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Anthony Grimani is Granted New Technology Patent
The final frontier in auto equalization: Tony Grimani has received a U.S. Patent for new "measurement and optimization of sound systems using a sliding band integration curve."


Over the years, many methods have been devised to measure the frequency response of loudspeakers in a room. While they utilize differing technology and technique, they share a common problem: none of them produce results that accurately depict what human beings actually hear. They get close, but not close enough for accurate, high-quality results.


Grimani has developed the Sliding Band Integration Curve (SBIC), a technique for measuring the electro-acoustic response of sound systems in small rooms so that measurements and voicing adjustments directly correlate to what listeners actually hear. SBIC measures the direct field sound from the speaker to the listener position, and the total reverberated field of sound at the listener area. SBIC then conducts frequency-weighted averaging of the two responses and yields a resulting curve.

Since the SBIC response curve is the closest approximation of what a human would actually hear, the room correction, equalization, and voicing can all be performed faster and more accurately because there is no second-guessing the data.

Grimani is currently in talks with two manufacturers to have SBIC incorporated into audio analyzers. SBIC will also be included in auto-EQ products to improve resulting performance.
MSR Appoints New Distributor
in Russia

A.P. Technology is one of the oldest Russian distribution companies. Based in Moscow, the company was founded in 1995 as a custom installation and distribution organization for hi-fi and high-end equipment. It was the first Russian member of CEDIA and now represents several brands in the Russian market such as Sonance, Lutron, Crestron, and Wisdom Audio. The company has extensive experience in custom installation of AV and control systems.


Baptiste Marmorat, president of Global AV Network (MSR's international export agent) commented, "A.P. Technology has a solid history distributing high-end AV and hi-fi products in Russia. They've worked on many high-profile projects and applications, and they believe that MSR offers the perfect solutions for world-class audio performance."  


Hot on the heels of their appointment, A.P. Technology visited MSR's

Grimani conducts training at MSR facility 

Thead- quarters on May 27th, with several of their Russian dealers. During a marathon training session and idea exchange, we were impressed with their high level of knowledge and competency in audio acoustics. And of course everyone was impressed with the Mongolian vodka!  

Anthony Grimani (back row, 2nd from right) hosts Russian dealers at MSR - including Vladimir Abramenko, president of A.P. Technology (front row center).


Click for more info on A.P. Technology  


MSR Supplies Gear for Duets

Grammy Award-winning engineer Eric Schilling has once again selected MSR pro products, this time in the mobile mix facility for the new ABC-TV music competition show Duets, premiering this month with John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thicke. Previously, Schilling used MSR pro products in the Grammy Awards and X-Factor mix facilities. 


MSR provided a ZSound
Trio 150 system,
augmented with a Dimension4 Sonata system.


In a recent article, Schilling said "You need to make sure that your room sounds good. If the room sounds bad, you're screwed from the word go. It's not that expensive to treat a room with bass traps and acoustical diffusers." Agreed!   


For more information on acoustical tuning solutions for recording studios and broadcast applications, please visit our website.

Danish Composer Adds MSR's SWETP-S Diffusers

Danish film and commercial composer Toni Martin Dobrzanski recently installed our SWETP-S diffusers at SoundComposer, his pro studio in Copenhagen.


"I chose the SWETP-S 3D diffusers for three main reasons: design, functionality and price," explains Dobrzanski. "They have both a diffusive action and an ability to absorb the sound which was needed for the treatment of my room. I wanted to create a more diffused back-end of my studio and at the same time bring down the reverberation time together with my other panels. Choosing panels in three different triangle sizes and forms also adds to the diffusion and absorption of different frequencies. And they give a really stylish and cool atmosphere to the sound studio, an important thing when customers visit."

Dobrzanski composed and produced the music for the stunning short film Weightless - Emotional Freediving, which has been nominated for this year's Park City Film Music Festival - click to watch the video.

For more info on MSR's professional studio products, please visit our website - or call us at (415) 883-1476. 


Richard Frank Joins MSR

We recently announced the strengthening of our sales and marketing team with the addition of industry expert, Richard A. Frank. With more than 30 years of experience on all sides of the desk, Frank brings his unusual level of sales creativity and marketing savvy to MSR. He will be taking a proactive role with dealers and developing sales and marketing initiatives that are in tune with today's marketplace.


According to Anthony Grimani, "The market for acoustical tuning materials is growing significantly among home entertainment enthusiasts. They are discovering the incredible improvements provided by our products. Richard's deep understanding of the marketplace and his impressive history of sales development makes him the ideal catalyst to help our dealers grow."


Frank will be based out of Orange County, CA, and will be active in all segments of MSR business.


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MSR Appoints Russian Distributor
MSR Supplies Gear for New Show "Duets"
Danish Composer Adds MSR Pro
Richard A. Frank Joins MSR
Definitive Audio Prefers SpringTrap
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Anthony Grimani to Present Seminar at T.H.E. Show
Even the best speakers in the world interact with the room to the point where their sound is significantly altered by the reflected sound bouncing around the room. You actually hear more reflected sound than direct sound from the speaker. There are techniques to control these sound reflections so they positively influence speaker performance rather than fight it.

On Friday, June 1st @ 3:30 pm, Anthony Grimani will present a seminar on "Acoustical Tuning of High-End Systems." Come learn how to use absorption, diffusion, bass filters and traps to enhance your room's acoustics and get the best from your system.   
For more info, visit T.H.E. Show's website


Definitive Audio Prefers MSR's SpringTrap

Definitive Audio, one of the top retailers and integrators in the country, is using our SpringTrap™ bass traps for several of their projects and applications.

According to Craig
Abplanalp, Definitive's VP of Sales, "We're using SpringTraps to improve the performance in our showrooms and customer installations. In our experience, they are a far better bass treatment solution than all other devices we've tried throughout our 38-year history. To achieve accurate sonic performance you must start by properly treating and controlling the low frequency response. MSR SpringTraps have no equal and are a great value when compared to more expensive and less effective alternatives."

For more info on the technology and applications of SpringTrap, please visit our website.
MSR Knowledge Base

Are you installing a project studio? A music practice room? A home theater? An auditorium?


Check out our library of how-to guides, white papers and more - all written by Anthony Grimani from his many years of experience engineering and calibrating over 400 high-end, high-profile projects.


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MSR Product Video Guides on Youtube
Anthony Grimani explains it all to you in 22 two-minute videos about our wide range of diffusers, absorbers, bass traps, and more! Check out our Youtube channel to find out more.

PS: we recently passed 60,000 views on our Youtube Channel!

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