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Brother ,
Summer is here. Whether that's a good or bad thing
is always up in the air. Of course there are vacations, float trips, lazy weekends and the occasional barbecue. Whether you're an alumnus or still an undergraduate, summer typically means a break from Delta Chi.

Summer can be bad though, because we don't often have the same attention span for organizations. Typically, Delta Chi lies dormant on your campus until August or September.

I try to look at the summer months as time for personal improvement. I challenge you to ask yourself, "How can I be better? What could I stand to learn more about? What fascinates me?"

I recently read Seth Godin's Tribes. If you haven't read this short, blog-style book, I highly recommend it. One quote stuck in my mind long after I put the book back on my shelf: "Organizations that destroy the status quo win."

To me, this speaks volumes. On our campuses, we can't simply seek to be "part of the pack." We can no longer get by being "a fraternity on campus." We need to be "THE fraternity on campus." This change starts with each of us, now. Also from Tribes, "Change almost never fails because it is too early. It almost always fails because it is too late."

In the Bond,

Michael C. Dean
Leadership Consultant
Truman State '08

I'm Life Loyal... Are You?
Why I became a Life Loyal Member of Delta Chi:

Padron"My Brothers have become my family. I wanted to do everything to ensure future generations will be able to have all the great experiences Delta Chi has given me. Loyal membership ensures that future members of my Chapter and Delta Chis across the nation can have the opportunities I am proud to have had."

Life Loyal ButtonKori Padron
Florida '10
Health Education & Behavior and Political Science Major

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International Officers

"AA": Tom Horowitz
Michigan State '87

"CC": Miles Washburn
Massachusetts '87

"DD": RC Damle
Texas '01
Alumnus of the Month


Research Associate,
California Academy of Sciences

Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D
DePauw '89
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Costner Makes Headlines With Invention
Kevin Costner, Fullerton '77, Invests In Oil Cleaning Vacuum, Pressures BP To Act

costner_oil_videoBP may turn to "Waterworld" star Kevin Costner for help in the Gulf.

Inspired by the sheer devastation of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989, Costner has been working with a team of scientists for over 15 years to prevent such disasters from occurring again.

The company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, has developed and put into production 31 centrifugal, "vacuum-like" oil filtration machines.

To learn more about Costner's latest project, click the video to the left.
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Nichols featured in "Experience Life" magazine
Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, DePauw '89, recognized for Eco-activism efforts

nicholsDr. Nichols' activism for the world's oceans is featured in Lifetime Fitness' Experience Life magazine. The magazine covers a variety of topics, including personal health, the "green" movement and social issues.

Nichols introduces himself in the article by stating, "I work for the ocean." As a current research associate at the California Academy of Sciences, Nichols is regarded as a leader in his field.

nicholsOn May 23, Dr. Nichols addressed DePauw's 2010 graduating class. His speech, "You Are Lovers and Fighters," addressed three topics. Nichols explained how he turned a personal interest into a lifelong passion. He used that to then discuss relevant issues of the moment. His charge to the 485 graduates was to be both 'lovers' and 'fighters.' That is, turn to your emotions to discover what you truly care about. Then, become a fighter for just that.

nicholsNichols ended his speech by giving every graduate a small blue marble (pictured right). As part of his efforts to increase awareness of each individuals' effect on the worlds' oceans. He addressed the audience, "This Earth - our one and only blue marble - is where we must make our stand. So while we're here on this Earth, we may fight for what we love because, as far as any of us knows, it's our only home."

Michael Dean had a chance to speak with Dr. Nichols about his time as an undergraduate in the DePauw Chapter. The interview will be featured along with the article from Experience Life in an upcoming issue of the Quarterly.

To read, "A Friend of the Sea" in Experience Life, click here:   Newspaper

To view a transcript of Dr. Nichols' commencement address, "You are Lovers and Fighters," click here:   Newspaper

To explore DePauw's coverage of the 2010 Commencement, including audio and video of Dr. Nichols' speech, click here:  
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Delta Chi named to CWS Legends Team
Rod Dedeaux and four other Greeks selected as part of the 28-man roster

More than 100,000 votes were cast to determine the 28 players and coaches who had the best CWS performances throughout the 60 years the event has been played at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska.

