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Issue #9

Nappytabs, Boogiezone, Carnival Choreographers Ball, IDA Hollywood, MEDIUM Live Art, The Fashion Walk, Richard Lawson's Studios, Flos Angeles and Exactdigital.
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Jabbawoockeez Interview
One on One with Nappytabs
TIV Master Class Laura Edwards
Remembering M.J.
The Voice
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Aliya Perry
The Creator of The Industry Voice

"Life will throw you many surprises and obstacles, but stay focused and remember what you strive to achieve every morning."
-The Voice

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Contact Info:
(Website Up Now!)

Originally a NY native, I relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2008 after being signed to BLOC talent agency. I strive to take risks and be more then just another choreographer, actor or dancer. I want to be different. I want to be ME! All you have in life is this moment, this second, this NOW. So why waste it playing it safe.

I encourage every artist to embrace your inner gift and JUST LIVE. When you LIVE completely in the NOW. It is an amazing experience.

My resume includes
Producing a Haiti Benefit @ Blvd3 nightclub in Hollywood, CA, Choreographing/dancing for international pop star Armenchik @ the Nokia Theater, Choreographing/dancing for Carnival Choreographer's Ball and Boulevard 3 Nightclub in Hollywood, NYC Fashion Week, performing off Broadway with Darrin Henson, actor for THE LITTLE THEATER in NY, Freestyle for The Frontline Fashion Show in NYC (Brian Friedman's Line), Competition and Award Winning Choreography for numerous groups and studios. I have also received many awards & honors from several conventions and competitions.
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The Industry Voice now has a website. Invite your family & friends to join the mailing list for LA's hottest dance and entertainment news source. Complete website launch this Fall 2010. Stay Tuned!!!!
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This interview with the Jabbawoockeez is proof that persistence, drive and determination always pays off. I have interviewed EVERY crew that has won ABDC for The Industry Voice (TIV), except Jabawoockeez. The original crew hasn't stopped working since they received their trophy from Randy Jackson back in 2008. They have been featured in several music videos, motion pictures, have gained numerous endorsements and now have made history in Vegas with their sold out smash "MUS.I.C."


1. How did the Vegas opportunity fall into your laps?
"We got an opportunity to do a private performance for the MGM/Mirage executive a few months back. I guess they enjoyed it and felt that there
was a place for us in Vegas."

2. Who was behind the creation of the Vegas show?
"We, as a collective, conceptualized and choreographed the show. We called it MUS.I.C, because music is what inspires us and our mission is to inspire the world through music and movement. We definitely got a lot of help through the direction of Nappytabs (Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo) as well."

3. How does it feel to be the first hip hop crew to headline in Vegas?
"Being able to bring hip hop into the bright lights of Vegas is truly an awesome feeling. We were just a "garage" crew doing what we loved
to do, and we always talked about being in Vegas one day. The fact that we are now living out what we only dreamed of back then is a blessing."

4. What are your future goals as a group?
"We definitely are focusing on building and growing our show. On top of that, we will be releasing an album of our original music produced by The Bangerz. We also have a clothing line called "Wockz"."

5. How has ABDC effected your dance career?
"ABDC was definitely the launching pad for our career. Typically, dancers have always been background support to a recording artist, but it's awesome to know that now we are the artists. That's a great feeling."

6. What inspirational words can you give to aspiring dancers, who are underdogs now, but are very driven?
"In short, keep going. We're living proof that dreams really do come true when you work hard and stay humble."


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Every time I look Tabitha & Napoleon are working on a new project. They are the hardest working duo in the industry. So I decided to catch up with Nap & Tab to see exactly what they
 have been up to.

1. On top of the Jabbawockeez Vegas show, have you also been working with Cirque?
"Yes, we just finished working with the cast of the Cirque de Soleil Elvis show for their performance on SYTYCD. Additionally, we recently choreographed the cast of Beatles Love for a performance they just did on the NHL awards (Yes, a hockey awards show!)."

