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September 24, 2009
Park[ing] Day LA Recap - NC's Park!
Parking Day Culver City
Park[ing] Day LA took to the streets of Los Angeles as activists, artists, community planners and neighborhood councils stepped up to the curb, put a quarter in the meter, and proceeded to transform park[ing] spaces into temporary parks, engaging the public in a variety of discussions on public space and our community priorities for the use of our streets.

This was PDLA's third year participating in the worldwide Park[ing] Day celebration.

This year there were political parks that challenged you to act and there were social parks that asked you to chill. There were ambitious parks that presented a vision and there were cultural parks that celebrated community roots. A dog park, a goat park, a bakery park, a zen park and a proposed park all demonstrated that in Los Angeles, we've got it all.

Along the way there was a wide variety of reactions from the municipal authorities. Santa Monica said "No!" while Glendale said "Yes!" West Hollywood said "Shut' em down!" while LA's Rampart Division yelled "Run 'em out of town!" Along the way, we made friends, we raised eyebrows, we received hoots and hollers and shouts of encouragement from passersby. But most of all we had great fun!

Crenshaw Crush - NC's Ride!
Crenshaw CrushOn Sunday, September 27th, we celebrate the history, the politics, the culture, the personality and the community of Crenshaw with a bike ride of discovery and celebration.

Join us and visit beautiful neighborhoods, significant community spaces, historic sites, local favorite hot spots, institutions of knowledge, and the homes of heroes and legends.

Dust off your bike, bring the family, get there at 8am for bike tune-ups, the ride starts at 9am.

There will be pit stops with hosts, who will share stories of their neighborhood.

For those who want a challenge, there will be a poker ride with some mile and some hills.

Both casual and competitive cyclists are invited to join in a celebration of the community.

Holiday Light Festival - NC's Walk!
DWP Light Festival
LA's Department of Water & Power has dusted off the Holiday Light Festival decorations and is busy investing the public's money in the event that won the "Eco-Moron" award last year for it's ability to drawing idling vehicles in such numbers that Griffith Park, the adjacent communities and the 5 freeway all sit in gridlock for hours each evening of the holiday season. As the Park Rangers and the Department of Transportation grapple with the traffic, the DWP claims the "Going Green" title and then proceeds to go after more of your green.

The Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival is an old tradition, dating back to Councilman John Ferraro who visited San Antonio during the holiday season and came back all enthralled with the idea of a public light festival. In hindsight, it's only too bad that he didn't visit a city with Great Streets, one with holiday lights and people walking and talking and having conversations and singing and enjoying a human-sized people based festival. Of course, it's not too late to make some changes...

LA's Department of DIY
Wishire & Vermont DIY
The City of Los Angeles is in the middle of a budget crisis, something the public hears about at every opportunity as the newest excuse for mediocrity becomes part of the bureaucratic vernacular. It's times like this when the best thing community members can do is to step up and to lighten the load of the overworked and underpaid municipal workers who must also grapple with long commutes to their own communities.

This is when Government 2.0 takes over, the time when folks simply make it happen and that is the simple mandate of the Department of DIY.
Get Connected
NC Action Summit
Enci at SAGOn Saturday, October 3, Neighborhood Council stakeholders from around the city will gather at Los Angeles City College in East Hollywood and they will grapple with the issues, they will tackle the issues and they will take action, formulating game plans for addressing the issues on a city-wide level.

This innovative approach to the "less talk and more walk" action plan features three sessions, each with two separate topics. The issues will be presented with pro and con presenters and the public is invited to engage, to discuss and to take action. At the end of the day, the public will developed game plans for "next steps" and everybody will have had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the endeavor.

At mid-day, Enci & I will be presenting "Get Connected - Social Media Strategies for Neighborhood Councils" We'd love to see you there!

For more information on Get Connected, visit

For more information on the NC Action Summit, visit

Join NCActionSummit on Facebook and on Twitter and take action with us on Oct 3.

Get Connected
NC Congress
Stephen & Enci at Southern CrossOn Saturday, October 10, Neighborhood Councils representatives from around the city will gather at City Hall for the NC Congress.

Enci and I will be presenting "Get Connected - Social Media Tools and Strategies" twice.

The first session will focus on the most popular free social media applications and touch on strategy.

The second session will focus on specific strategies for putting the free social media tools to work in effective outreach campaigns that communicate clearly and engage the community.

Both sessions will be informative and inspiring and we'd love to see you there.

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