Greeting, friends and clients! 

Don't you agree that owning Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) was one of the smartest business decisions you've ever made? If you've seen what I've seen, you'd know this is true.


Do you have friends you really care about, who resist planning responsibly for their LTC? Then you're not alone. It's too bad so many people become interested in buying LTCi ONLY when they become caregivers themselves, or worse, become uninsurable. Polls indicate that the majority of us are concerned about needing LTC, yet fewer than 20% of us own reasonably priced LTCi.


Don't give up!

All you can do with such friends is gently, consistently encourage them to learn about LTCi. Don't give up on them! When someone finally becomes receptive to learning about LTCi, they usually discover that owning LTCi is compelling, and the only thing that makes sense if they want choice and financial empowerment.


Here are some tools you can pass along to your friends to encourage them to take the high cost, high odds of needing LTC seriously before, not after, the need for care arises:

  • is a comprehensive source of basic information and a good place to start learning about LTCi.
  • This blog post describes why counting on government-paid LTC is unrealistic.

LTCi Facts

According to the American Association for LTC Insurance (, in 2010 (the most recent statistics we have), the 10 leading LTCi carriers paid $10.8 million a day in claims. This was nearly $4 billion that year, paid out to an average of 134,430 policyholders per month.  


I've helped a great many clients collect from their LTCi policies. My experience has been that 100 percent of my client's claims have been paid if they meet their LTCi policy triggers: needing help with 2 or more Activities of Daily Living for an expected 90-day or greater length of time or being cognitively impaired.   


I am still alive and well and very service- and client-oriented after all these years. I do remember each and every client. I welcome your calls and return them promptly. If you are unsure about what your long-term care insurance policy pays for, or you think you might need to collect from it, please call me right away at 713-988-4671.   


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