2. Nappytabs is a hit on SYTYCD and has become a great asset. Are you having fun with Season 7? Any ideas for this NEW & VERSATILE cast?
"We are thoroughly enjoying the all stars mixed with the contestants. It's a great change, and it has been one of the most fun seasons we've had.

3. How was your experience on Fox 5 news? What was it for?
"We were being interviewed on Fox 5 news Las Vegas promoting the second run of the Jabbawockeez show at the MGM Las Vegas. The experience was great. It was cool being on TV back in our home town."

4. Dance Day is July 31st, 2010? How do you feel about making your love for dance a national holiday? Do you have any plans for dance day? 
"I think Dance Day is great. It is an opportunity to bring dance into the homes and lives of people everywhere.  Dance is for everyone. The enjoyment of dance in contagious and everyone could use a little dance in their life, so we fully support Dance Day. To acknowledge the holiday, we are participating in the Dizzyfeet foundation event that will be held here in Los Angeles. We also have a dance that is posted on youtube, and that is the dance we will be doing."

5. How exactly were you involved with Xbox?
"We worked on the creative team of Cirque de Soleil who produced the show for the release of the new Xbox technology."

@ The Nappytabs
Studio & Clothing Store

North Hollywood, CA
carey yasis

EPISODE 1: Laura Edwards

The Industry Voice now presents the Master Class Series: "Where Every Artist Can Be Heard Through Movement." Supplying dancers with classes has been a goal of mine for a few months now and on June 26th, 2010 it finally became a reality. Choreographers, Tabitha & Napoleon, kindly offered to host the event at their brand new Nappytabs Studio & Clothing Store. It is located right across the street from Millennium Dance Complex.

When I was designing Episode 1 of the series, I knew I wanted Laura Edwards to teach the first class. She has such a kind heart, great work ethic and her choreography is ALWAYS killer.

18 dancers registered for the master class and each dancer received 10% off any merchandise in the Nappytabs showroom. Dancers of all ages had an fabulous time learning Laura's choreography to a remix of DJ Khaled's "I'm So Hood".

Watch the combination now on my channel and be sure to visit the Nappytabs Studio & Clothing store.

Thank you very much to Tabitha, Napoleon, Cyndi and the entire Nappytabs family. Your support means the world to me.

carey yasis
1. Napoleon is addicted to running the canyon, doing insanity and P90X, and Tab enjoys observing from the couch
2. Napoleons' favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey while Tab likes Ben and Jerry's Half Baked
3. Napoleon is one of 3 children and Tab is an only child
4. We hate flying without each other
5. Napoleon brushes his teeth excessively, about 10 times or more a day!
6. If eating was an Olympic sport, Napoleon would be Americas Gold Medalist, while Tab is the poster child for feeding the poor.
7. We love camping, going to the movies and skiing.
8. Tab says, Napoleon can't eat without getting it on his shirt.
9. Tab has a really ugly pinky toe nail and Napoleon has hammer toes.
10. Tab is obsessed with being on time, but Napoleon hates getting anywhere early.
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"There is a temporary homepage up right now, but stay tuned for the complete website launch Fall 2010!"

carey yasis
"The master class was a great success. 18 dancer learned Laura's choreography and loved every moment of it."

carey yasis
"I felt so honored when Carey asked me to do another piece for the show. I know my style is different and he values my uniqueness. Thank You so much Carey & Paulette.
My May Carnival piece now on Youtube.


carey yasis
"Thank you so much to everyone
for supporting TIV.

carey yasis 
Follow today @
carey yasis
"I traveled to Japan and choreographed a huge show called "Precious Land" in Tokyo. Also my choreography won "Video of the Year" at The BET Awards for "Video Phone" by Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga." -PHLEX

"Yes, I have a win! I was hired as the choreographer for a new rap-duo named SOLE FRESH. They are signed under Chubby Boy Music (Mannie Fresh). I choreographed and danced for their Six Flags Grad Night performances, school performances, and their music video for their single "She Don't Wanna." :) Check out my FB photo album: The Adventures of the Overweight Babies. :)"
-Shannon Sdot Berry

next month at The Music Box
carey yasis
The fabulous Erica Sobol presents
"Blinkldream" with her dance company CollidEdance on August 19th, 2010

 This show will be out of this world. Watch my favorite piece from last years show on youtube. It's called SOB.

