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The popular, colorful, sticker-filled, Mrs. Grossman's Company  

Store has reopened and is doing a brisk business. Forced to close down two months ago due to a space and storage challenge, the sticker store is now located in the same building but in a different space. The retail shop has taken over the bright, elegant lobby of Mrs. Grossman's and Paragon Label's corporate headquarters at 3810 Cypress Blvd. in Petaluma, CA.


Featuring the latest designs and sticker-related products from Mrs. Grossman's, the store is a sticker shopper's paradise. The space is unique as shoppers can look directly into the factory and watch stickers being printed right on the spot. Next to the shop is the company's sale section overflowing with Mrs. Grossman's much-loved 'retired' stickers at greatly reduced prices. Mrs. Grossman's Company Store is open Monday through Friday, from 

9:00 to 5:30.


Mrs. Grossman's Factory Tour, one of the most popular local and tourist attractions in Petaluma is also reopening on Monday, July 25. The  guided tours are by reservation only and limited to fifteen guests. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for youth (12 and under) and free for children under three. The fifty minute factory tour will be available Monday through Thursday at 10:00, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:00. Call 1.800.429.4549 for reservations.


These tours will be as educational as they are inspirational. At each tour stop, guests will be given lots of fun, little-known facts and colorful stickers.


Tour guests may be surprised to discover all the well-known, high-end wine labels coming off the presses. Paragon Label, a division of Mrs. Grossman's, was founded by Mrs. Grossman's son, Jason, in 1998. The company was created to meet the labeling needs of the Sonoma/Napa Valley (and beyond) wine industry and today, Paragon prints labels for many prestigious wineries.


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