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PMI ARCOS Certified
Home Theater Audio System Standards
Screening Room in Lake Tahoe, CA
Music Room in Northern California


In March, Anthony Grimani completed the Harman ARCOS Master Calibration training and is now certified to calibrate high-end JBL Synthesis installations.  


To receive ARCOS (Adaptive Room Correc- tion and Optimization System) certification, installers, distributors, or acoustical/theater design consultants must com- plete a training program given by JBL Synthesis. Certification is awarded upon successful com- pletion of the Master- level course which makes the consultant factory-authorized to qualify a JBL Synthesis /Harman High Performance AV (HPAV) installation as a Factory Certified JBL Synthesis Calibrated Theater.


ARCOS is an integrated software and hardware package that provides a new level of calibration accuracy in setting up a JBL Synthesis complete multichannel audio system. ARCOS utilizes a number of newly deve- loped DSP algorithms and measurement and analysis techniques to achieve unprecedented frequency response correction and loud- speaker performance accuracy in any room. The ARCOS calibration kit includes calibration microphones, mic stands, an SPL (sound pressure level) meter, polarity testers, router, cables and ARCOS software.

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Home Theater Audio System Standards - What Are We Trying To Do?

by Anthony Grimani 

 Tony headshot

So you claim that you're putting together a high performance home theater. But do you fully understand what that comprises? Do you know all the little ins and outs of why some products work better than others in selected applications?


I know it's hard to take time to read through technology reports, research papers, and product reviews to learn how to design the best possible theaters, so I'm going to help. I'll give you some facts along with my honest unbiased opinion of what a home theater is supposed to be. And of course everyone reading this will agree with me... NOT!  

I know we'll get some mail criticizing this or that position, but we gotta start somewhere; shoot now - we'll talk later.


Let's first cover what the theater is supposed to do. It is supposed to reproduce sound and pictures as closely as possible to those intended by the creators of the program material. If the creator was good at it, you can get a realistic representation of naturally occurring soundscapes and landscapes. All it takes is for the playback system to do the same thing to the program material as what the creator's system was doing. Then presumably you will hear and see the program the same way they did.  


The good news is that there are actually standards and specifications for the audio-visual monitoring system used by program creators. Read more... 


For more information on this and other topics, visit our website where you'll find a range of published articles and informative links.

PMI Engineers Screening Room at Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe 
Martis Camp is the pinnacle of private, residential communities located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, California. Comprised of 2177 acres, this community offers an abundance of amenities and year-round activities. The 18,000 square foot Family Barn was built for a wide range of uses - with a bowling alley, art studio, concert stage, and screening room.

The compact 50-seat community screening room - designed and engineered by PMI - includes state-of-the-art picture and sound. While the project had some obvious limitations and compromises, it turned out to be a great-sounding room for this family-oriented community. 


Martis Camp - front    Martis Camp - back 


For more info and photos on PMI portfolio projects, visit our website


PMI Engineers Practice & Recording Studio

We recently designed and engineered a practice and recording studio in a luxury home in Northern California. The dedicated space inside the home needed complete sound isolation so the client could play, practice and record music without sound leaking into the rest of the house. PMI specified suspended walls, a sound door, and a range of acoustical panels and treatments to make the room sound great for its many uses.


See the plan drawing below which shows one of the walls where we specified SõN™ Acoustic System Modules by MSR Acoustics - and below that is a photo of the finished space showing the same wall in its final state, complete with Pete Townshend decorated acoustically transparent curtain using the high-quality printing process from the Salon Acoustics line of decorative acoustical panels.

Lemon Orchard - plan pic cropped

Lemon Orchard 438 - photo  

5.1 Audio Toolkit: All the Test Signals You'll Ever Need for 5.1 Channel Calibration! 

This award-winning 5.1 Audio Toolkit DVD is a technical solution to the universal problem of precisely routing signals to all channels in a surround system. 90+ test signals and multichannel tracks are laid out in a logical progression for quick calibration and debugging of 5.1 channel systems, including Surround EX. A tutorial provides specific info on use of the signals for system analysis and calibration.

A must-have for every calibration and integration professional, the Toolkit has been positively reviewed in Mix, Stereophile and many other publications. Regular price on the Toolkit is $99, but if you order by June 30, 2011, you can own this must-have DVD - which also includes a comprehensive Calibration Guide - for only $49, a 50% savings off the retail price. To order, call or email us.