For more information visit
Blink/dream facebook site.
carey yasis
The Jabbawoockeez were granted another run in Vegas for their smash show, "MUS.I.C."
August 19th - 25th, 2010
@ The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

carey yasis
Dejan Tubic gained 4 million views on and was featured on the Fox 5 News on June 24th, 2010

carey yasis
Debby Reynold's Studio randomly picks 3 -4 classes a month, where dancers can take class for FREE,
but you must ask for a
GOLDEN TICKET at the front desk. :)

Brand New Show called "BEYOND" @ The EL Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.
 For tickets call 866 811 4111.
ABC 7 News Covers BEYOND

carey yasis
Xclusive Dance Studio
was June 26th, 2010
Owned by Ginger Gauldbaum
BLOC Talent

Do you need a great tan, but have no money to go to the salon?

Tawnya Ahlgren
Tanning Specialist/Dancer

Hypoallergenic Spray Tan
Rates as low as $35 a person
$25 per for groups of 3 or more
Only 20 Minutes
AND she will come to you!

For more information
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Thank you so much for checking out The Industry Voice Newsletter: "Where Every Artist Can Be Heard". From the newbies, to the up and coming, to the celebrities: the Industry Voice doesn't discriminate. As artists, we each strive to spread a voice through a creative outlet and it's informative to know what our peers and idols are up to. The Industry Voice is certainly one of a kind and I will consistently strive to make each issue better then the last.

There is always so much going on in the Industry, so I have decided to share each month my experiences, research and more through an informative newsletter. I make it my goal to update you on the latest events, people or places your should get to know, my own personals wins, upcoming events and more.

My goal is to create a home for artistic minds to flourish and to continue networking as an artist. We have to remember that we are all hustling in this crazy industry together.

There are several goodies in this issue. The Jabbawookeez talk about their Vegas show "MUS.I.C", The Industry Voice (TIV) hosted it's first master class at Nappytabs Studio & Clothing Store with Laura Edwards, dancers talk about the King of Pop, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tabitha & Napoleon and more.

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-Aliya Perry

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Remembering The King of Pop
Michael Jackson
carey yasisOn June 25th, 2009, the dance & entertainment industry lost an icon, a legend and a mentor. There will never be another Michael Jackson or "King of Pop." He taught every artist to spread their voice, make a difference and never quit!

This article is not about dwelling over his death, but to applaud how his timeless teachings and hard work ethic will live on forever.

Micheal's work has effected the lives of almost everyone. I can honestly say that most individuals know exactly where they were when The King of Pop died a year ago. I myself was in target and I received a text from a friend about his death. Then I reacted LOUDLY and several people on the line became involved. Next thing you know 12 -13 strangers became united to search for the truth about their beloved Michael. In the end, the man with the flashy iphone confirmed that a coveted Jackson had passed away. What other human being do you know could unite several strangers at Target like that?

He was a legend and has always been a love of mine. I drove my mother crazy growing up watching the movie "Moonwalker", where Michael was searching for the kidnapped character, Annie and asked if she was OK in the 1920's lounge to "Smooth Criminal" or when he turned into a robot fighting the evil bad guy, Joe Pesci. If you have never seen the movie or you have never heard of it, (which makes me feel really old by the way..haha!) then you need too! You can either rent it or watch it for free on youtube. He always amazed me and when I find myself falling victim to the evil laziness bug or lack of motivation, I remember his drive, passion and creativity and I realize that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Read what several artists had to say when asked:
How did Michael Jackson effect you as an artist?

