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Maine Code Enforcement Officer Certification Newsletter
Vol. 2, Issue 1
Fall 2010
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MUBEC Training
Non Point Source Trainings
MMA Convention Credits
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Brianne on Maternity Leave


CEO Program Coordinator, Brianne Hasty, will be out on maternity leave for the months of November and December. She will return to the office mid January. Amanda Lessard will be in the office to answer questions regarding building code training and certification. If you have any questions regarding your certification it is a good idea to contact Brianne as soon as possible. Any paperwork or emails will be responded to upon Brianne's return in January.


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Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code Training Beginning in November!
The CEO program is pleased SPO Logoto announce training and exam dates for the new statewide building code. Space is limited so register early!

Residential Energy Code (RE)
November 1, 2010, Bangor
November 17, 2010, OOB
November 22, 2010, Lewiston
November 29, 2010, Presque Isle

Commercial Energy Code (CE)
Online (you must submit the completion form)

Indoor Residential Ventilation Code (RV)
November 1, 2010, Bangor
November 18, 2010, OOB
November 23, 2010, Lewiston
November 30, 2010, Presque Isle

Indoor Commercial Ventilation Code (CV)
November 3, 2010, Bangor
November 19, 2010, OOB
November 24, 2010, Lewiston
December 1, 2010, Presque Isle

Residential Building Code (RB)
December 13, 2010, Saco
December 14, 2010, Lewiston
December 15, 2010, Bangor
December 16, 2010, Presque Isle

Commercial Building Code (CB) You must attend both days of training to receive credit
November 2 & November 3, 2010, Bangor
November 18 & November 19, 2010, OOB
November 23 & November 24, 2010, Lewiston
November 30 & December 1, 2010, Presque Isle

Exams will be offered on these dates in these locations:

Ellsworth - November 4 & 5, 2010
Fairfield - November 8 & 9, 2010
Augusta - November 12, 15, 16, 23, 29 & 30, 2010
Saco - November 23, & 24, 2010
Portland - December 2 & 3, 2010
Houlton - December 6 & 7, 2010

You can find the exam registration form here.

Please note that the Bureau of Codes and Standards new rule regarding the MUBEC has been adopted effective October 11th. You can find more information about this here.

If you have questions related to the building code training and exams please contact Amanda Lessard.
Maine Non Point Source Training and Resource Center Announcing Training Dates and Workshop

Non Point Source Center LogoThe Maine Non Point Source Training and Resource Center will be sponsoring a one-day workshop entitled; "Grappling With Stormwater Water Management in this Era of Climate Change". The workshop will feature some of Maine and New England's top experts on climate change who will present on change adaptation and infrastructure sizing. A panel discussion featuring members of state agencies is also planned. The program is designed to assist engineers, consultants, planners and state, federal and municipal officials to identify issues and develop policies with regard to stormwater management. This will be an interesting program and will fill up fast, so please register early to ensure your participation. This program will be held at the Augusta Civic Center on November 30th. You can find registration information here.


The Center's 2010 Winter/ Spring Training was successful in reaching a number of groups. Training was held for contractors, engineers, consultants, site evaluators, state and municipal officials, landscapers and landowners. Total number of participants was over 800. Contractors, site evaluators, plumbing inspectors and others interested in instruction on subsurface septic system design, installation and inspection were provided with nine training sessions encompassing these topics. A total of 279 participants attended the programs that were held in 10 locations throughout the state. The Center will again be providing similar trainings this winter and spring. More information and training dates can be found here.

 Earn Recertification Credits for MMA Convention Sessions
 MMA Convention Logo
Code Enforcement Officers can earn recertification credits for a variety of sessions attended at the Maine Municipal Association Annual Convention held October 12-13. Please fill out an outside training form and indicate if you attended any of the sessions listed below.

Managing Humans in a High-Tech World - 1 Legal Issues

Nailing the Statewide Building Code - 1 Legal Issues

Wrongful Termination & Harassment - 1 Legal Issues

Highway Simplification Study - 1 Land Use

Right to Know - 1 Legal Issues

Downtown Revitalization - 1 Land Use

Community Development - 1 Land Use

Flooding: Lessons Learned - 1 Land Use
Basic and Advanced Outside Training Opportunities
 clip art of classroom
The CEO Program is currently designing a one day basic land use training featuring a variety of trainers. Once dates and locations for this training have been set they will be on our training calendar. You will also receive an email with details on these trainings.

Keep up to date with our training calendars by checking back often. Please remember to submit an outside training request form after attending these workshops.

Upcoming Training:

Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Application and System Installation Review (SW)
October 14, 2010, Richmond
October 19, 2010, Richmond
October 20, 2010, Richmond

AVCOG Planning Day 2010 (LU)
October 21, 2010, Auburn

Basic Subsurface Wastewater Disposal
October 22, 2010, Saco
October 26, 2010, Rockland
October 28, 2010, Houlton

Basic and Advanced Erosion Control Practices (varied credits)
October 19, 2010, Jay Town Office
October 21, 2010, Eastern Maine Community College
October 27, 2010, Buckfield Town Office
November 4, 2010, Androscoggin Valley SWCD Office
November 9, 2010, Bath City Hall
November 10, 2010, York Public Library
November 16, 2010, Rockland City Hall
November 17, 2010, Saco City Hall
December 2, 2010, Cumberland Town Council Chambers
December 16, 2010, Limington Town Hall

Local Planning Board and Board of Appeal (LI)
November 18, 2010, Holiday Inn Express, Saco

Local Planning Board and Board of Appeal (LI)
November 29, 2010, Dover-Foxcroft

Grappling with Stormwater Management in this Era of Climate Change (varied)
November 30, 2010, Augusta Civic Center

FEMA 154, Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards and ROVER - Rapid Observation of Vulnerability and Estimation of Risk (RB or CB)
December 9, 2010, Ramada Inn, Lewiston
Did you attend a training on the new lead laws?

Initially the CEO program stated that CEOs could not earn recertification credits for training on lead removal. Depending on the session, a CEO could earn recertification credits in either legal issues or land use. If you attended a session please fill out our outside training form and include an agenda so we can see what areas were covered.

Fire Marshal's Newsletter

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