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Special Event with Nick Vujici in Panama
We appreciate your support to make this orphanage event possible.


We just received the last commitment for the funds necessary to take 40 of the kids from the orphanage to the Nick Vujicic event!  Praise the Lord!  He moved on the hearts of many to allow this to happen. 

Please pray for this event, August 31st at 6pm, specifically for:
  • Good weather (it is a giant outdoor baseball stadium in the rainy season).
  • Safety as we travel and at the event (& return same amount of children as we take!).   
  • Volunteers to commit to help, who will also be an encouragement to the children.
  • The children will be encouraged as to the purpose and plan that God has for their lives.  As one friend and donor wrote:  
    I have a special place my heart for these children, especially the older ones who are less likely to be adopted and need to know how much they are loved, how important and significant their lives are in Christ, and the plan that He has for their future.  We want ALL of these young souls to be able to attend this event and Lord willing, find true hope, purpose, and salvation through Christ.


Thank you all,


Matt & Misty

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