"Michael Jackson is the definition of ARTISTRY!... he has to this day opened many opportunities for me to express myself and become the artist I yearn to be! His creativity and motivation pushes me to do the best I can and not to except NO as an answer!.. He's such a bless to us all!!!!.... THE WORLD OWES HIM for the life he has given us!!!...RIP MICHAEL. WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! " -Alan PHLEX Kirk

"MJ was and still is my inspiration to be different, creative and fearless!" -CJ Edwards "Heavy Impact"

"One of my first performances was a Michael Jackson choreography. When I think of him I remember that he is one of the reasons I have passion for dancing and performing in general. He is an inspiration to keep fighting for my dreams and performing with my heart. I will never forget his hard work and intense talent. R.I.P. Michael!"
-Josh De La Vega (from Afroborike - ABDC)

"To Me Michael Jackson was much more than an artist, so its hard for me to just categorize him in my life as just that, an "artist", to me he was a Musical Hero, he was, My Hero. Growing up i knew of two types of music genres, Gospel and M.J. (Michael Jackson). LOL, I truly lived through his songs, he captured something inside me, no other artist did and that was Magical escapism. Other artist may have lead me away with a nice melody or even a great voice, but Michael took me away to his world, with his music and short films, he made me believe. There aren't enough words in the human language honestly to describe just how much he touched my life through his artistry.  The biggest and best influence in my entertainment career was M.J. Period. I will never forget the day I attended Michael Jackson's birthday party in LA at the Orpheum Theater In 2003. That day changed my life forever. Just hearing him speak about making a difference in the world, helping others, celebrating our lives with love for another and true compassion for one another, just showed me Michael was more than an artist, he was loved. It's still so loving to see that we hear his message of help and we don't even worry about his birthday celebration. So you ask "What did M.J. mean to me as an artist?" He was a Teacher, an Inspiration, a true Humanitarian, but more than anything, Michael Jackson was my Hero. R.I.M.H (Rest In Musical Heaven)
-Joelle Klassick

"I love the different style of dance that he used but still putting Michael into his performance. I believe everyone would agree that there will never be another artist that can surpass Michael Jackson. His craft means a lot to me and to millions of people around the globe. We should all pay tribute to this legendary man for his contribution to the world through his brilliant music, extraordinary dance and unparalleled performance. He was, he is and he will always be the best. Salute to THE KING OF POP!"
- Lance Fajardo Ramirez

"Michael Jackson was honestly one of my biggest inspirations. I remember getting up at 6am, when I was 5 years old, to learn the dance moves from his videos. Aside what everyone accused him of Michael was an amazing human being that cared so much and gave back. I remember exactly where I was when my heart dropped when I was told of his death. Often imitated but never duplicated. Michael is the definition of one of a kind :)"
-Jessica Martinez

"Michael Jackson is the epitome of practice makes PERFECT; and I LITERALLY mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T when it comes to MJ! Ever since I was younger, I was drawn to his music and MUSIC VIDEOS! It's funny because kids now don't really know who he his, but when I was younger I felt like my mama!!! She grew up with him. Michael is the best and there will NEVER be ANYONE who will EVER touch his greatness. As a performer and dancer, I look to him and strive to be HALF of what he was as a performer. And in my doing that, I feel accomplished"
-Shannon Sdot Berry

"He was amazing to me. He taught me to love the world i walk on" -Nicollete Edmund

"I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . ."
-Man in The Mirror (Michel Jackson)

Nigel Lythgoe, from So You Think You Can Dance, has challenged the nation to celebrate, embrace, commit and explore the art of dance all on the SAME DAY. National dance day is now officially July 31st. Why shouldn't we have a day to celebrate our passion? Why shouldn't we have a day to just get off the couch and move? Why shouldn't we have a day to feel good and dance next to a stranger? Dance day is for everyone, not just professional dancers. So celebrate your holiday in style:)

All over youtube people have already started preparing for national dance day.


Learn Tabitha & Napoleon's combination on Youtube

To find out more about National Dance Day on the SYTYCD facebook site.
The Other Duck
Fashion Company
cheryl kooTHE OTHER DUCK
Created By Cheryl Koo
Dancer, Choreographer and Fashion Designer

Do you remember the old bedtime story, The Ugly Duckling? It was a story about a duck who attempted to be like everyone else, but just never was. Then one day the duck realized he wasn't an ugly duckling at all, he was a beautiful swan.

