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October 8, 2009
"Get Connected" will reveal
7 Social Media Secrets
at City Hall on Saturday
NC Action Summit
Saturday's NC Congress will offer two "Get Connected" sessions that will unlock the mysteries of Social Media, providing an overview of the most popular social media tools in the first session and then applying specific advanced strategies for using the tools to connect neighborhood councils with their communities in the second session.

The first session of "Get Connected" is at 10 am in the Public Works Chambers on the 3rd floor and promises to introduce the Social Media storm and cover the most popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Ning. This is an introductory overview of the Social Media arena and will empower attendees to select a tool or three to include in their communication toolbox.

The second session of "Get Connected" is at 1:45 pm, again in the Public Works Chambers on the 3rd floor, this time digging into specific strategies for using the most common Social Media tools for creating community, engaging stakeholders, maximizing the impact NC communications, enhancing the demographic spectrum of the neighborhood council, and getting more message with a limited budget.

NC Action Summit
Put 6 Action Plans in Motion

NC Action Summit 2009Last Saturday's NC Action Summit featured 6 issues, presented by speakers who offered proposals and engaged in rigorous debate, all resulting in calls to action from the attendees. The issues ranged dramatically and drew different audiences, resulting in a crowd that turned over a couple of times.

The participants for the opening sessions on City Council salaries and the DWP Ratepayers Advocate were long gone when the room filled for the animated and emotional session on Medical Marijuana. Somewhere in between Cyclists turned out in support of the Cyclists' Bill of Rights,  a proposal for City Budget Reform drew an animated response from city insiders and property owners representing several viewpoints turned out for a presentation on Sidewalk Repair options by Bureau of Street Services GM Bill Robertson.

The issues were presented, the details were debated, questions were called, votes were taken and action plans were initiated.

LA Draft Bike Plan
5 Demands
BWC logo
The City of LA just released the Draft Bike Plan which, once finalized, will replace the 2002 Bike Plan, an element of the Transportation Plan which in turn is part of the City's General Plan. The Draft Bike Plan is long overdue and short of substance.

Here are 5 demands that have been presented to City Planning and the Department of Transportation by the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Bike Writers Collective, and the general cycling community.

1) Put the Cyclists' Bill of Rights in the Draft Bike Plan and use it as the basic foundation of the Bike Plan.
2) Lose the softly worded vision and replace it with the simple call for "Consider every street in Los Angeles as a street that bicyclists will use."
3) Extend the "comment" period from 42 days to 90 days so that neighborhood  councils can participate and comment.
4) Replace the soft words such as "should" and replace them with words of imperative such as "shall" creating a real document of significance.
5) Integrate the Bike Plan so that it is an integral part of planning, operations, enforcement, maintenance, development and accommodation in the City of Los Angeles.

For more information on the Draft Bike Plan and how it stands up to the Community Plans, the Specific Plans, the Master Plans and the abundant authorities in the City of Los Angeles, continue reading here.
East Hollywood's
4 Acres of Green Space Vision
EHNC Light Yard
LA's Bureau of Street Lighting has confirmed what many have claimed, East Hollywood is the center of the city. Street Lighting revealed this fact during a recent tour of their Lighting Yard Facility on Santa Monica Boulevard, between Madison and Virgil.

It is from this maintenance yard in this densely populated and park-poor community that Street Lighting is able to service LA's lighting needs, from the Harbor to the Eastside to the Westside to the far reaches of the Valley, repairing and replacing the 75 light poles that are damaged by automobiles every month, replacing burned out bulbs, conducting routine maintenance and keeping 5000 miles of streets illuminated and servicing 400 types of lighting fixtures, all from this 4.2 acre slice of prime real estate.

LA Greensters Screen
3 Films at AltCar Expo
Stephen Box & Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe LA Greensters, Hollywood's first all-pedal powered transpo team, appeared at Santa Monica's Alt Car Expo and created a doublewide Park[ing] Booth which featured all of the amenities of a park plus the screening of Reel Sustainable, Park[ing] Day LA and the Crenshaw Crush.

The AltCar Expo was less about alternatives to the car and more about alternative fuels, an auto-bias that focuses on the small steps but that does nothing to address the congestion that holds our communities under siege. That being said, the AlCar Expo was a fantastic experience, highlighted by a visit from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who heard all about sustainable film production when he stopped by LA Greenster Park[ing] Booth and took a look at the Xtracycles, the trailers and the pedal-powered team that is challenging the transportation limitations of the industry.

LA's relegates Cyclists
to 2nd Class Status
Bike locked to poleFor all the talk of Share the Road and Equality and supporting all modes of travel, Los Angeles falls so short on the most basic of accommodations for cyclists that it is acutely evident that there are two castes in LA, those who arrive in private automobiles and those who don't.

Those who arrive on foot, by mass transit and on bicycles are definitely the square pegs in a society full of round holes and those in charge continue to greet us with suspicion and hesitation and often simple contempt as the non-motoring public continues to assault the stability of the community.

1 Woman's View of the Streets
Enci rides bikeIn community meetings to discuss urban planning, in advocacy meetings to discuss bicycle planning, in neighborhood council meetings to discuss public safety, our authorities give all sorts of advice on appropriate behavior in the public place. We're told what streets to use, what routes to ride, what facilities to use and typically, the information comes from a male dominated world of planners and engineers and law enforcement and transportation experts who see the world from their positions of confidence and autonomy.

Enci wrote a great article on the streets from a woman's perspective and urges us look at our environment differently and to consider that a woman's radar is a good barometer of safety and of security.

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