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The Burning Issue,                                                                             July 2012
"Suddenly hundreds of millions of people who (a) know how to use a mouse and (b) don't know how to do a VLOOKUP are suddenly able to perform jaw-dropping business intelligence analyses"
Bill Jelen (Mr Excel)


We've dedicated this issue to Microsoft's new add-on for Excel "PowerPivot". If you or anyone in your organisation use Excel to analyse data you'll need to know about it.
Here we'll give you a brief introduction to PowerPivot and also tell you how you can get our free white paper with much more detail on this exciting new data analysis tool.
Of course we also have Adrian here from Sandler Training with a note of sanity about sales.


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What is PowerPivot ?


Sandler Sales Rule


Alison's Tip, learn PowerPivot

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powerpivotWhat is PowerPivot ?
Microsoft PowerpivotPowerPivot is a powerful extension to Excel.

A few key points....

It's a free extension to Excel 2010, built by Microsoft.

It dramatically extends the power of "normal" Excel, and fits right in as if it had been there from the beginning. You can download it here from Microsoft and try it.
It allows you to manipulate massive volumes of data.
Normally, Excel has a limit of 1 Million rows of data per sheet. PowerPivot extends well beyond that, and most will find it has no practical limit. Yet manipulating this database, querying and analysing millions of rows,  is quick and easy.
It can integrate different sources of almost any kind of data.
You can analyse data from databases, Excel Worksheets, and other sources together on one PowerPivot.
It gives you the ability to create analysis "Dashboards".
With PowerPivot you can build interactive applications to analyse company information at the click of a button.
It's "The best thing to happen to Excel in 20 Years".
Although that's my view it's not my description. This comes from Mr Excel himself, Bill Jelen, as does the quote at the top of the issue.  Click here to read more from Mr Excel.
These are just some of the many benefits of using PowerPivot to analyse business data with Excel.  See "Alison's Tip" below to learn more about PowerPivot.
SandlerA Sandler Rule: If your competition does it, stop doing it!

Here's Adrian Moss from Sandler Training Sussex with his Sales tip:


"When prospects invite suppliers in to pitch, the big issue is how the prospect differentiates the suppliers. Typically, the presentations will all sound and look pretty similar.


Have you ever thought how bored prospects must get sitting through hours of presentations? So If Your Competition Does It, Stop Doing It Right Away. After all, why do what they do. Where's the advantage in that?


Stop doing your standard presentation. Do you really think prospects want to sit through 20 company slides? No! Do things differently. Insist on a pre-presentation meeting or at the minimum a phone call. Find out the problems they are trying to solve and why. Focus on solving their issues.

A presentation should never be about your company, it should always be about the prospect and what problems they are trying to solve. If Your Competition Does It, Stop Doing It Right Away."

Want to know more about Sandler's award winning selling system?
For more information, click here


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AlisonAlison's tip - Free WhitePaper and PowerPivot Training
Alison Box of Burningsuit Alison's tip, learn PowerPivot. 

"It really looks as though PowerPivot will re-define the Excel user. Previously if you used  "VLOOKUP" to analyse data you were looked on as an Excel Guru. Now with PowerPivot you can perform even more powerful data analysis without complex lookup functions. I think in the future there will be two types of Excel user, those who know and use PowerPivot, and the rest who struggle to get the best from Excel."

Here's how you and your organisation can find out more about PowerPivot.

Get our PowerPivot White Paper. If you want more information on PowerPivot we have produced a white paper that describes this powerful new extension. Packed with screenshots and real world examples this whitepaper will give you much more information on PowerPivot and how it can work for you. There's far too much information in it to put here, so it's by request only.

If you want our PowerPivot white paper simply send an email to info@burningsuit.co.uk with the subject "PowerPivot Please" and we'll send it out to you.

Have a PowerPivot course on your site. We can come to you will all the equipment needed for the training day. Powerful Laptops loaded with PowerPivot and Excel, and databases that help you understand this powerful new feature. All you need to provide is a room and the people! Click here to see our PowerPivot on-site course.

Online PowerPivot Training. We can train indivduals in PowerPivot live on-line over the internet. Click here to find out about our Live-online learning.