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Demystifying Studio Acoustics

By Anthony Grimani


Room acoustics is a subject we hear about a lot these days in the project studio business. Dealers talk about it when we visit their stores, studio engineers talk about it when visit their beautiful designer studios, writers talk about it in their monthly columns ... So why is there all this talk about acoustics?  


The plain truth is that acoustics largely determine the perceived sound quality of an audio monitoring system in a project studio - by 50% or more in most cases. On the surface, the contribution of acoustics may not be as easy to understand as the contribution of some new piece of electronic wizardry, but the fact remains that the typical audio monitoring system in a project studio can be improved more by the implementation of acoustic treatments than by the addition of ANY piece of electronic equipment. Read more


Home Theater Magazine Cover Story Features MSR Acoustics 

In case you missed it, Kim Wilson's cover story in the October issue of Home Theater features expertise from Anthony Grimani and various solutions that MSR's Dimension4™ deliver.


"If you're serious about your home theater, you've probably spent a lot of time agonizing over what gear to buy. But what about the room itself? Even with extremely high-end gear, you can't achieve optimum audio performance without paying attention to the acoustics. Without room treatment, expensive speakers can sound awful, but even moderately priced speakers in a properly treated room can sound terrific. Some experts even say the speaker system and electronics contribute only 50 percent to your system's overall sonics-with the room responsible for the other 50 percent. If you're not factoring in acoustics, your system might sound only half as good as it could-and should," writes Wilson. Read more


MSR Appoints Global AV Network as International Agent

MSR has appointed Global AV Network as the international agent for Dimension4™ export business. Representing many prestigious AV manufacturers, Global AV Network specializes in bringing emerging technologies and brands from one continent to another in the CE and CEDIA spaces. 


"Many of our international distributors have been asking for acoustical treatment solutions, and as we know MSR is a leader in its field, we felt it would be a logical addition to our product portfolio," commented Baptiste Marmorat, president of Global AV Network. "We believe MSR's comprehensive line of tuning systems, and their commitment to innovation and excellence, will support our network well. And we look forward to helping MSR expand their global reach."


Ben Goldman, MSR's sales manager, commented "Global AV Network is a team of focused professionals and we look forward to having their presence on the ground, representing Dimension4 products worldwide."


Our team will be at CES 2012, and we invite you to meet with us and explore dealership and distribution opportunities in your country. To schedule a meeting, please call (415) 883-1476 or email us at your earliest convenience.

For more info on Global AV Network, please visit their website.


MSR Supplies Acoustical Solutions for Fox TV's The X Factor

MSR recently provided professional-grade acoustical treatments to convert a trailer outside CBS Television City in Los Angeles into a world-class 5.1 mix environment. Sound engineer Eric Schilling came to MSR after using our products in the GRAMMY Awards mix trailer a few years ago.


We provided a Dimension4™ SõN Acoustics™ 150 system, the workhorse of acoustical treatments for professional studios. This cost- effective system of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps will tune any room to the most professional standards.


We augmented their set-up with our ZSound Trio system which offers outstanding value and room control performance for the budget conscious recording engineer. The Trio system consists of absorbers, diffusers and corner bass absorber, and is available in three ranges of room sizes. Complete packages are available for 100 -500ft2 room for home studio or editing facility.


For more information on acoustical tuning solutions for recording studios and broadcast applications, please visit our website.

Tributaries Cable Installs Dimension4™ Sonata System

MSR supplied the Sonata system from our Dimension4™ line of acoustical tuning systems for Tributaries Cable's showroom in Orlando, Florida.


According to Joe Perfito, president of Tributaries Cable, "Before we installed the panels, the room was too live. It had a long decay time. When listening to music the image was not focused, the highs were harsh and the base was boomy. After the installation everyone that walked into the room commented on the difference. Normal conversation was more pleasant. When we listen to music, the image is very focused and the frequency response is much more consistent. It is now a true audiophile 2-channel listening room. We can now really appreciate our new brand of high-end audio cable, Clarus™."


Sonata is the best choice for those seeking optimal accuracy, focus, tonal balance, and price value. Choose from six configurations depending on room size. With high- performance absorbers and an array of diffuser patterns, this pre-engineered system will enhance any room's sound to the most audiophile standards,

For more info on Sonata and other Dimension4 Acoustical Tuning Systems, please visit our website.


For more info on Tributaries Cable, visit their website.   


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MSR Provides Absorbers for Brookhaven National Lab
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MSR Provides Acoustical Modules for Brookhaven National Lab

MSR supplied 20 AMI absorber modules to Brookhaven National Lab, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy located in Upton, New York. The client was looking for a temporary solution to control noise created by office remodeling.   


AMI absorbers consist of a mineral wool core clad in a fiberglass lining, wrapped in fabric, and embedded in a wood substructure with high frequency filtering. These high-performance modules provide absorption down to 250 Hz with tapered high frequency control for a more balanced soundfield spectrum.

According to Tom Jerrigan, head of Environmental Restoration Projects at Brookhaven, "The panels were easy to install and worked perfectly, providing measurable reduction in noise levels." Job well done!

For more info on MSR's commercial solutions, please visit our website.

MSR Product Video Guides on Youtube
Anthony Grimani explains it all to you in 22 two-minute videos about our wide range of diffusers, absorbers, bass traps, and more! Check out our Youtube channel to find out more.

PS: we just passed 20,000 views of our Youtube Channel!

How-To Guides by Anthony Grimani

Are you installing a project studio? A music practice room? A home theater? An auditorium?


Check out our library of how-to guides, white papers and more - all written by Anthony Grimani from his many years of experience engineering and calibrating over 400 high-end, high-profile projects.


And if you don't find what you need, let us know, we have many more resources to help you create a great-sounding space!

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