Cheryl Koo, a dancer, choreographer and fashion designer decided to take this powerful message from the classic nursery rhyme "The Ugly Duckling" and let it manifest through her very own fashion line. Cheryl is driven, talented and full of creativity. She knows what she wants out of life and its seems like she is doing a fine job at getting it. Her focus and determination is truly inspirational and you can't help, but to catch the "I have a dream" bug.

The Other Duck clothing line is fun, creative, vibrant, funky and universal. Dancers: How many fashion lines do you know, where you can rock out the clothes with a colorful pair a jeans and spread a positive message at the same time?

Cheryl is a visionary who thinks outside the box and understands the true heart of a dancer and future fashionistas.

"I'm all for spreading knowledge through messages and I chose to do it through fashion, which is what I love to do. I feel like everyone has that potential to become a swan, but it's up to YOU to reach that potential in whatever field you choose. Not everyone will reach it, because some people will end up stopping themselves or let someone else stop them. If you don't let other people's words and actions get to you.... that is a lesson in life. If your able to just be and continue doing what you do, you are going to be recognized for it whether you want to or not." -Cheryl Koo

On June 29th, 2010, I met up with Cheryl at The Other Duck office in downtown LA for an interview. Two days before website launch party @ Level 3.

1. When was "The Other Duck" started?
"The line was created November 2006 as "The Ugly Duckling". My friend Lizzy Richardson offered me an opportunity to put together a fashion show in 3 weeks for her friend, Stacey Kuramoto's dance event, "Project Hip Hop". I told the "Ugly Duckling" story through a high concept fashion line and it was received so well, that I began doing more fashion shows in Hollywood, CA. In February 2007, I collaborated with (choreographer) Shaun (Evaristo) and we were brainstorming on how to keep the moral of "The Ugly Duckling" story with my vision. He helped change the fashion name to "The Other Duck". It is still the same story and concept...but just a more creative name!"

2. Since the success of The Other Duck, do you still consider yourself a dancer? You are an "Essence" dancer with Gigi Torres right?
"I'm a dancer for life. Music is my fuel and inspiration. It runs through my blood. As long as I dance, it will always be a highlight, but what i LOVE LOVE LOVE is performing..whether its dancing on stage, or directing my own fashion show. I love putting on a good show with a good message for everyone to see, feel, and hopefully remember =)"

"Yes, I am Essence dancer. Right now the company has 14 girls. When members are in town, they do performances. Unfortunately, I didn't perform with the ladies at the the May 2010 Essence website launch party, because I was in Asia. I choreograph sometimes and I teach with Essence movements occasionally."

3. Is there a tour coming up for "The Other Duck"?
"There is a FASHION TOUR in the works for September 2010! Los Angles, New York, Hong Kong & Japan. It will be super exciting!! 1st week of sept=LA, 2nd week=NYC, 3rd week=HONG KONG, final week=JAPAN. The purpose of the tour is to bring "The Other Duck" to our supporters, to infect our message, spread the word, spread the movement and bring communities together. Check out more info about the tour on!"

4. Dancers really respect "The Other Duck" fashion line, with the creative t-shirts and sweats. Do you have more ideas under your belt for the fashion line?
"THE OTHER DUCK (Sweats and tees geared for dancers.) is now available for purchase on This line allows me to fuse the dancer/music side of me.There are 2 other fashion concepts, which are not for sale yet. "THE OTHER" (high end, concept, runway.) fashion line allows me to fuse the more creative art side of me. My goal is get "The Other" into production at Barneys or Fred Segal. "THE OTHER DUCKLING" (kids line) allows me to fuse the kid in me with my vision. =) This line is still being created."

5. Where can fans keep up with The Other Duck and purchase the line?
"You can purchase The Other Duck line at
and fans can follow us on the following websites...."

