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zLetter 3
February 2012
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ZOA West and Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors present


With Eli E. Hertz


February 11, 7 pm 
Stephen S. Wise Temple 
 15500 Stephen S. Wise Dr.   
Los Angeles, CA 90077

$15 cash or check at door

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RSVP at zoawest@zoa.org

A special ZOA Purim presentation

The Book of Esther as the Jewish Fountainhead 
with Orit Arfa
Fountainhead author Ayn Rand

Mon, Feb 13, 2012
7:30 pm  


 Luxe Sunset Hotel
11461 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Admission free. RSVP at zoawest@zoa.org

Click here for more info 

(Photo courtesy Ayn Rand Institute)
ZOA Orange County Chapter presents




Susan Tuchman, Esq.

Director, ZOA's Center for Law and Justice


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin 

Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz


Dr. Leila Beckwith 

Professor Emerita in Pediatrics, UCLA


March 11, 7 pm 

Merage JCC

1 Federation Way  

Irvine, CA 92603 

Free and open to the public

Click here for more info  


ZOA West introduces Executive Director Orit Arfa's blog in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles: ZOAngel


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Sponsorship opportunities for special events and campaigns are also available. Contact Orit Arfa at oarfa@zoa.org.

Top The E.D.'s Territory


I'm pleased to report that we enjoyed a very successful "zMovie Nite" event on January 26 with a screening of the Zionist classic "Cast a Giant Shadow" starring Kirk Douglas. The movie reminded the over 50 viewers in attendance that Israel must be resolute in its desire for victory against its enemies--and that Hollywood once wasn't afraid of showing movies that instilled Zionist pride. About two dozen of us enjoyed some nice brew at the Rosewood Tavern on Fairfax following the screening. (Check out the video below filmed at the bar--and no, I wasn't drunk:) 


Continuing our theme of films, we're pleased to announce a very special film event held in conjunction with the Israel Film Festival being held from March 15-29. "The Ariel Breakfast Club" will be a morning showcase of films by students at the Ariel University Center, Israel's fastest growing institution of higher learning. Themed after John Hughes' classic "The Breakfast Club," the film series deals with unlikely encounters between Israeli students from diverse backgrounds. Stay tuned for more details. 


The arts are a powerful tool for influencing public opinion in Israel's favor, but so are the cold, hard facts--to those who care about the truth. Come hear Israel expert and author Eli Hertz speak about the Jewish right to settle in Judea and Samaria and how the notion of Israel as an "Occupying" power is a big lie. The talk is co-sponsored with Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. Then, come hear my talk on "The Book of Esther as the Jewish Fountainhead." Click here for more information.


Keep up with what the ZOA is doing nationally and beyond through this zLetter. We're here to be Israel's strongest, most fearless, most honest defenders.


Yours truly,   

Orit's Sig

 Executive Director, Western Region, ZOA

Contact: oarfa@zoa.org 

L'Chaim to all Zionists!
L'Chaim to all Zionists!

ZOA Praises PM Netanyahu's Public Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement to Hatred & Murder Against Jews 

The ZOA has praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for publicly raising the issue and condemning Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement to hatred and murder against Jews. In talks with visiting Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that PA incitement is poisoning the atmosphere and cited specifically the PA's official television broadcast of a program this week in which the terrorists who murdered five members of the Fogel family in Itamar last March were glorified, portrayed as martyrs and heroes. READ MORE.

Here are the video excerpts of the above-referenced acts of incitement that were posted by Palestinian Media Watch, a group that monitors Arab press.

Palestinian Authority Mufti says Muslims will kill Jews in name of Islam
Praise for killer of 5 members of Fogel family on Palestinian Authority TV

The ZOA sent a letter this week to Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. urging him to indict, extradite and prosecute the many convicted Palestinian Arab criminals who have killed or harmed American citizens in terrorist attacks in Israel, and who were recently freed by the Israeli government in order to gain the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. READ MORE. 


Click here to read coverage of the matter in the Jerusalem Post. 

ZOA Condemns Jordan Meeting with Nazi-Like Hamas, Permitting Hamas Officials to Move to Jordan


The ZOA has condemned Jordan for meeting with a delegation of officials from Hamas, a U.S. and E.U. recognized terrorist organization that calls in its Charter for the destruction of Israel (Article 15) and the worldwide murder of Jews (Article 7). In recent weeks, Jordan has also permitted officials from the Nazi-like Hamas to quietly re-establish themselves in Amman. READ MORE.
US Should Not Engage Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood 

In a recent column in Israel's daily, Israel HaYom, ZOA President Morton A. Klein writes:

It did not require the gift of prophecy to foresee that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would make great strides in the wake of the Hosni Mubarak regime. READ MORE.

Obama Rightly Threatens Cut in U.S. Aid to Egypt Over Detention of Americans - But Not Over the Brotherhood's Declaration to End Israel Peace Treaty Under Which Egypt Receives Aid


The Obama Administration has appropriately reacted to the detention in Egypt of several American nationals by threatening to cut U.S. aid to Cairo - something it has not done until now, despite explicit Muslim Brotherhood statements about abrogating the Israeli/Egyptian peace treaty, under which Cairo has been the recipient of over $40 billion in U.S. aid over the past thirty years. The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization established in 1928 and precursor of Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups, recently won a majority of seats in the Egyptian parliament. READ MORE.
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University of Pennsylvania Hosts National Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Conference on Campus


The ZOA has written to the President of the University of Pennsylvania, Amy Gutmann, urging her to withdraw University permission to hold the conference by the duplicitous BDS movement whose main goal is the elimination of Israel. READ THE LETTER.  


Read the coverage in:

The New York Daily News 

Stonegate Institute 


ZOA's Susan Tuchman's Letter in the Forward 
 Director of ZOA's Center for Law and Justice, Susan Tuchman, calls college leaders to task for their ambivalence about publicly condemning and combating campus anti-Semitism, or even acknowledging that this problem exists.  READ MORE.
CA Cong. Brad Sherman Called Upon to UC Berkeley: Reconsider Award To Former UN Official And Israel-Basher Mary Robinson


The ZOA sent praise to U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) in January for urging the University of California, Berkeley to reconsider its decision to give Mary Robinson, formerly the president of Ireland and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, its "2012 Public Health Hero" award. Congressman Sherman stated that his recommendation was based on Robinson's "record of bias and animus against Israel." READ MORE.
Yizkor - In Memoriam    
Fima Falic
A Great Jewish Patriot


ZOA extends condolences to the entire Falic family on the sudden passing of Fima Falic, true Zionist and generous Israel supporter. Guided by Fima, the entire Falic family - his children Simon, Jerome, Leon, and his wife Nily - has shown unprecedented support and love for Israel, with a focus on the communities of Judea and Samaria and the welfare of Israeli soldiers. READ MORE.  

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