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The Importance of Diffusion

By Anthony Grimani


"Um, what's diffusion, and why do I need it?" is the question from my client. Slowly, I take a breath, count to ten, and consider my options. First, I could scream, stomp around the room, and pull out my hair. Second, I could suddenly remember that I'm terribly late for another meeting and beg to be excused. Third, I could remain calmly in my seat, smile, and politely explain the answer. Considering the nature of this client and his job, it looks like it's option number three.


Here's the sad thing. You might think this client is a novice end user, the type whose digital clocks all blink 12:00. But he or she could just as easily be a custom integrator. I see it all the time: people who design home theaters for a living don't know what diffusion is, or why they need it.  


So here's a basic primer on how the right balance of diffusion (along with absorption and reflection) can result in a more pleasing sound field, with better envelopment, better imaging, and a wider sweet spot. READ MORE >  


MSR Announces New Distributors in Mumbai, India and Dominican Republic

Trescent Lifestyles in Mumbai, India, distinguishes itself by providing customers with a wide variety of premium brands for those who crave the ultimate audio/videoTrescent Lifestyles Mumbai/entertainment experience. And now Trescent has added MSR's Dimension4™ line of acoustical tuning systems to its premier-quality product offerings. Trescent also provides custom installed solutions where customers can try out a simple two-channel audio system or explore the outer realms of home automation.  

According to MSR sales manager, Ben Goldman, "Both PMI and MSR worked with Trescent Lifestyles on a large project in Mumbai. We were quite pleased with both the professionalism and capabilities of the firm and invited them to explore further opportunities in distributing MSR Acoustics in India. We are delighted to appoint Trescent Lifestyles as our newest distribution partner."

For more information on Trescent Lifestyles, visit their website.



TI Ingenieria Soluciones Brillantes started as a CE installer in 2002, and quickly became a highly successful installation company in the Dominican Republic. In 2008 they started a distribution company called HTE Distribution. The TI Ingenieria staff specialize in dedicated home cinemas and related products, and have extensive knowledge in lighting controls, integration, and automation. They are CEDIA members, and are training to become THX and ISF certified, as well as receiving advanced training from CEDIA.  TI Ingenieria logo 

According to TI's COO, Francisco Santana, "Anthony Grimani trained us in Acoustics and Cinema Design in a CEDIA course a few years ago, so when we learned he was designing his own acoustical products we just had to have them. He has developed a unique range of products that helps the cinema design process, and makes it fairly simple to achieve superior performance. We are extremely proud to be the distributor of MSR products in the Dominican Republic and to be associated with a legend in the industry. We hope to expand beyond the DR in the near future."

For more information on TI Ingenieria Soluciones Brillantes, visit their website .


Anthony Grimani Presents at China Technology Exhibition in Beijing

Attending the recent CIT China Technology Exhibition in Beijing, Anthony Grimani (along with Rich Green) taught a course on high-end home theater design with a focus on best practices for managing projects and clients. Special thanks goes out to KW Chang who flawlessly and tirelessly translated the entire presentation! 

   CIT Beijing 2011-2  CIT Beijing 2011-1

While in China, Anthony toured many residential and commercial facilities and found that there were always acoustical treatments built-in to the space; he learned that it's common practice throughout China to spec acoustical products in the design

CIT Beijing - KW Chang
KW Chang

phase. He also learned that several universities in China have impressive acoustics departments within their Architectural schools.  


Anthony also met with a number of vendors of new acoustical materials, and will very soon be introducing some innovative  products - with great pricing - stay tuned!


MSR Partners with Definitive Audio

We are pleased to announce that market leader Definitive Audio is now an authorized dealer of MSR's Dimension4™ line of acoustical tuning systems. Anthony Grimani and Ben Goldman recently visited Definitive's facility in Seattle, Washington to train their sales and engineering staff on the systems, how to specify them, how to install them, and how to create a high performance screening and listening room.


Craig Abplanalp, Definitive's VP of Sales and Marketing, says, "Over our 36 year history Definitive has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of acousticians and acoustical treatment companies. MSR provides a unique blend of experience, expertise, and value in everything they do. Tony's accomp-lishments at Dolby, Lucasfilm, and as an independent consultant have created the foundation to build products that work, are properly implemented and sensible. MSR's commitment extends far beyond specification; they work to ensure their products effectively improve your experience."  


According to Anthony, "We were very impressed with the team at Definitive - it's exciting to have a partner in Seattle with such a great reputation for excellence and leadership."

Definitive Audio

Definitive Audio's Seattle Showroom


We also worked with Definitive to install Dimension4 tuning modules in their reference audio showroom. Our SpringTraps significantly improved the bass quality in the room, and our absorbers and diffusers tightened up the soundstage.


For more info on our innovative and affordable Dimension4 Acoustical Tuning Systems, visit our website  - or call us at (415) 883-8053.


For more info on Definitive Audio, visit their website.   


MSR Distributes Murano Acoustics Products
Murano showroom
MSR has been named official distributor of Murano Acoustics products for the Northern California area. Murano Acoustics produce absolute state-of-the-art acoustically- rated decorative wood paneling materials. Murano products help you create beautiful and acoustically superior interiors utilizing the sustainability of natural wood.The fine fit and finish, and acoustical absorption characteristics, make it a great solution in environments where a wood finish is required. You can do entire walls of it, or combine it with stretch fabric or hard surfaces - whatever you can imagine, we can produce it!  


For more information on Murano Acoustics products, please call or email us. Visit Murano Acoustics website for product info.


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MSR Announces New Distributors
Anthony Grimani Presents at CIT in Beijing
MSR Partners with Definitive Audio
MSR Distributes Murano Acoustics
MSR at GCI Centennial
MSR SpringTraps in Europe
MSR Video Guides on Youtube
How-To Guides by Anthony Grimani
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MSR at GCI Centennial

In June, GCI Connected Techno-logies held its Centennial Celebration Expo in Richmond, Virginia, with a full show floor of vendor booths filled with the latest AV products and technologies. GCI 2011 pic 2 

At the expo, Anthony Grimani conducted a seminar on "Intensive Home Theater Acoustical Tuning." This was a master class on the understanding and use of acoustics in high performance music listening and surround sound theater systems.

GCI 2011 pic 1

Anthony's presentation takes the mystery out of room tuning and shows easy and affordable tuning solutions that can turn simple installations into masterpieces.


For more information on these solutions,  visit our website and check out our Dimension4™ line of superior acoustical tuning systems. 
MSR SpringTraps Get European Treatment
Our glorious SpringTraps were recently used in high-end demo rooms at the Munich HighEnd Show. On
e of our European dealers, Dmitry Valdin with Transparent Acoustic, assem- bled several demo rooms with brand partners. Transparent Acoustics 2 Commented Srajan Ebaen, chief editor of, "My clear favorite was the collaboration between Ancient Audio, Tidal and Musical Wire with the smaller Tidal speakers organized by Dmitry Valdin of Transparent Acoustic, whose room treatments graced the room's sidewalls."

Gut gemacht, Dmitry!
MSR Product Video Guides on Youtube
Anthony Grimani explains it all to you in 22 two-minute videos about our wide range of diffusers, absorbers, bass traps, and more! Check out our Youtube channel to find out more.

TG - video thumbnail


How-To Guides by Anthony Grimani

Are you installing a project studio? A music practice room? A home theater? An auditorium?


Check out our library of how-to guides, white papers and more - all written by Anthony Grimani from his many years of experience engineering and calibrating over 400 high-end, high-profile projects.


And if you don't find what you need, let us know, we have many more resources to help you create a great-sounding space!

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