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Dear member of the eDiving community,

I am please to inform You that we just released the Online Specialty Class for the Oceanic Geo 2.0OCEANIC Geo 2.0 dive computer.

This class includes 40, professionally made, interactive and effective multimedia audio / visual, several quizzes and a final test packaged in a cost effective online class that will make for an enjoyable user experience.

The class shows how to program the Geo 2.0, then takes you for a virtual dive with the Geo 2.0 first using air then with Nitrox.  It also shows you how to perform a deep stop and gas switching, it covers decompression situations and reviews how the Geo 2.0 responds to those potentially dangerous situations - such as ascending too fast or going too deep - that you might encounter while diving.

Once taken, the Geo 2.0  Specialty Class doubles as an online multimedia User Manual that can be consulted from anywhere around the world.

You can enroll in the Geo 2.0  Specialty Class either by purchasing it using 800 Bubble Credits (~$8) or by obtaining an Activation Code from your local dive store.

As of today the following Dive Computer Specialty Classes are available:
AERIS:                 XR-1
Oceanic:               Veo100, Pro Plus 2, Veo 3.0, Geo 2.0
Scubapro/Uwatec: Galileo Sol
TUSA:                  ZEN IQ-900
If you are a dive retailer registered with us, you can offer our online classes to your customers  by ordering our Activation Codes cards at our online store.

Best Regards,
Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
DiveNav, Inc.
DiveNav, Inc