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Al Carr
Primary Election Results and Thanks
Sept 14, 2006

Dear Friends,

The Democratic Primary election results for the Maryland House of Delegates, 18th District are in:

Precincts Reporting 35
Times Counted 13557/36200 37.5 % (turnout)
Total Votes 34548
---------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Beyer, Dana 4275 12.37%
Browning, James 3740 10.83%
Carr, Alfred Clinton 2886 8.35%
Farrington, Daniel E 4902 14.19%
Grosfeld-Katz, Noah 1089 3.15%
Gutierrez, Ana Sol 5558 16.09%
Lawton, Jane 6804 19.69%
Waldstreicher, Jeff 5294 15.32%

Al, Barrie, Miles & Toby There are still absentee ballots and provisional ballots to be counted and added to the totals. However, it is unlikely that the result will change.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. This was not the right time for me, but I am confident that opportunities to serve lie ahead. I am grateful for all I have learned and the many friends I have made.

The campaign was fast-paced and took on a life of its own. We lived and breathed District 18 for five months. Whether playing at Wheaton Regional Park, shopping at Chevy Chase Supermarket or Sunday breakfast at Parkway Deli it seems we were always working the campaign into our everyday life.

There were lots of laughs, some tears and memories we will cherish (although Barrie just reminded me that we forgot to get a picture of the infamous Carr mobile that was sighted throughout District 18 - not only did our Volvo station wagon have Carr large campaign sign magnets and bumper stickers, our large storage bin atop the car was shrink-wrapped with the campaign logo. You knew when we arrived).

We could hear in four year old Miles' words that he had absorbed the campaign lingo. Today he mentioned to me "Daddy, Ike won and so did Ike Leggett. Does that mean we all won?". I responded "Yes Miles, we all won."

I have telephoned each of the District 18 Delegate candidates to offer my congratulations and express my gratitude. Everyone in this race had something to offer. As my dear friend and huge supporter Sean McMullen said, The voters of District 18 had an embarrassment of riches.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who supported me. It was a team effort.

My family was with me all the way. My wife Barrie was a true partner and worked equally as hard as I did. Sons Miles and Toby always made me smile and helped me keep things in perspective. My mom, Pam Bryson, helped with tracking financial reports and cheering at the parade. Aunt Jan Douglas and friend Beni Ivey helped with advice on campaign strategy and logistics on our weekly late-night campaign conference calls.

Others contributed loving encouragement, expert advice and services, time, shoe leather, introductions to networks of friends, financial support, or offered their home for a campaign event. We had an overwhelming group of friends and supporters volunteer their time at the polls for me and a small army of folks walking in the Labor Day Parade vocalizing Carr team spirit.

Mark Rubin served as campaign treasurer and photographer extraordinaire. John Doherty served as media director working tirelessly on press releases and offering advice and encouragement. Charlotte Tighe generously shared many hours of her time, expertise, helpful advice and insights. Alan Banov offered constant mentoring, encouragement and advice, day and night, from anywhere and everywhere.

Kensington Mayor Peter Fosselman and Duane Rollins threw a fabulous fundraising event at the Town Hall. Pete also shared "do's and dont's" from his campaign experience and helped out at many meet and greets throughout the district. Bill Sher shared great advice from his many years of distinguished public service. Eric Knaus volunteered endless hours of his time campaigning at Metro stations, grocery stores and Starbucks stores and proudly wore the Carr sandwich board during rush hour traffic near the Crescent Trail. Jane Knaus was incredibly responsive in producing wonderful graphic designs, and usually on a short deadline.

Ken Levinson gave moral support and assisted with writing and editing among other things. Dustin Finney, Barbara Scharman, Diane Cameron, John Cibinic, Alan Banov, and Barrie, Miles & Toby spent hot summer days door knocking. Diehard Democratic activist Dee Schofield shared her extensive knowledge of District 18 politics and helped connect me with like-minded supporters like Rollingwood Civic Association president Gaby Gandal and activist Martha Jones of Chevy Chase.

Kensington neighbors and friends rallied around me. My campaign intern Romain Cartoux who attends Walter Johnson High School spent many days this summer posting yard signs, running daily campaign errands and chauffering a tired candidate around on election day.

If space permitted, I could list many, many other names. I appreciate each and every one of you for everything you have done. I could not have come this far without your help in this grassroots effort.

Although I will not be sporting a House of Delegates license plate this January, I will still make my voice heard in Annapolis and right here in Kensington. In fact, I spent most of today in Annapolis with officials from across the state as part of my role on the legislative committee of the Maryland Municipal League. I will still be serving as a Councilman in Kensington and continue with my commitment to build a stronger community and improve our quality of life.

I have been humbled to have received numerous phone calls and e-mail messages today from friends, activists and officials encouring me to run again for higher office. I will keep in touch and I look forward to working with you on my future campaigns.

Don't forget you can recycle your yard signs in your blue county recycling bin.


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