Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
Orphan Documentary


Tomorrow night, from 7:30-Midnight, there will be an event in Panama to spotlight the orphan problem and promote the proposed legislation to reform the adoption and foster care process.  Please click on this link to watch a trailer for the movie, Dear Panama, or you can see it on You Tube.  You can even spot our family and hear Matt's music :) 

We are thrilled at how the Lord moved a group of photojournalists and my dear friend, Brittany DeVries, to make this short documentary film.  It has already begun to spread the fire for change in Panama, as social media is now at work to help the kids too.  The website they have established (http://queridopanama.com) is awesome, so please take a minute to check it out.  It is in both Spanish and English on every page. 

Please pray for this event tomorrow night.  We have been hard at work to assist this group in this great project, and we have high hopes for all God will do through this.  Please pray for the details.  Many government officials and media will be there.  This is turning out to be quite the event, so many many details must come together for tomorrow and we are all hard at work tonight to get ready.  We are praying for the Lord to move in the hearts of those He has chosen, so as to effect change for the kids and allow them the right to a family.  As you know, our hearts are for the children to be in loving homes and out of institutions, as soon as possible.  Thank you for praying with us.