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As headlines from around the world continue to amaze and provoke us - freedom in Egypt, catastrophe in Japan - we continue to build our own worldwide business which we're happy (and fortunate) to say is growing every day. While there are still widespread economic challenges at play, it seems the AV business is starting to see a turnaround. In Brad Grimes' ProAV Magazine blog, he sites InfoComm's most recent Economic Snapshot which, with data collected from large and small businesses in our industry, indicates a slow but steady upturn in results - and attitudes - for 2011.


If how busy we are these days is any indication, we're very optimistic about the year ahead. And we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, as well as what you're working on, and how we can help.  

Please visit our website, our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. We're committed to staying active in these forums and we hope to have increasing interaction with our partners, colleagues and customers.


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Product Spotlight: SpringTrap Bass Absorber

With spring in the air, we thought it a great time to spotlight our premier bass absorber, SpringTrap™.

Bass sounds invariable end up causing standing wave resonance in all rooms. These resonances lead to poor bass clarity, peaks at some frequencies, dips at others, and inconsistent bass character Dimension4 - back panelthroughout the room. The peaks and dips are all heard in the middle of the room, but standing waves result in strong sound pressures at the corners. Pressure-sensitive devices like the SpringTrap can effectively damp these standing waves, leaving the room with cleaner, tighter bass.

The Dimension4 SpringTrap™ from MSR, Inc. is the reference standard for bass absorbers in the audio industry. SpringTrap outperforms solutions constructed of foam or fiberglass because it effectively absorbs bass standing waves from 100 Hz all the way down to 30 Hz.

SpringTrap is a triangular enclosure that is placed in the corner of a room. Behind the front grille cspringtrap cutawayloth is a large, rigid diaphragm panel, suspended on six precision springs and sealed with a rubber gasket like a woofer. Inside the enclosure are three cavities, each ported and tuned to the right frequencies to absorb the full range of low bass sounds. The absorption process is, in fact, a combination of cavity resonator effects and the conversion of acoustic energy into heat through fluid friction as the air particles move through the cabinet's internal ports.   

The graph below shows the absorption performance of two SpringTraps in a 1,000 ft3 room. Notice that up to 25 dB of bass standing wave energy is eliminated. We recommend for rooms up to 150 ft2 use one SpringTrap, for rooms 150 ft2 to 250 ft2 use two SpringTraps, for rooms 250 to 400 ft2 use four SpringTraps.

SpringTrap graph

MSR's SpringTrap is ideal for private screening rooms, home theaters, music listening rooms, media rooms, and gaming rooms. One or two SpringTraps in the corners of a room provide outstanding bass clarity and consistency for individuals seeking a cost-effective and high-performance solution to the problems of bass standing waves.  

SpringTrap has received the Mix Magazine "Certified Hit" award.


For more info on SpringTrap and other MSR products and solutions, visit our website  to download data and spec sheets.   

MSR at CEDIA Regional in Mexico   

In March, we attended the 9th annual CEDIA Regional in Mexico. The show was held in Guanajuato, a beautiful Mexican colonial city located about 300 miles north of Mexico City. Out and about in Guanajuato, one could see lots of historical ruins, famous haciendas, as well as historic spots from the wars for independence - a fascinating destination for a trade show!Cedia Mexico 2011


The conference itself was held at the Hotel Mision Guanjuato, and our distributor partner, Mavida, had a prominent booth on the trade show floor. The booth was nicely laid out and allowed attendees to examine MSR products up close, and ask questions of their knowledgeable and supportive staff.

 Cedia Mexico

MSR's sales manager, Ben Goldman, gave a presentation on "Introduction to Acoustics: Common Problems and Solutions" which was very well attended. "I'm continually impressed by the genuine enthusiasm and professionalism of the Mexico CEDIA membership," said Ben. "I enjoy being part of it. It's great to watch this group grow and mature."  

Malvicino Group Chooses ZSound™

The Malvicino Design Group in New York City recently installed MSR's ZSound™ diffusers in the TEC Monterrey studios. According to managing director Horacio Malvicino, "The diffusers work absolutely great, I love them! The studio sounds incredible, there is so much "air" and after a quick drum recording session, the client fell in love with the acoustics."

TEC Monterrey 1 TEC Monterrey 2  

To see more pro audio installations, check out our website portfolio


Avid's DigiDesign Studio ZSound™ System

DigiDesign recently installed MSR's ZSound™ Trio system for the new state-of-the-art Avid ICON D-Control studio in their Los Angeles showroom. ICON D-Control provides access to the industry's largest collection of plug-in effects, with easy ways to instantly transform the sound of the console. Congratulations to John Connelly at DigiDesign for choosing premier MSR products!

 DigiDesign 2      DigiDesign 1  

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Malvacino Group Chooses ZSound
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Special Offer: 5.1 Audio Toolkit
Making the Case for Thicker Acoustical Treatments
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Special Offer - 5.1 Audio Toolkit - All the Test Signals You'll Ever Need for 5.1 Channel Calibration!

5.1 ToolkitA few years ago we produced an award-winning 5.1 Audio Toolkit on DVD. With the widespread adoption of surround formats for audio, we felt there was a need for a method to distribute test signals to all of the surround channels.  


This Toolkit is a technical solution to the universal problem of precisely routing signals to all channels in a surround system. 90+ test signals and multichannel tracks are laid out in a logical progression for quick calibration and debugging of 5.1 channel systems, including Surround EX. A tutorial provides specific info on use of the signals for system analysis and calibration.

A must-have for every calibration and integration professional, the Toolkit has been positively reviewed in Mix, Stereophile and many other publications. Regular price on the Toolkit is $99, but if you order by April 30, 2011, you can own this must-have DVD - which also includes our comprehensive Calibration Guide - for only $69, a 30% savings off the retail price. To order, call or email us.

Anthony Grimani to Teach at CEDIA University in Colombia

Se´┐Żor Grimani will be conducting a CEDIA University course on the basics of acoustics in Bogota, Colombia May 6-7, 2011. For more information, visit CEDIA University online. 


Don't Spread It Too Thin: Making the Case for Using Thicker Acoustical Wall Treatments

By Anthony Grimani


Home theater acoustical treatments need to be at least two inches thick, and preferably four inches thick for decent audio quality. Why? Because one-inch materials only treat sounds down to 1 kHz. Everything down below that is freely bouncing around the walls of the room.


For proper audio imaging and articulation, you need to control sound reflections down to at least 500 Hz, and preferably down to 250 Hz. Remember that the Middle A on a piano keyboard is 440 Hz, and you want to go down to that, at least.


Just as bad, however, is creating an acoustically "dead" room. It is convenient to go in with one of the franchised stretched fabric wall systems to cover up all of the walls in a theater. They are simple, quick, clean, cost-predictable, but very wrong.    

Read more - full article published in Residential Systems Magazine

Our SympathiesGary Altunian

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Gary Altunian, a smart, generous, kind and compassionate man. Gone too soon. 

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