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February 24, 2010
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City Council to Vote on NC Elections
BudgetLA City HallItem #10 on Wednesday's City Council agenda is the Smith motion to cancel the City Clerk facilitated neighborhood council elections and to move the unspent and uncommitted funds to the City's Reserve Fund.  The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners convened a special meeting on Tuesday the 23rd, took public testimony on NC elections and voted to oppose the motion. The BONC letter is attached.

The Education & Neighborhoods Committee also met on Tuesday the 23rd, taking public testimony on the Smith motion and voting to oppose the motion. The E & N recommendation is attached.

For more information on the E & N Committee proceedings, visit Krekorian's blog where you'll find a live blogging journal of the meeting.

City Council meets on Wednesday, Feb 24, at 10:00 am and you can listen to the meeting by dialing 213-621-2489.
Mayor DONE/CDD consolidation
BongKwan KimOver the last several weeks, neighborhood council leaders have fought hard for a seat at the table, a battle that has paid off, resulting in unprecedented access to the Mayor's office and the opportunity to participate as partners in the process of reorganizing the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

At meetings of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition and BudgetLA, robust discussions of core priorities for both DONE and the Neighborhood Council system have resulted in a proposal that was received by Deputy Mayor Larry Frank last week and over the weekend, and which was incorporated into the resulting staffing plan released by the Mayor this past Monday morning.

The journey has just begun and now, more than ever, neighborhood councils must rise to the occasion and take the lead in laying down a vision for the future of the neighborhood council system.

The developments of this past weekend, the proposed consolidation of the CDD and DONE, the future programming of the Neighborhood Empowerment, the roles and responsibilities of the department and of the neighborhood councils, and much more are still to be decided. Most important to this journey is the relationship that is forged now between the Mayor's office, the City Council, the City Attorney's office and the Neighborhood Councils.

The Mayor's proposal to consolidate the CDD and DONE is detailed in this transition report and is supported by this org chart and explained in this press release.
BudgetLA hosts Deputy Mayor Larry Frank
and Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher
NC Action Summit 2009Neighborhood Council leaders have risen to the challenge and presented a plan for the future of the neighborhood council system. This is the beginning of the journey and it continues this Saturday, February 27, at 10:00 am as Deputy Mayor Larry Frank joins the BudgetLA community in a robust discussion of the Community Development Department/Department of Neighborhood Empowerment proposal and of the opportunities for the neighborhood council leaders to participate in the process of determining the future of Neighborhood Empowerment and the Neighborhood Council system.

Jane Usher, Special Assistant City Attorney, will be joining the BudgetLA community to take on the hard questions that have significant impact on the proposed consolidation of the CDD and DONE. Does the Charter prevent an Ordinance Department from absorbing a Charter Department? Does the Mayor have the authority to simply direct the consolidation or does it require Charter Amendment? Does the Neighborhood Council System warrant a separate Department of Neighborhood Empowerment of is a simple division within another department sufficient?

If you've got questions about the Mayor's proposed consolidations, if you've got questions about the City Attorney's position on the future of the Neighborhood Council system, if you've got a desire to participate in creating a vision for the future of the city of Los Angeles, then this Saturday's BudgetLA meeting is the place for you.

February 27, 2010
10:00 am
Hollywood Presbyterian Church
Upper Terrace Hall
(enter on Yucca, park on Yucca)
1760 N. Gower Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
Warren Olney's Which Way LA? asks
"What are NC's doing?"
GPENC logo As KCRW's Warren Olney investigates the legacy of neighborhood councils and asks the hard questions, the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council simply says "Come on down!"

GEPENC is hosting a block party to celebrate the opening of their office and community center, a festive occasion that also provides stakeholders the opportunity to meet Congressman Xavier Becerra, Senator GiI Cedillo, Assembly Member Kevin De Leon, Council President Eric Garcetti, Council Member Ed Reyes and Tom Griego of the City Attorney's office.

Neighborhood Councils have a basic mandate to advise the Mayor and City Council on the city budget, monitor the delivery of city services, and engage the community in the civic process.

GEPENC is a leader in engaging the community and they invite everybody to join them in a celebration that sets the standard for civic engagement.
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City Council to Vote on NC Elections
Mayor DONE/CDD consolidation
BudgetLA hosts Deputy Mayor Larry Frank
Warren Olney asks "What are NC's doing?"

Sat. Feb 27 @10am

Hollywood Presbyterian Church
Upper Terrace Hall
(enter on Yucca, park on Yucca)
1760 N. Gower Ave.
Hollywood, 90028

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