
If you need more information on how nature contact yields broad benefits, i.e. happier, healthier and smarter kids: click here

We still have more time in June, and if you're looking for ideas for getting your kids hooked on nature, click here

Lastly, due to popular demaind, we're leaving up the "Families Tool Kit" at Nature Club.  You'll find step by step 'start-up' directions and on your way to safe, healthy fun, hassle-free.

"Get Inspired, Get Organized. Get Out."
Movie Recommendations
In Theaters Now: Food Inc

Video Store Rental: King Corn

20 Minute Online: Story of Stuff

In another week or two, our titles will be available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. That being said, please consider shopping at locally owned stores like The Book Stall at Chestnut Court. Not only is the experience more enjoyable, your money stays in the community.