Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
HIV Medicine has arrived!


Great news to report!  We were able to locate 400 bottles of AZT in Colon early this week.  After intense pushing and fighting with people/organizations in the way, finally today at 3:30pm the medicine arrived.  Hospital del Nino had funding to purchase 40 bottles (normally the meds are free thru the Ministry of Health, but due to the shortage the only option was to purchase it in this short notice while they figure out their logistical problems).  We received Board approval through Heart's Cry to purchase the remaining 360 bottles for just over $7,113.60.  The Lord opened the doors for the medicine to get through.  Normally it would have taken several weeks to clear customs and be stamped off by all the Ministries.  After Matt knocked on and pushed open every door possible, he was able to get the medicine today.  I cannot stress to you enough what an intense battle has been raging over this issue the past few weeks.  He and Graciela were working hand in hand with UNAIDS and a local journalist with the Panama Guide to get the medicine to the kids.  This was truly a miracle.  Thank you for your prayers.   


Thankfully, Matt was able to go straight to Malambo and provide them with enough medicine for 1 month.  He then went on to Colon, from which he just returned.  We were able to provide the orphanage there with enough AZT for 1 month, too.  This is amazing news!!!  Yet we ask for your continued prayer.  Next month's supply is not clear.  We will be meeting next week with all parties that worked to accomplish this task to discuss this issue: UNAIDS, Hospital del Nino, GlaxoSmithKline, Ministry of Health and SENNIAF.  Please pray for the children to be able to receive all their medications and that bureaucracy will not hinder this.  And of course this has affected countless other children and individuals that are not in orphanages.  Pray for the Lord's hand to be upon all these and that their condition would not worsen because of the lack of medicine.  Medically speaking, the outlook is grim as they need to take the triple therapy every 12 hours, but we serve the Great Physician who can protect these precious ones.  I just keep asking for His Hand to be upon them.      


Thank you again for all your support and prayers.  We serve a Big God and He answered all our prayers today.  If you feel led to help with any of the cost, you can donate via our website.  Thank you again, so much.  The war is not over, but today's battle was victorious.  We give the Lord all the praise.    


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