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As the calendar page turns to December, we're feeling the weather change dramatically - would you believe we hit the coldest temperature (for a single day) in 100 years here in Marin County, California? It's true, 29 degrees farenheit, brrrr!

Weather notwithstanding, we have a lot of projects in the works, and plans to connect with our partners and colleagues at the fast-approaching CES show in January. Read on for more info on these and other developments as we get close to starting an exciting new year.

We now have active pages on Facebook and Twitter, so please click the links to the right and have a look at what we're up to. On our website, you'll also find links to helpful articles, white papers, and how-to's, all meant to educate and inspire everyone from the most sophisticated installer and dealer, to the eager enthusiast. If there's anything you want to know more about, there are several ways you can now connect with us - we want to hear from you!

Happy Holidays,
from the team at MSR

Vamos a Mexico
We're pleased to introduce Mavida, our new distributor in Mexico. The company's founders, Raul and Enrique Granados, have been in the integration business for many years and have extensive contacts and Mavida logoinfluence in the region which will help develop business for MSR products and solutions.

"We're excited to be working with Mavida because they're a dynamic and creative company, and they understand the intrinsic value of acoustical tuning," commented Anthony Grimani. "Mexico is a highly relevant market today because it has reached a level of sophistication and demand for high-end listening and entertainment spaces. It has become increasingly important in this market to deliver a superlative experience and with Mavida, we are perfectly poised to support this development and demand."

Mavida will carry a complete range of MSR's  Dimension4 products, including Symphony, Sonata, and Melody systems. They will also be providing their clients with training and educational resources to further expand their extensive knowledge base.

For more on Dimension4 products, visit our website to download data and spec sheets.

MSR at CES in January 2011
With more than four decades of success, the International CES reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive. The International CES is produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the consumer technology industry. The CES show runs January 6-9, 2011 across a variety of venues in Las Vegas. 

MSR is partnering with two high-end product distributors:
  • Sensus is in room #29-126 at the Venetian Hotel - also featured in this suite are electronics by Constellation Audio and Tidal Sunray speakers
  • BAlabo (Bridge Audio Laboratories) is in the Prima Suite #35-310 at the Venetian Hotel - also featured in this suite are Argentos cables and Tidal Sunray speakers
Both companies will feature high-end demos equipped with MSR Acoustics products and tuning systems. We studied the spaces and created an engineered layout to best support the equipment. Our collective goal is to ensure that these rooms are properly tuned for the best presentation, and to overcome the randomness of what the equipment might do in this kind of venue.

We'll be available throughout the show to meet you in these suites and answer any questions you may have.

We're also scheduling dealer and distributor meetings on Friday, January 7th at the Venetian, so please contact Ben Goldman by email - or by phone at (415) 883-8053 -  if you'd like to connect with us at the show.

MSR Delivers in France
Getting letters like this one from a customer in Paris, France makes our day! Kudos to Dmitry Valdin at Transparent Acoustic, one of our MSR dealers in Europe.   

Dear Dmitry,
Spring traps France
We got the traps last Monday at the airport ...  I have a good news:  they work!!! The improvement is big. Concerning my room, you know I have several Auralex foams and Schroeder boxes, but the MSR Spring Traps go further and I appreciate a lot the improvement they bring to the listening ... the low end is more definite and tighter (nice double-bass in jazz), there is more space in general and more detail (it's logical because there is no boomy effect anymore), and at last everything is more natural.

So it turns out I made the right choice, thanks to the English professional magazine I read. Well done MSR!

~FL in France

For more MSR testimonials and pro-audio profiles, please visit our website.

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New MSR Distributor in Mexico
MSR at CES in January
MSR Delivers in France
MSR in Costa Rica
MSR Outfits Boys & Girls Club
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MSR Supplies ZSound Diffusers for Costa Rica Recording Studio

Malvicino Design Group in New York recently designed and installed a recording studio for Green Road Studios in Costa Rica. Malvacino ordered 15 of our ZSound diffusers to create a world-class sound Green Studios Costa Ricacharacter in an intimate space. The ZSound diffusers help expand the soundfield of the small control room, making it feel like a much larger space.

MSR Outfits Boys & Girls Club
Earlier this year, MSR was thrilled to be involved with upgrades for the Ranier Vista Boys & Girls Club, a community hub for teens in Seattle, Washington.

Along with sports and educational facilities, the club has sound recording studios and practice rooms. MSR supplied acoustical control systems including  a complete set of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps to turn the rooms into professional grade facilities.

"The club members can now experiment with their musical creativity and produce great-sounding recordings," said Rachel Doxtater, Communications & Public Relations Director of the club.

CI Expo
MSR recently participated in the CI Expo in Berkeley, California. Pictured below, Ben Goldman evangelizes ... and Anthony Grimani wins a pink TV from NuVision through a fundraiser raffle for breast cancer treatment.

Ben G at CI Expo nov2011

Tony with pink tv

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