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Maine Code Enforcement Officer Certification Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 4
Spring 2011
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MUBEC Training/Exams

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Contact the CEO Program Staff


Brianne Hasty - General program questions

Amanda Lessard - Building code certification specific questions

Current List of TPIs


The CEO program is frequently updating the list of certified Third Party Inspectors and their areas of certification. If you are interested in viewing the list you may want to bookmark it.


List of Third Party Inspectors.

Certification Status Online!


You can now check your certification status and contact hours online. This information is updated twice a year, February and July. CEOs and LPIs can look their information up by their certification number.


CEO Status


LPI Status

Shoreland Zoning Trainings a Success!
stream at sugarloaf mountain

The CEO program offered shoreland zoning training in three locations during the month of May; Saco, Ellsworth, and Augusta. The program partnered with DEPs Shoreland Zoning Unit staff Deirdre Schneider, Mike Morse, and Stephenie MacLagan to facilitate the trainings. Topics covered included; erosion control issues, state-wide timber harvesting standards, nonconformance issues, clearing standards and lot coverage, hazard tree determination, water-dependent uses, and legislative updates. The afternoon included a field portion which was very popular. In all, 112 people attended the trainings. CEOs received 6 contact hours toward recertification for attending the training.

MUBEC Contact Hours Reminder

If you were previously certified in Building Standards the contact hours that you are currently gaining in the MUBEC areas will roll over to your next certification cycle. Because we started the training halfway through some of your cycles we found it unfair to ask you to gain the necessary credits in less than 6 years.


For example, Jane Smith was certified in Building Standards and her certificate expires on 01/31/2012. She was grandfathered in Residential and Commercial Building so she did not have to take the exams but did come to the update trainings which gave her 3 contact hours in each of those areas. Jane passed the Residential Energy exam and attended the training which gave her 6 contact hours in that area. To be recertified she needs 9 RB, 15 CB, and 9 RE contact hours. The CEO program will roll all of her current contact hours over to her next certification cycle that expires in 2018. She has until then to gain 6 RB, 12 CB, and 3 RE contact hours to be recertified. This ONLY applies to the MUBEC areas of certification.


Here are the contact hours one needs to be recertified in each area:


Residential Building - 9

Commercial Building - 15

Residential Energy - 9

Commercial Energy - 9

Residential Radon - 3

Indoor Residential Ventilation - 2

Indoor Commercial Ventilation - 3

 Residential Radon Training Offered Online


The CEO Program will recognize an online training webcast for the residential radon code basic training in the building standards specific area. This workshop, "Understanding Maine's Radon Code", is sponsored by the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and the Maine State Radon Section and was recorded live in Brewer on April 29, 2010. Please submit the completion form to obtain credit.

Legal Issues and Court Rule 80K Trainings Offered

The CEO Program has contracted with Durward Parkinson to provide a basic legal issues training on June 28th and a Court Rule 80K training on June 29th. Because of budget restrictions we are only offering these trainings in Augusta.


Please be reminded that our rule states:


Recertification training may be either basic training provided by the Office or training provided by another organization, except that basic training may only be applied to recertification once in any specific area in any six-year cycle.



This means that if you attended the legal issues training in Wells or Bangor last June that you are welcome to attend this year's training but we ask that you gain the other 6 required contact hours by attending an advanced/outside training.


If you wish to be certified in Court Rule 80K you must attend the training AND pass the exam. The exam will be offered on July 14th.


Registration form for legal issues June 28, 2011


Registration form for Court Rule 80K June 29, 2011


Registration form for exams July 14, 2011

Basic and Advanced Outside Training Opportunities
 clip art of classroom
Keep up to date with our training calendars by checking back often. Please remember to submit an outside training request form after attending these workshops.

Upcoming Training:


Online Basic Residential Radon Training (RR)

Legal Issues Basic Training (LI)
June 28, 2011, Augusta

Court Rule 80K Basic Training (80K)
June 29, 2011, Augusta


Vital Maine Communities Conference (LU)
June 9-10, 2011, Lewiston


Local Planning Boards and Boards of Appeal (LI)
June 21, 2011, Presque Isle Convention Center, Presque Isle
September 20, 2011, Ramada Inn, Ellsworth
November 29, 2011, Hampton Inn, Bath
December 8, 2011, University of Maine, Farmington


MAP Annual Meeting (LU)
June 17, 2011, Bowdoin College, Brunswick


Maine Beach Conference (LU SZ)
July 15, 2011, SMCC, South Portland



REScheck Basics Webcast On-Demand 

COMcheck Basics Webcast On-Demand


Maine DEP: Asbestos and Lead Training Calendar (LI)