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February 8, 2010
NC's up the Ante ($4.7 mm!)
BudgetLA crowd
This past Saturday, more than 60 neighborhood council representatives from around the city gather at LANCC to hear City Controller Wendy Greuel and LA Police Protective League Director John Mumma offer their perspectives on LA's budget crisis.

When the dust had cleared and the speakers were gone, Shawn Simons stepped up with an audacious proposal, one that offers to restructure DONE, move the NC funding program to an organization that services non-profits and community groups, and to deliver budget cuts in excess of the CAO's recommendations.

BudgetLA "Look for the Union Label"
SEIU logoOn Saturday, February 13, BudgetLA hosts Julie Butcher, the Regional Director of the SEIU for a "Look for the Union Label" presentation that addresses the city's budget crisis, the calls for pension reform, and the opportunities to work together to establish immediate, short-term and long-term solutions that benefit everybody.

Butcher is a long time SEIU labor leader and a familiar face to those at City Hall as well as those in the neighborhood council system. She is credited with being an outspoken proponent of grassroots solutions to the systemic problems that plague our city system and this promises to be the public discussion that the public needs if we are to partner in the future of Los Angeles.

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BudgetLA "Get Connected"
BudgetLA logo
The BudgetLA website is growing and contains many resources for neighborhood councils as they engage in the battle for a sustainable budget. Visit for updates on the city's budget crisis, including articles and posts from your community, from the media, and from the electeds.

There's a community calendar that includes the Budget related events as well as the regional and citywide community meetings such as LA Neighborhood Council Coalition, the Saving LA Project, PlanCheck, the Citywide Alliance, the Valley Alliance, the Harbor Alliance, the Westside Alliance, the SouthLA Alliance, and the NorthEastCentral Alliance.

Kevin James debuts "City Waste Watch"
Kevin JamesCommunity inspired hotline to eliminate City Waste

LOS ANGELES - The Kevin James Show (am 870) is now setting aside Friday evening's 9:30 slot for the "City Waste Watch" segment where community members are invited to phone in with their suggestions, observations and tips for reducing City Waste. Kevin and his producer, Sonn Eidem, have great prizes for the weekly winners in the Waste Watch contest. Callers are invited to call KRLA at 866-870-5752 with their ideas and observations about City Waste.

The Kevin James Show runs Monday to Friday, from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am, on am 870. Kevin is a popular radio host and political commentator and has been active in the Saving LA Project and the BudgetLA movement and would love to hear from people on their ideas for addressing the City of LA's budget crisis, the impending threat of Bankruptcy, the need for Pension Reform, the certain cuts in the delivery of City Services, and the need for Structural Re-Organization.

For more info visit Kevin at KRLA

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