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January 2010
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Happy New Year to you and your family!  Thank you for taking the time to catch up on what is happening in Panama.  We are thankful for your continued support of Heart's Cry!

Misty, Matt and Peter Hedspeth

Changes, changes & more changes...

Law 61, Adoption Reform

I had hoped to be able to send this update saying that the adoption law changes were finalized and sent to the Legislature here in Panama.  BUT... we are still not quite there yet.  We finished with the Judiciary meetings.  Then we had our "final" meeting all day Thursday but then yesterday more changes were being sent to Ari, in order to update the law, by an attorney that missed the meeting.  So, we are very close to finalizing and sending to the Legislature.  Hopefully it will all be sent off the first of next week! 


What does all this matter?  Less time that children spend in orphanages.  As you may recall, the situation in Panama is such that children are growing up in institutions, as their case files are never worked through "the system."  Many changes are included in this law that will lessen the time period for children to be declared adoptable.  This in turn will allow children to be adopted at much earlier ages than previously possible.  We are thrilled at what this can mean for hundreds to thousands of children!  Due to the delicate nature of the law approval process, we are not currently able to give further details as to what changes are being recommended.  Once we are free to do so, we will definitely send that on to you!  Until then, please continue to pray for all these details and for these precious children to be freed!  

little scotty 


Welcome, Peter!

Peter Samuel Hedspeth


It's official in Panama!  We are the legal parents of Peter Samuel Hedspeth.  The judge allowed us to changes his name, too, which is not always granted.  We are thankful that a million details fell into place in order to finalize all the paperwork. 


Now, we are working through immigration issues with the US Embassy, trying to figure out the best way for Peter to obtain citizenship at the earliest date possible.  Our case is unusual due to our dual residency and various other aspects.  So please pray for this to happen soon, as this affects issues related to his medical care with his special needs.  Also, when you are praying, please remember to join us in praising the Lord for Peter!


If you want to learn more about our last 5 1/2 months as new parents, as well as a bit about life in Panama, please check out our blog.  This was taken on my first Mother's Day here in Panama, if you have the time you can read about it! 

1st Mother's Day 


Also, we had wonderful visits with our immediate families over the holidays.  We were blessed to be able to introduce Peter to them, and for Peter to have bonded so quickly with them all.  He loves his grandparents, uncles and cousin!  And he keeps asking when he can go to Raleigh to visit them!!  (We hope soon!)  Thank you all for praying, it truly was a rare treat and a blessing to have them all here. 

Abandoned but not forgotten
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