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Summer 2010

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Feature: Recipes That Span The Seasons
Favorites: First Impressions Molds
Fanfare: Cookie Swap News & Next Book Teaser

OK, I know, I know, I'm pushing the limits by calling this a summer newsletter, but I sincerely hope you'll cut me some slack. After all, I technically have three more days 'til fall, at least at the time of this writing!
I realize that I haven't been my normal loquacious self this summer (for reasons that I'll get to). But I hadn't realized just how quiet I'd been until a reader emailed to ask if I'd dropped her from my mailing list! (She said she loved getting my newsletters and didn't want to miss out.) While I was naturally flattered by the compliment, I was equally mortified about being so remiss. How could I have let it come to this?! 
I promise you, my paucity of words has not been for lack of news -- and certainly not for lack of caring. To the contrary, I've been up to my elbows in powdered sugar (which, to be honest, feels like quicksand most days), busily prepping a second book for you. I am very excited about the concept, and hope you will be, too. I've also designed a giveaway to get at the heart of how you decorate, so I can closely tailor the book's content to what you need. (Read below for more book and giveaway details.)
But a busy workload is really no excuse. Thank you, concerned reader, for keeping me on my toes! In this issue you'll find ideas and recipes that span the seasons, from end of summer to back-to-school, all in an effort to catch up on lost time with you!
Live life sweetly,
Feature: Recipes That Span The Seasons  
Since I'm obviously not ready to release my hold on summer (and I suspect some of you may feel the same way), I thought I'd share a couple of recipes to help bridge the hot and cold weather gap. First, a light and zesty panna cotta and, second, a rich mac 'n cheese redolent with the earthy flavors of sage, pancetta, and smoked Gouda. (Between this newsletter and last, I added a full-blown recipe section to my site. So rather than post all the recipe details here, I've just provided the appetizing images, both by Steve Adams, and quick links!)
FavoritesFirst Impressions Molds 
I happened upon this great source of molds (for marzipan, fondant, chocolate, and other candies) when working up other Badda Bling (namely cookie necklaces) for my next book. I am completely in love with the intricacy they've captured in these cameos (two in a set of nine), but that should come as no surprise, seeing as I'm the world's biggest detail freak. Check them out! (The cameos can be found under "Miscellaneous.")
 Back-to-School Bonanza

 Photo by Steve Adams 
 Even if you're not an inveterate geek like me, I think
 you'll enjoy the latest party feature on my site
 With smart ideas for invitations, favors, and more, 
 it's sure to help your next party earn an A-plus. 
 (The surprise outtakes from Cookie Swap are also
 not to be missed!)
Cookie Swap Is Still Making News . . .

While my focus has shifted to developing projects for my next book (see the teaser, below), Cookie Swap has a mind of its own; it just keeps going and going regardless of what I'm doing. It went into a fifth or sixth print run a few months ago (I've lost track), my publisher anticipates another run before the big book-buying holidays, and Food Network Canada and others continue to chat it up (see details, below). All I can say is: I'm exceedingly grateful for its endurance. I wish I had as much!
July 6 - Food Network Canada
September 1 - The News-Press 
Next Book Teaser 
Warning: What you are about to see is top secret. Read it, and my publisher will have to kill you! OK, I'm being a bit of a drama queen, but publishers are generally reluctant to reveal too much about their unpublished books, I can only assume for fear of getting scooped. But I'm more about building anticipation, so here's a sneak preview of what to expect. It's just one test shot (taken by me) of just one of what will be about 40 never-before-seen cookie art projects. Kind of a ride on the coattails of the insanely popular Hello, Cupcake! and its sequel -- just with cookies. Delicious, made-from-scratch cookies, to be exact. I'm thinking about calling this one Badda Bling! (The tiny cookies are the tops of what will be edible rings.)
 Cookie Ring Tops 
More teasers
 can be found on my Facebook fan page. 
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Buzz Me

Phew, you might say -- I won't be asking you any questions to qualify you for this quarter's Cookie Swap giveaway. No, this time, I want your questions instead! Send me your hardest, most provocative cookie decorating question (or questions) no later than October 15th, and the 15th person to submit will receive a signed Cookie Swap to be sent anywhere s/he likes.  
I'll be using your input to structure a FAQ section in my new book, so I want to hear about your real-life cookie conundrums, those techniques that most often hang you up, and those cookie decorating tips that you'd give batches of your favorite cookie to know! Contributors who submit in time (that is, again, October 15th) will also be acknowledged in my next book. One last note: please submit via my email below (not via Facebook or Twitter) to be counted!

Thank you so much! It's only with your input that I can tune this project to best serve you!
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