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Try Pink Slips to Motivate in Tough Times
By Bill Catlette

On Thursday morning shortly before 5AM, I checked my luggage for a 6AM flight at the Delta counter in Memphis. Greeting me with a hug and a 5,000 watt smile was a counter agent by the name of Verna, a lady we've written about before. Even more resplendent than usual, she was totally decked out in pink attire, in celebration of Delta's campaign to raise awareness (and funds) for breast cancer research .

After exchanging pleasantries, I asked for her thoughts about the pink campaign at Delta. At this point, Verna practically gushed with pride about "the opportunity to participate", as opposed to "some program they're making us do"), the research dollars being generated, and indeed her own mother's successful battle with the disease. A follow-up conversation with a flight attendant aboard my flight (no, it wasn't the pink plane) yielded similar feelings.

Here's the deal: All of us, at some level, want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Leaders who find a way to tap into that desire reap the reward of a significant motivational burst. This has not been lost on managers in the hospitality industry who amp the efforts of their workforce through sponsorship and participation in causes such as Share Our Strength, dedicated to ending hunger.

It has become manifestly apparent of late that, for the next little while, each of us will probably tend to be more self-absorbed than usual, given the state of the economy, concern for our livelihood and financial welfare, and, did I mention two shooting wars? In view of that, it would seem that smart managers might be able to redirect some of that attention to a worthy cause, do some good, and motivate more "Verna-like" behavior in the process. That sounds like a triple play to me. Give it a try.

In last month's issue of "Fresh Milk", we gave you ten ideas for improving your success with retaining talented people who work in your organization. Then we asked for an eleventh idea - from you, our readers. Thanks to the many who wrote in with their ideas. We've posted the best idea on our blog. Click on over there and see the idea and the name of the winner, who will be receiving a copy of Contented Cows Moove Faster. Thanks to all who took the time to send your ideas!
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