CWS_LegendsFive alumni from NIC member fraternities were selected from an original list of 95 nominees. Longtime University of Southern California head coach Rod Dedeaux, a member of Delta Chi at USC, was one of the three coaches selected. Four Greek players have also been chosen for the squad: pitcher Steve Arlin (Delta Tau Delta at Ohio State), third baseman Sal Bando (Phi Gamma Delta at Arizona State), catcher Ryan Garko (Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Stanford) and pitcher Burt Hooton (Kappa Alpha Order at Texas).

Voting was based solely on their performances while playing in the NCAA Colege World Series. Living members of the Legends Team will be invited to the final CWS at Rosenblatt Stadium and be formally honored on the field at the opening ceremonies on June 18th.

Dedeaux, Southern California '35, guided SouthernDedeaux California to a record 10 national championships in his 45-year tenure.

He led the Trojans to a record five consecutive national titles from 1970 through 1974. He ranks first in CWS history in number of games coached, national titles, winning percentage and games won.

Dedeaux was named coach of the CWS 50th and 25th Anniversary Teams. Dedeaux passed away in January 2006.

Click here to learn more about the CWS Legends Team.
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Russell Featured On A&E's "Drill Team"

Brandon Russell, Appalachian State '99, (pictured right) will star as one of two carpenters on A&E's newest reality home improvement show. Russell has previously appeared on TLC's "Trading Spaces" as a lead carpenter. Click the image above to learn more about the new show.
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From Colony To Chapter: Spring 2010
Corpus Christi, East Stroudsburg and Kennesaw receive Charters


Delta Chi colonies strive to meet standards within each of ten objectives prior to chartering: Size & Recruitment, Colony Operations, Scholarship, Social Activities, Philanthropy & Community Service, Intramurals, Alumni Support, Financial Stability, Adequate and Competitive Housing, and Alumni Relations.

Delta Chi staff members and local alumni volunteers work with colony members each semester to set and reach goals, document progress and plan for the future - all of which is documented in the "Chartering Petition." This petition is compiled and submitted to the "CC", who in turn presents it to the Board for approval.

Once a colony receives approval for chartering, it begin planning its chartering banquet. At this banquet, the Colony officially receives its chartering proclamation, which recognizes the group as a Chapter of Delta Chi.

While the day-to-day differences between a colony and a chapter are quite subtle, the change represents the hard work put in by both Founding Fathers and subsequent members to make Delta Chi successful and sustainable on their campus.

The following colonies made the transition from colony to chapter this spring:

Corpus Christi Chaptercc

Colonized:                              9/27/2007
Chartered:                                4/3/2010
Manpower:                                           40
GPA:                                                   2.73

esuEast Stroudsburg Chapter

Colonized:                           2/27/2006
Chartered:                           1/23/2010
Manpower:                                        29

GPA:                                                2.74

East Stroudsburg on Facebook                                                

Kennesaw Chapter

Colonized:                               9/27/2007
Chartered:                               4/17/2010
Manpower:                                            37
GPA:                                                    2.58

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Coast to Coast: Chapter/Colony Achievements
Outstanding accomplishments reported by Chapter/Colony "C''s in CMRs

Hayward The Hayward Chapter took home 1st place in Greek Week.

FrostburgThe Frostburg Chapter placed first in sprit and second overall during Greek Week on its campus.


The Kettering-B Chapter achieved the top GPA among fraternities on campus.


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"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
Six Hundred Delta Chi brothers receive degrees and enter the job market.

grad_collageEach year, May and June unfortunately mean saying goodbye - Goodbye to the oldest brothers in your Chapter or Colony. This year, over 600 brothers across North America have left their alma maters to begin their careers.

