Heart's Cry Children's Ministry

The Hedspeth Family's back in Panama!
Change of hearts...
Well, last we wrote in our newsletter, we were praying about where God wanted us to live: US or Panama.  We were still going to run HCCM as usual, but were considering making Raleigh our "home base" and go back and forth to Panama (instead of the reverse, like we were doing).  This was all considered because of the amazing work of our team-mates on the ground in Panama. 

BUT, God made it crystal clear to us that we were to return to Panama.  He reminded us, in such a gently way, that He had placed this calling on our lives and that Panama is the place He has for us, for a time. 

So, we began making our last minute preparations to return.  Peter was able to have another of his check-ups at Duke, and the Lord allowed so many of the details that were heavy on my heart to fall into place before we left.  I praise Him for how He provided in those last days in the States.  We were able to have some good, quality time with family and friends, and for that I am forever grateful.  We truly feel that we were able to re-connect with so many of you.  Peter absolutely loved meeting his extended family and new friends.  He even had time to join the "cousin club" = too cute!  He fell in love with his great big family in the States - both his earthly and spiritual family. And on a side note, his English is now superb!! 

We want to say thanks to you all.  Thank you all for your love and support during our time of confusion and seeking the Lord's guidance.  The Lord spoke to us through many of you and we felt your prayers.  It was hard to leave you all, yet we know - whether near or far - we are connected by the same love.     
Reentry Fun
The term "Reentry" has a whole new meaning to us.  We have "re-entered" Panama, and it is quite the adjustment.  It's one thing as an adult, but for a child it's even more challenging.  We had never returned to the States for such a long period of time (4 months this trip).  We all, even Peter, grew very accustomed to the US lifestyle.  Amazing how fast that happens!  So now we are dealing with the after-effects :)  Things do NOT happen at the same pace here.  1 job that would take 15 minutes in the US will take all day here, maybe even 2 days.  Quite the re-adjustment of expectations! 

In addition to all the changes that you normally face upon reentry, it is rainy season here (as the name indicates, it rains & rains & rains); and many of our household appliances decided to stop working while we were gone, so we have had a plumber, an electrician and an AC guys here almost every day since we returned.  We were also down 1 car, so I couldn't go to the grocery store till yesterday (1 week from landing in Panama).  We had brought a car part back with us from the US and it took Matt and Ari an entire day with customs to finally get it out.  Now I am just so happy to have our cars back and the house to ourselves again.  No workers, YAY!  And the girl that had been living with us moved out, so we are all alone.  Which I am enjoying, I must say.  Just our family, at last.  We have had different people living with us since we moved to Panama.  Not sure how long this will last, but it's a nice little treat in the midst of everything else.    
REQUEST: Prayer Support
I do want to ask for your prayer support in the first weeks back in Panama.  Please pray for patience and love to abound.  Also, for our safety and continued direction.  We will be updating you shortly on all the work that has been occurring and more that is on the way (which is a TON).  For now, I just ask for your prayer for our family and the workers of HCCM.  We have all had some health problems hit at once, in addition to the other fun things mentioned above.  We know the enemy does not want us doing this work, yet we know that God is bigger than the enemy.  Protection and covering is needed in these days ahead.  I cannot stress enough what power there is in prayer.  We urge you all to pray with us. 
Thank you all!

Misty Hedspeth
Be on the Lookout!

In the next week or so, we will be updating you all re:

  • Coffee Event Results
  • Latest Statistics on HCCM's assistance in local orphanages
  • Pledge Drive
  • HCCM Family Services project begins
  • Newest teammate
  • Meeting with the Director of SENNIAF and upcoming assistance with trainings