"Perhaps it's not so bad to endure being an Ugly Duckling when you finally discover you were created to be a Swan."
-The Ugly Duckling Retold by Glenn A. Hascall

The Waackers
carey yasisIn December 2008, Kumari Suraj, created an eccentric crew named "The Waackers". A group of professional dancers, who strive to educate, entertain and honor their predecessors through the the art of Waacking.

Kumari Suraj, respected choreographer, dancer and educator, has done an amazing job in marketing the crew and consistently finds new and creative ways to spread their voice. They have traveled across the world, won numerous dance battles, performed for several recording artists like, Madonna and Tony Braxton and have gained hundreds of loyal fans.

Crew members include Noel Bajandas, Tony Czar, Rob Rich, Junko, Frances Nieves and plenty more. In total there 15 members. 9 women and 6 men. Watch The Waackers Perform at ABDC party

So.... what is Waacking?

Waacking is the 2nd largest street dance to come out of LA. First was locking, then waacking and then popping. It was born in gay nightclubs in the 1970's by fierce queens who knew how to "weerrrk." They would hit every disco beat with tenacity and soon waacking, also known as punking, became the next hot dance trend. Carey Yasis, founder of Carnival Choreographers Ball, was a respected punker aka wacker back in the 80's. He is found to be helpful at times for street dance knowledge, but it's legendary dancer, Dallace, who is Kumari's main source for dance information. Dallace is best known for his work in Rick James "Super Freak" video." He continues to educate the Waackers on their history, along with famous Locker and female powerhouse, Tony Basil. Waacking sparked her attention and she basically became the ambassador of street dancer. The waacking bug spread for years, but never remained consistent. It started a dance craze on Soul Train, hit the big screen with the 80's movie "Breakin" and was reborn in NY in 2003 with choreographer, Brian Green. 

Waacking has had a very unpredictable life and Kumari Saraj has decided to commit and keep the art of waacking alive for younger generations to learn from.

On July 6th, 2010, I met up with Kumari at Starbucks in North Hollywood, CA for an interview to get the real inside scoop on The Waackers.

1. When did you move out to LA and what made you start The Waackers?
"I moved out here in August 2008. Instead of trying to teach a hip hop class, like everyone else does, I thought I would be smart, be different and create an outlet for what else I do and love. There was a lack of it here. All the older originals who teach the style have either left LA  or teach outside of the city, nobody was doing anything really constructive in LA with it. It wasn't even about making it bigger...It's just.... I'm good at it ...period and I wanted to make sure to enjoy it with people that I liked.  A couple girls were doing it a little, like Hiro McRae (from ABDC's "We are Heroes"), Tiffany Bong and Donna Dlock, but nobody was really doing anything constructive with it.   It's not how it is now."

2.What does waacking mean to you?
"It is a funk/disco style started in the 70's. It's a feeling, it's exciting, it's expressive and there is a lot of character. Every dance style has a different character and waacking has a character. Right now it's female dominated, which is a FIRST for hip hop/street dance culture in general. It's empowering for women, especially cause everyone goes around in heels
murdering each other with blades of fury. It helps women bring back the true art of being a TEASE. We can be sensual, rather then sexual. There is also a definite technique behind it. Everyone's technique is different, but the basics are all the same.

"My parents are my inspiration! My dad was on Soul Train in 1972 and my mom was just that funky chick, who looked liked Farah Facet and knew how to move. I am most inspired by my mom, because she has the talent to just groove, even when there is no music playing. I grew up with disco and gospel, because of my mom, which is what made me gravitate to waacking."

3. What exactly was Tony Basil's contribution to waacking?
"Tony's contribution to hip hop culture in general is probably one of the biggest one of it's time. She found locking, waacking and popping and became very  intrigued by these dances and the people doing them. Once, she invited The Waackers over to her home and she told us the story about when she found waacking in a gay nightclub on Hollywood/Highland in the 70's. She said the men were beautiful and how she was amazed over the grandeur of it all. They were the original Waackers and after Tony discovered them, she put them on tour with Diana Ross. Tony used her connections, because at the time it was all jazz & ballet and started getting street dancers' jobs,  I've been able to sit with her and hear all of her stories, which are all amazing and it changed my perspective on a lot of things. I didn't know her well was so deep.