To our graduating seniors:

Too often, members go "off the grid" as soon as two years after graduation - when their Chapter/Colony "E" loses track of them. While networks of friends often stay connected for decades, the Fraternity's records are often left out in the dark. College graduates may move back home, to a new city, travel overseas or relocate several times within their first few years out of school. This makes keeping up-to-date contact lists especially difficult for both chapters/colonies and the Fraternity.

With continued technological advances, many groups have switched to an online, digital newsletter. For other groups, this transition may occur in the coming years. You'll want to make sure you still receive these forms of communication.

By updating your contact information through the Fraternity, you're ensuring that your initiating Chapter/Colony will also be able to keep in touch with you as the years go by.

Please take a moment and keep Delta Chi updated with your physical and electronic mailing address.

Address Update Form

Job-hunting Tips:


"Five Job Hunting Tips for College Graduates"
from ABC News

"Top Ten Mistakes Grads Make"
from ABC News
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Delta Chi Goes To The Big Easy!
Register today for the 57th International Convention in New Orleans, LA.


convention website
To see an up-to-date list of all registered attendees, click here: Newspaper
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V Foundation Update

The following chapters and colonies have contributed at least $1,000 towards Delta Chi's $130,000 contribution goal:

top donors

If you would like to verify that your Chapter/Colony's funds have been counted towards our goal, please contact Dan Catalano, Director of Expansion and Colony Operations.

Remember that you need to include a cover letter with any money sent to the V Foundation. For more information about planning an event to raise money for the V Foundation, Delta Chi's Philanthropy, please click here: Newspaper
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Red and Buff Overseas
Delta Chi brothers aid Military efforts overseas

From New Haven Chapter's Newsletter:

The Fraternity keeps a record of those brothers who honorably serve our nation through military service. If your Chapter/Colony has members, either undergraduate or alumni, who have served, are serving or will be serving in the Military, please take a moment and let us know by emailing Emily Audlehelm.
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Awards Packet Review Under Way
Staff prepares to recognize chapter/colony accomplishments in New Orleans

Each year, chapters and colonies across North America compile one document with all of their accomplishments: the awards packet.

This year, the following chapters and colonies submitted awards packets:

Central Missouri and LSU also submitted awards packets.

Delta Chi staff members have begun reviewing each award application, a process that takes roughly two months. Award recipients will be announced at the 57th Annual Convention and live on USTREAM.

Any questions about the Awards Program or review process should be directed to Michael Dean, Leadership Consultant.
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Staff Welcomes New Additions
Josh DeJesus, Dan Jolles and Dan Thompson
newest Leadership Consultants

dejesusJoshua DeJesus, Albany '10, understands what it takes to be a Delta Chi. As a Founding Father of the Albany Colony, DeJesus served as By-Laws Chairman and "B" for two terms. "I was a part of several student groups, but they all fell short in offering something lasting and wholesome. Delta Chi was the answer," said DeJesus. "One of my goals while on staff is to recruit men of the highest caliber to further Delta Chi as a pioneer both on campuses and within the Greek community." DeJesus double-majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice, earning a 3.19 GPA.

Joshua DeJesus arrived in Iowa City to begin work on June 1, 2010. You may contact him through email at joshd@deltachi.org.

jollesDaniel Jolles, Coastal Carolina '10, will be graduating this summer with a B.S. in Management. During his time in the Chapter, Jolles has served as "A" and AMC. Also highly involved on campus, he has served as the Student Body President and an Orientation Leader for two years.

Daniel Jolles will be arriving in Iowa City to begin work this August. You may contact him now at dsjolles@gmail.com.

thompsonDaniel Thompson, Florida '10, joins staff with the mission of "giving back what Delta Chi gave back to me." During his time as an undergraduate, Thompson served his chapter as "C", "D", AMC and RLC Coordinator. Prior to graduation, he was recognized as Chapter Luminary. Thompson, also a Dean's List student, achieved a 3.88 GPA and received a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in Communications. When asked about his Delta Chi experience, Thompson commented, "I've learned to listen and to lead. My goal is to help others follow the same mantra in order to make ourselves, and Delta Chi, more successful."

