Ideas for a Cleaner, Greener Maryland
A Legislative Update from Delegate Al Carr
March 1, 2009
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Legislative Update with a focus on the Environment
Chesapeake Bay Restoration Retail Consumer Choice Act
Marilyn J. Praisner Safe and Earth-Friendly Roadway Act
Demolition Reform Act
Energy Efficient Television Sets
Enterprise Zones - County Tax Credits
Carr Named Legislator of the Year
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President Obama and the Congress are considering ambitious plans for reducing our impact on the environment. All of us want to do our part to "go green". But how do we get there? What more can our state government do to help make progress?

Some Ideas for Positive Change in Maryland
I am the lead sponsor on a number of bills that would help Maryland take additional steps toward cleaning up our waterways, protecting public health from environmental threats and reducing our energy footprint:

HB1210: Chesapeake Bay Restoration Retail Consumer Choice Act
This bill encourages the use of reusable grocery bags. Maryland retailers would collect five cents for each non-reusable consumer bag and the funds would be devoted to Chesapeake Bay restoration with a small portion going back to the retailer. I have been working closely with Washington DC Council Member Tommy Wells on this issue and was quoted recently in the New York Times. Read the press release for more information. This bill will be heard on March 11th in the Environmental Matters Committee on which I sit.
HB816: Marilyn J. Praisner Safe and Earth-Friendly Roadway Act
Requires that highway engineers planning new or replacement roadway lighting use fixtures that maximize energy efficiency, minimize harmful glare and minimize light pollution. Implements recommendations of a state task force that Maryland Treasurer Nancy Kopp championed when she was a legislator. The bill is modeled after legislation adopted in Connecticut earlier this decade. Council Member Praisner had championed similar legislation for Montgomery County before her untimely death. The hearing is on March 10th. Senator Jennie Forehand has filed companion bill SB891.
HB1289: Demolition Reform Act
Lead contamination from demolished buildings can be a dangerous environmental hazard for children. This bill requires that contractors who are hired to demolish buildings be licensed and follow basic standards for environmental protection. The hearing is on March 17th.
HB1238: Energy Efficient Television Sets

Many Marylanders are complaining about sharply higher electric bills. Television sets and related equipment account for a large and growing portion of home energy consumption. Some of the new flat screen tv sets are not as energy efficient as they should be. This bill follows California's lead in establishing energy efficiency standards for television sets purchased in Maryland.
HB614: Enterprise Zones - County Tax Credits
Supports smart growth by expanding and improving an existing government program that encourages investment in downtowns like Wheaton and Silver Spring. The hearing is on March 5th before the Ways and Means Committee. Senator Madaleno has filed companion bill SB788
The 2009 Legislative session has reached the halfway point. In the coming days, I will be working hard on these and many other initiatives. Click on the link below to view and track the complete list of bills I am sponsoring or co-sponsoring this year:
Please feel free to contact my Annapolis office at any time. We can be reached at 301 858-3110 or Hearing from you about your priorities is very important to me.

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Alfred Carr
Maryland State Delegate
18th Legislative District

News: Carr Named Legislator of the Year
Carr awarded 2009 Legislator of the Year

I was humbled to be named 2009 "Legislator of the Year" by Maryland Black Mayors, Inc. The honor was made even more special by the fact that it was bestowed during black history month and on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the NAACP.