June 2012  
Celebrating our community
Welcome to summer!

As people across the country prepare to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, we'd like to celebrate YOU!


Some of you have recently joined our community, and

Julie White on starting the Foundation.  
Julie White speaks about why she got involved in starting the Canadian Women's Foundation, over 20 years ago. 

some of you have been with us from the beginning when the Canadian Women's Foundation was founded 20 years ago.   


In the words of Julie White, one of our Founding Mothers: "It started with a small group of women and an idea, and it grew to dozens and hundreds and now thousands of women supporting women."  


So to all of you - the women (and men) who support women and girls in Canada - thank you!


You are helping to stop the violence, end poverty and empower girls.  


That's worth celebrating!


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Beverley Wybrow

CEO and President

Together, we can end violence against women.

Thanks to your support and the support of our partners Winners, HomeSense and Rogers Media, you raised over $2.1 million dollars during Shelter from the Storm.

Shelter from the Storm This money will support community programs that work to prevent violence and over 450 shelters that provide women and their children with a safe space to escape abuse.

Women like Helen, who in her own words "came to Winnipeg's Alpha House a completely broken woman of 47 years old. I came for protection from my abuser but I walk away with so much more."

Helen chose to tell her story during Morning for Change, despite her fear of sharing her story, because she wanted to help others to gain the same strength she was given.  




You helped us invest in an economic development program at IRCOM that is helping Jeanine become certified in childcare, so that she can help other women in her community better their lives.


When I was a little girl, I liked to work with the children. When I look at them, they make me happy. When I was in high school, I studied how to teach primary students.


In my country, Burundi, there was a war. So I didn't have a chance to do my job. When I came to Canada in 2010, I got that chance. Here, I have the peace to do my job.


When I'm finished the course, I may continue my education at College Universitaire de St. Boniface. Or I could look for a job at a daycare centre or do daycare in my house.  


Then I would be helping another woman who can't find a job or go to work because she has kids. When I help them, I'm doing my job.   

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