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September 30, 2009
NC Action Summit
"Less Talk, More Action"
NC Action Summit
Saturday's NC Action Summit opens with headliners Robert Greene, editorial writer for the LA Times, and Tezo, leader of the South Central Farmers, both of whom offer unique approaches to taking action that is effective, that is meaningful and that is rewarding. Greene and Tezo are leaders in their own communities, they have interesting insights into the uphill battle community leaders face and they are valuable allies to those who want to make a difference.

"Big Stories, Little Footprints"

At What PriceRebel Without a Car Productions screens AT WHAT PRICE tonight at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, bringing Hollywood's first 100% sustainably shot film back to East Hollywood where it was produced.

Endorsed by the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, the first NC to take a stand on Sustainable Film Production, and supported by the Greensters, Hollywood's first pedal-powered transportation team, AT WHAT PRICE was shot with a local crew, using equipment sourced locally, and with a zero waste commitment.

Please join us at 7 pm for AT WHAT  PRICE and for a preview of REEL SUSTAINABLE, the documentary that asks the question, "Can Hollywood go sustainable?"

Crenshaw Crush
"Old Friends, New Places"
DWP Light Festival
Cyclists celebrated the history, the politics, the culture, the personality and the community of Crenshaw with the Crenshaw Crush, a bike ride hosted by Aubrey and Melba Provost and organized by Jeremy Grant and Ron Durgin of the LA Greensters.

Starting at Leimert Park Village, heading up to the USC Rose Garden, stopping off at Chef Marilyn's Soul Food Express, riding along the Expo Line route to Dorsey High School, visiting the Urban Forest of the Village Green and cruising home through the Leimert Park Homes, the Crenshaw Crush was "Great people, excellent scenery, fantastic ride!"

Read about the Crenshaw Crush ride report here.
LA Draft Bike Plan
"All Bark, No Bite"
LA Bike Plan
LA's long-overdue Draft Bike Plan has been released and the clock is ticking. NC's have 43 days in which to read, decipher, and comment on the 200+ page Bike Plan, part of the city's Transportation Plan, an element of the General Plan.

Granted, the Bike Plan is shelf-ready and doesn't require much input from the community because it's destined to go straight to the shelf, just like the last plan, the one that the city has ignored for the last 7 years. Money well spent!

On Saturday, Dr. Alex Thompson of the Bike Writers Collective will present the Cyclists' Bill of Rights to the NC Action Summit and NC's will have the opportunity to discuss next steps including incorporating the CBR into the Bike Plan and creating a real vision document with teeth.

For more information on LA's Draft Bike Plan click here

Get Connected
"Free Tools, Priceless Results"
Valley Congress crowdOn Saturday, Get Connected will be presenting "Social Media Strategies for NC's" during the NC Action Summit,

We'll focus on some of the common free tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and how they can be incorporated into a Neighborhood Council Outreach strategy.

The key to making "social media" work is to remember that it is not media. It's simply some great tools for listening, for engaging, and for building relationships. That's when the real communication takes place.

For more information on Get Connected, visit

For more information on the NC Action Summit, visit

Join NCActionSummit on Facebook and on Twitter and take action with us on Oct 3.
The Garden
"Same Politics, Different Farm"
The GardenTezozomoc grew up in Los Angeles and became an urban farmer when he stepped in to help his ailing father farm a small plot of land in the South Central Farm, a 14 acre community garden surrounded by Industrial sprawl. Along the way, he became the leader of the South Central Farmers and he led the struggle to keep the farm, becoming embroiled in a hotly politicized and controversial fight that drew in some of the same players who sit in City Hall today, that relied on some of the same politics that drive City Hall today, that resulted in some of the same outcomes that we all accept today.

Tezo's story and the story of the South Central Garden is an important story because it offers insight into the political landscape in which we live today. THE GARDEN is a documentary film that picked up on the struggle as the eviction notices were getting posted and has been nominated for an Academy Award. It screens at the Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater on Vine Ave. next Wednesday.

For more information visit the Academy here.
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