Thompson arrived in Iowa City on June 1, 2010. You may reach him at danielt@deltachi.org.

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USC & Michigan State Celebrate Anniversaries
Chapters celebrate 100 and 75 years, respectively, of uninterrupted fraternal bonds

This spring marks two distinctive milestones for two of Delta Chi's older chapters.

msu_banquetThe Michigan State Chapter, chartered January 5, 1935, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Tom Horowitz, Michigan State '87, "AA", was in attendance for the banquet along with nearly 200 Michigan State Alumni. To view pictures from the gathering, please click the image to the right.

If you'd like to read about the history of the Michigan State Chapter, prepared by Greg Hauser, Michigan State '75, former "AA", please click here to download the program banquet:    Newspaper

uscThe Southern California Chapter, chartered May 21, 1910, recently celebrated its centennial anniversary. The Chapter is the 26th of the Fraternity and is currently the third-oldest continually-operated chapter. Notable alumni include Pat Gillick, Sean Salisbury, James Webb and others. At the time of the banquet, the Chapter's manpower reached a healthy 55. The banquet was held at City Club in downtown Los Angeles, only a few hundred feet from the site of the original chapter house. Click the image to see more photos!
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Fall 2010 Expansion Update:
Delta Chi approved to colonize at Bloomsburg University and Case Western Reserve

With preparations for summer orientation already under way at Kansas State University, the Delta Chi Staff has two new colonizations to announce: Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Bloomsburg University
During the spring semester, an interest group of nearly 30 men contacted Delta Chi about forming a new fraternity on campus. Dan Catalano, Director of Expansion and Colony Operations, spoke with the group and Gretchen Osterman, Bloomsburg's Greek Advisor. Within a short period of time, Delta Chi received the green light to work with the interest group to form a new Delta Chi colony.

BloomsburgCatalano and Michael Dean, Leadership Consultant, arranged meetings with some of the men during the last week in May to begin discussions. During their time on campus, Catalano and Dean extended nine bids to men who were able to make the trip back to Bloomsburg from their hometowns. "We mainly spent time getting to know each individual and explaining how we'll help them build Delta Chi into a successful organization on campus this fall," said Dean.

"This is a campus where Delta Chi can have a deep impact. The guys are excited and cannot wait to hit the ground running this fall," Catalano added.

Case Western Reserve University
After the University announced an opening for a new fraternity on campus, Delta Chi jumped on the opportunity to present to both the campus's Interfraternity Congress and Expansion Committee. Local alumni Steve Bossart, Retiring "AA", and Marquez Brown, Regent for Region VI, attended the presentation to show support.
With other organizations' best chapters being at Cast Western Reserve, Delta Chi staff members feel confident that our expansion efforts will be successful and, at the same time, enhance the fraternal experience on campus.

"We are extremely excited to have been granted this opportunity to be a part of a Greek community of this caliber, " said Catalano. "Delta Chi's values fit well with the mission of the Greek community. I'm confident we'll be able to strengthen the overall appeal of Greek Life at Case by offering a new fraternity experience and the chance to become a Founding Father."

If you know any men who attend or will attend Bloomsburg University, Case Western Reserve University or Kansas State University who would be interested in learning more about making the most out of their college experience, please take a moment and email Dan Catalano.
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Resource Spotlight: "Brand Identity"
Use a Retreat to both wrap up your current semester and plan for next fall!

brand_imageEver wondered where to begin with recruitment?

Before you can aspire to build a names list or host gatherings for potential new members, you and you chapter/colony brothers must first be able to answer one crucial series of questions:

Who are we? What do we have to offer?

This resource acts as a self-discovery tool, assisting you and your chapter/colony brothers in identifying key selling points for membership in your organization.

Click the image to the right to download the pdf.
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