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Maine Code Enforcement Officer Certification Newsletter
Vol. 1, Issue 3
Spring 2010
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In This Issue
Who to Contact?
New Certification Rule
Intro to Third Party Inspectors
MBOIA Code Conference
Training for Recertification
Subsurface Wastewater Rule Revision
Who to Conact and When? 
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The State Planning Office employs two people to offer assistance to Code Enforcement Officers and Local Plumbing Inspects regarding their training and certification. It can be confusing when trying to decide if the question is for Brianne Hasty, CEO Training and Certification Coordinator or Amanda Lessard, Building Standards Training Coordinator.


If your question is in specific reference to certification and training for building codes and standards, please contact Amanda via email or at 287-1482.


If you have a more broad question about the program as a whole or about training and certification in the areas of land use, shoreland zoning, legal issues, internal and external plumbing, or 80K then please contact Brianne via email or at 287-8058.


Brianne and Amanda are here to answer your questions and be of assistance so please don't hesitate to contact them.

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New Certification and Training Rule for the CEO Program 
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The CEO program along with Jody Harris, Director of Program Services, have been busy writing a new rule that includes few changes to the program but many details of the training and certification for building standards and codes. The rule implements Maine law and determines how the State Planning Office administers its training and certification program for code enforcement officers.

Brianne, Amanda, and Jody met with various groups and individuals to look over the new rule and have input from those in the profession. These include; Aroostook Code Enforcement Organization, Mid Coast CEO Association, MUBEC Training and Certification TAG, Maine Municipal Association, MBOIA, and various state agencies involved in training and certification.

Here is a summary of the proposed amendments to the rule.
The full rule and details of public hearing will be posted to our website after May 12th. Public comments will be accepted in two ways; in writing after May 12th and oral testimony at the public hearing on June 3rd. If you have formal comments that you want considered, please submit those in writing after May 12th but before June 14th to Jody Harris 38 State House Station Augusta, ME  04333.
Third Party Inspectors: An Overview

During the amendment process of the MUBEC many questions have come up regarding third-party inspectors (TPIs). Dick Dolby of the Bureau of Building Codes and Standards will be designing a frequently asked questions document for the bureau's website. In the meantime the CEO program wanted to give a brief overview of TPIs.
A third-party inspector is a person certified by the State Planning Office who can inspect buildings and issue a building inspection report indicating whether construction meets code. Municipalities do not have to hire a TPI. They may choose to do so if they choose not to do inspections or the building official does not have the time or expertise to inspect buildings. A municipality may enter a contract with a TPI and require homeowners to use TPIs that are under town contact. They town could then either pay the TPI a contract fee, a per inspection fee, or have the homeowner pay an inspection fee to either the town or the TPI. A municipality could also choose to have no involvement in inspection and allow the homeowner to hire and pay for a TPI themselves. Municipalities can choose to provide homeowners with a list of certified TPIs or they can direct them to the State Planning Office and Bureau of Building Codes and Standards websites where a list will be posted.
A CEO or building official can not work as a TPI even in a different municipality. This is a statutory prohibition and can only be changed if Legislature chooses to change the statute.
 Register TODAY! MBOIA Spring Code Conference
The Maine Building Officials and Inspectors Association with the assistance from the Maine Fire Chiefs Association and the Maine Municipal Association Staff is presenting a two day code conference at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston on May 3 and 4, 2010. 

Topics to be covered include: the new state mandatory building code, energy standards, radon and air quality, legal issues and residential fire suppression and how to use the RESCHECK program to assure compliance with the new energy code. Dozens of code professionals, design professional, and tradesmen have already registered and will be attending. Space for the building code portions is limited, so sign up as soon as you can!

The member price for one day for is $100 ($140 for non-members) or sign up for both days @ $150 ($190 for non-members). Coffee, continental breakfast and lunch is included.

Presenters include:
Stephen A. Van Note from the International Code Council (ICC)
Donald J. Vigneau, AIA Program Manager-Energy Conservation Expert
Durward Parkinson & Leah Rachin - Maine Attorneys and Land Use Experts
Steve Noon, Simpson Stongtie
Thom Cahoon, National Accounts Manager in charge of Technical Training, Weil-McLain Company,
Bob Duval, Codes Section, NFPA
Eric Ellis, Maine State Fire Marshall's Office
Bob Stillwell, Radon Licensing & Indoor Air Quality DHHS, CDC Radiation Control Program
David M. Viens & George E. Sprowl, Jr & Stephen Noon - Truss Plate Connection experts

Registration is available online
Basic and Advanced Outside Training Opportunities
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The CEO Program is working with State Plumbing Inspector, Dana Tuttle, and legal expert, Durward Parkinson, to offer two basic training workshops in the upcoming months. Dana will be giving internal plubming training around the state during the months of June, July, and August. Durward will be providing two legal issues trainings in June. Once dates and locations for these trainings have been set they will be on our training calendars. You will also receive an email with details on these trainings.

Keep up to date with our training calendars by checking back often. Please remember to submit an outside training request form after attending these workshops.
Upcoming Training:

2010 Subdivision and Site Review Workshop Series
April 15-May 13, 2010, Farmington and Wilton

Spring Maine Code Conference
May 3-4, 2010, Ramada Inn, Lewiston

Place-based Maine & Form-Based Codes for Planners
May 20, 2010, Online Webinar

When State Law Conflicts with Good Planning
June 11, 2010, Chewonki Foundation, Wiscasset

Cool Climate Soil, Hydrology and Site Evaluator Soil Pit Classification Workshop
September 1, 2010, Saddleback Mountain
Workshop Description
Workshop Registration

The Working Waterways and Waterfronts National Symposium on Water Access 2010
September 27-30, 2010, Portland
Revisions to Maine's Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules   
The Maine Division of Environmental Health, Drinking Water Program, Subsurface Wastewater Unit is currently working with a group of stakeholders to revise the current Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules that went into effect August, 2009.

Revisions to the rules are being done to correct errors and inaccuracies, to create a more user-friendly document, and to reflect the Department's statutory responsibilities more plainly.  

The stakeholder group is made up of individuals from various state agencies, Maine Rural Water Association, Portland Water District, Local Plumbing Inspectors, LURC, Maine Water Utilities, and Site Evaluators. The group has met three times over the past three months. If you would like more information or to be kept in the loop of developments, please click here