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As we kick into gear this year, we want to thank all of the brave souls who endured the huge queues and massive crowds we know and love as CES to visit our partner booths and meet with us along the way. You can read our post-show brief below, and please feel free to contact Ben or Anthony if you have any questions or want to talk further. We look forward to connecting with you!


Happy New Year,

from the team at MSR

MSR Goes Down Under with Wavetrain   

 Wavetrain logo

We're pleased to introduce Wavetrain, our new distributor in Australia. Wavetrain Distribution is an audio/video distribution company specializing in dedicated cinemas and related products. In 2005, they were named Triad Speakers' International Distributor of the year and they now manufacture their own range of specialist acoustic treatments, cinema chairs, décor and lighting. Their success comes from close relationships with the best custom install companies in Australia.  


David Moseley, Director of Wavetrain Distribution, has over seven years of experience in Architecture and is one of only a few people in Australia who is THX® and ISF® certified to professionally calibrate A/V systems.    


"Anthony Grimani trained me when he was involved in the THX program about 15 years ago," comments Moseley. "In Australia, I now lecture in Acoustics and offer Cinema Design Services to dealers nationwide. When it came to designing his acoustical products, Anthony started from scratch and developed a unique range of solutions that take the confusion out of cinema design while offering superior performance. We are extremely proud to be the Australian distributor of MSR products and to be associated with a legend in the industry."


"I have known and worked with David for several years. His keen sense of audio technology design and business relationships will be great assets in the proliferation of MSR products in Australia," enthuses Anthony Grimani.


For more on Dimension4 products, visit our website to download data and spec sheets. You can also find Wavetrain online at: 

MSR Expands Into Singapore  with Clarity 

We're pleased to introduce Clarity® as our new distributor in Singapore. Long recognized as a premier specialty AV company in Asia, Clarity has been one of the top distributors of Harman specialty products for many years, including such brands as Mark Levinson, Revel, Lexicon and JBL Synthesis.  

 Clarity in Singapore

As well as distributing MSR's full range of acoustical tuning systems, Clarity will be installing MSR products in their showroom at The Adelphi, a famous audio mall in Singapore.


"We are excited to bring Clarity on board as our Singapore distributor, and I'm particularly delighted to see how things come back around over the years. Twenty years ago I worked with Patrick and Elsie Ong and met their eight year old son, Soon. Two decades later, Soon has taken over the family business and the torch has been passed. I'm very excited to be working with the new generation of Clarity."


You can find Clarity online at:  


Also this quarter, we expect to announce new distribution partners in Vietnam, Thailand and the Dominican Republic. World domination, anyone?!


Post CES Wrap-up

Now that the dust has settled on another mind-boggling (in so many ways) CES Expo, we want to share some descriptions and photos from our partner booths. In all cases we were excited by their commitment to produce an outstanding demo and to ensure that the rooms were acoustically tuned for the best possible results. Many thanks to all the folks at Constellation Audio, BAlabo, and Auraliti for allowing us to support their efforts at this show.

Constellation Audio Demo Room

This demo featured Constellation Audio at CES 2011extended and dynamic bass capabilities. The pair of Dimension4™ SpringTraps placed in the corners behind the speakers are taming the otherwise strong bass standing waves. Dimension4 Concerto absorbers, diffusers, and bazorbers strategically located around the room are damping the echoes while providing openness to the soundstage. Witnessing the before-and-after differences from the tuning system, everyone in the room was impressed with the results. Click here for more photos 

BAlabo Demo Room

BAlabo placed four SpringTraps behind the Tidal Sunray speakers to control the bass standing have resonance of the room.  We added an assortment of Dimension4 Symphony, Concerto, and Sonata panels to tame the long reflection decay of this large room, while enhancing the lateral spaciousness of the soundfield. This helped the musical stage sound both intimate and open, with good articulation and smooth frequency balance. We made more happy friends at BAlabo. Click here to see photos   

Auraliti Demo Room at T.H.E. Show

At T.H.E. Show (running concurrently with CES), we also supported Auraliti's demo room. An assortment of Dimension4 Symphony, Concerto, and Sonata helped make this very small room sound a whole lot more open and clear. We started with a parallel walled room with strong flutter echoes and a super skinny soundstage. After some tuning of the acoustical panels, the speaker locations, and the seating location, we got an unbelievably huge sound stage and a very smooth response. FFT measurements of the room with spatial averaging showed a controlled response without too much effort. Visitors all noticed how much the tuning modules helped, and how cool they looked.  Click here for more photos   

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MSR In the News   

After attending our press conference at CES, respected CE industry veteran Ted Green published an article on "The Key Elements in Systems Installation You Haven't Paid Enough Attention To."  

Green states "... the one key element in system performance that is generally overlooked by many integrators is room acoustics tuning. And perhaps the main reason that this situation exists is because many integrators find acoustical tuning so complicated that it is beyond their scope or ability. MSR Acoustics is out to change that... making acoustical tuning almost as simple as ordering Chinese take-out..."   CLICK HERE to read more!  

MSR Outfits Boys & Girls Club  

Following up on this story in our last eNews, we received a photo from the Ranier Vista Boys & Girls Club in Seattle, Washington - we love seeing happy faces!  

Ranier B G club 

Our World and Then Some 

Our place in the world is defined less by "what" we see than by "how" we see - would you agree?

If the water was a tad dingier, we might actually believe we were in Venice, Italy - but alas, it's just the Vegas version! Two of our partner demos at CES were at the Venetian Hotel (pictured here). 

Venetian hotel And who knew Vegas had such beautiful sunsets!

Vegas sunset  

Photos by Anthony Grimani

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