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PMI Designs Listening Rooms for Magnolia Design Centers
Grimani Conducts Workshops at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta
Grimani in South America: Step Outside the Box
Luxury Spaces
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PMI Designs Listening Rooms for Magnolia Design Centers
Magnolia has contracted PMI Ltd. to design listening rooms at four of its northern California design centers (San Francisco, San Carlos, Roseville, Mission Valley).
Located inside Best Buy® stores, these four Magnolia Design Centers will feature premier-quality stations with four listening axes to deliver optimal sound performance from any location or direction in the room.
Listening room design for Magnolia in Mission Valley

Using their extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the engineering of high quality listening rooms, our PMI team has designed and specified acoustical tuning systems to suit each room's size and needs. The systems are supplied by MSR Acoustics, using a combination of Sonata and Symphony modules from their new Dimension4™ line.

Roseville and San Carlos locations will be open to the public beginning September 23rd; San Francisco and Mission Valley locations will open October 21st. For more information, visit Magnolia online.
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Message from Anthony Grimani

As we start inching into fall (which is much less dramatic here in Northern California than other places around the globe), we're ramping up our communications to customers, dealers, friends and neighbors to share some exciting developments and stories about the technologies, products, systems, and spaces we're creating. In addition to this monthly news brief, we now have active pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so please click the links to the left and have a peek at what we're up to.

On our website, you'll also find links to helpful articles, white papers, and how-to's, all meant to educate and inspire everyone from the most sophisticated installer and dealer, to the eager enthusiast. If there's anything in particular you want to know more about, there are several ways now that you can connect with us - comment on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel, send us a Tweet or email, or even an old fashioned phone call! We do want to hear from you - we want our shared experience to be interactive, interesting, maybe even provocative, and always helpful.
Anthony Grimani Conducts CEDIA Workshops at September Expo

CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) produces the industry's foremost event for residential AV specialists. The CEDIA Expo runs September 22-26, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you're looking for high-value educational opportunities, Anthony Grimani will be sharing his extensive expertise in the following CEDIA Expo workshops:

Intensive Home Theater Acoustics
Wednesday, September 22 @ 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (room B216)
This full-day workshop is the most comprehensive home theater acoustics course in the industry. It will cover the basic theory and carry through to the full acoustic design process. Attendees will receive the 5.1 Audio Toolkit test and calibration DVD, and an advance copy of the book on home theater audio calibration written by Anthony. Read more at CEDIA online.

Advanced Home Theater Design Lab
Thursday, September 23 @ 1:00 - 5:00 pm (room B302)
This course provides info about room layout and dimensioning, including placement of seats, audio and video equipment selection, positioning of equipment (screen, loudspeakers, subwoofers) and acoustical treatments. Participants are expected to already have substantial requisite knowledge of home theater design. Read more at CEDIA online.

Home Theater Acoustical Treatments
Friday, September 24 @ 1:00 - 4:00 pm (room B301)
Attendees will discover how to identify and tame sound reflections through the use of absorbers, diffusers, bass traps, and other specialty devices. Learn how to tweak a room and maximize the prime listening zone through proper use of acoustical treatments and tuning systems. Read more at CEDIA online.
Grimani Encourages South American Dealers to Step Outside the "Box"

In July, Anthony traveled to Brazil and Argentina, conducting workshops for CEDIA on all aspects of designing and engineering high-end home theaters. The South American audiences were interested and inspired by the information presented because it helped them see beyond the scope of just selling "boxes."

It's an all too familiar story we hear, where installers are so focused on selling the gear, they don't see how much more value they could be offering if they were to position themselves as being able to deliver the complete experience. Homeowners today are looking for lifestyle value, not just a stack of electronic equipment. They want some style to the room they're turning into a home cinema or media space; they want it to look great and deliver the entertainment experience they've dreamed about, and they want the ease of push-button programming and use. This was exciting for attendees to hear about, and they seemed eager to start thinking outside the box (yes, pun intended).

Residential Systems magazine has published two articles by Anthony on this topic - one is "Let's Talk Money" (July 2010 issue) and the other is "Spec It First" (August 2010 issue). The take-away here is that when working with high-end environments, the media space should be in step with the quality and value of the rest of the home. As Anthony says "once you get away from talking myopically about how much each piece of equipment costs, and instead start relating the room budget to match the balance of the home's lifestyle price tag, your client will see the expense in a whole new light."

Think about it, $300k for a big screen with speakers would seem crazy expensive to pretty much anyone - on the other hand, $750k for the entire experience space would seem fully acceptable in luxury residential environments. It's definitely a shift in approach, and one that yields a win-win for installer and client.
Luxury Spaces
In this regular monthly feature, we will profile unique rooms, applications, and solutions.

Working with California homeowners who were looking to upgrade their basic AV system, PMI offered various solutions to maximize the space and performance output, while retaining the its primary purpose as a living room. PMI delivered a realistic cinema experience in a cozy, practical living room, with a system that was easy for the whole family to use and enjoy. The flexibility of the build and the discreet installation of all the equipment, combined with the superb finish and sound, created a space this California family still enjoys five years later.

"We just love watching movies, and we love sports so we wanted to spice things up. Originally all I wanted was a simple TV and one remote control. But Anthony and his company came in and showed us the next level - they showed us what the next step could be to make it really a good experience of watching a movie. People come over it's a nice cozy living room - we watch movies, kids watch their shows, it's a very flexible system. We didn't want to take out a room and just have a theater, it doubles as a normal living room and when we turn it on, the curtains close down, we relax... we push a button and it's a great experience!"  ~Homeowner

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