4. What future projects are in the works for The Waackers?
"We have been making moves for the love of dance, art and creating new inspiration for ourselves and those around us. I am hosting a dance battle in August around Labor Day Weekend at EL SID nightclub ($1000 grand prize) and I have asked original street dancers like, Tony (Basil) and Carey (Yasis), to judge the competition. We are also doing the Halloween Carnival and leaving for London in a few months."

Carnival Choreographers Ball
@ Avalon

Hollywood, CA
carey yasis
Carnival on June 29th, 2010 was a lot of fun. The line up was very creative and talented. Kumari Suraj, choreographed a number where every dancer had a unique style and TEASED the audience through every step, BeastMode Crew & friends ripped up the stage in their red pants, Dee Caspary expressed love with a Bob Marley medley, where dancers flowed effortlessly in all white outfits throughout the stage, SickStep moved their feet like adrenaline junkies and Knicole Haggins transitions where ridiculously effortless. There were a lot of entertaining numbers at Carnival, but in true TIV style there has to be a TOP 5.

5. BeatMode Crew & Friends
4. Kumari Suraj
3. Knicole Hagginns
2. Dee Caspary

#1. Shannon Mather
Moments before Shannon Mather's piece hit the stage, Carey had announced to the audience that he hadn't even seen it yet. He was taking the word of an MSA agent, who swore to Carey that he and the crowd would not be disappointed. Well the agent was right and the audience was not only very impressed, but also AMAZED. The duet between Scott Myrick & Ashley Gonzales was electrifying, passionate and EXTREMELY professional. It felt like I was watching SYTYCD live. Their movements were just beautiful and there was one moment when Ashley arched into a back bend, while Scott was holding her in the air. She did it like it was the easiest thing in the world and the audience became VERY excited.

When I researched Shannon on Youtube I came across numerous videos and it turns out she is a competition choreography guru. Watch a great trio now on youtube
June Highlights
During the month of June I  was fighting the flu for weeks. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend as many events as I usually do, which is why I issued you more goodies this month with The Jabbawoockeez & Nappytabs.

One event that I did attend on June 25th, 2010 was MEDIUM's "Gritty".
It was located in downtown LA in a funky warehouse.
MED JUNETo every loyal reader I'm sure you are well aware of my love for MEDIUM LIVE ART. It's just a chill, down to earth, artistic night full of dance, art, poetry and more. I completely agree with their slogan: "Art The Way It Should Be.

On June 25th, 2010 I attended MEDIUM's "Gritty" event with my friend Jon Paul. It was Jon's first MEDIUM, so I decided to have him share HIS experience on the creative night.

"Walking into MEDIUM presents... GRITTY, I did not know what to expect. Making my way to the performance space, we were greeted by displays from some incredible artists. I was particularly drawn to the work of Patty Kelly, who put a bright and humorously clever take on pop art.
The intimate space allowed everyone there to have a close view of the evening's acts. The trio from, the Nuevo School of Contemporary Dance, performed a heartfelt number that was amazingly mature for such young dancers, the Waackers amped it up with a high energy routine and the men of ABDC's Heavy Impact showed great versatility, incorporating both smoothness and hard-hitting choreography into their performance.

For me, the highlight of the night was the duet performed by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson. Their styles meshed perfectly, and their storytelling ability was fantastic.

Overall, the event was very enjoyable. I loved the mix of eclectic artwork and the variety of performances. I'm looking forward to the next MEDIUM event."
-Jon Paul
Guest TIV writer
Thank You so much for reading The Industry Voice newsletter: Where Every Artist Is Heard". It really warms my heart to see how many people are enjoying the newsletter. When I started it in November 2009, it was to keep in touch with friends and family and now I am keeping in touch with YOU the reader.

Enjoy your summer and don't forget to celebrate national dance day on July 31st , 2010. Much Love.

-Aliya Perry
The Voice