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June 22, 2009
NC's are Getting Connected!
Get Connected logo Len Shaffer brought the "Get Connected" presentation from the Valley Regional Congress to the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) and a robust and energetic crowd enjoyed an overview of the social media tools that NC's are using to enhance their communications and outreach campaigns.

Before the day was over, the Sunland Tujunga NC had jumped in feet first and had their Twitter and Facebook pages up and was giving the East Hollywood NC a run for the money in the "Well Connected NC" race.

If you'd like to follow the EHNC or the STNC on Twitter or Facebook, here are the links. Give them a shout, connect with them, watch to see how they create a network and communicate with their stakeholders. 

Cindy exclaimed "These tools complement our traditional methods such as postcards and newsletters and allow us to give our stakeholders more options for connecting and participating.!

It looks like the next "Get Connected" presentations will address Constant Contact and newsletters and will take place somewhere in the Harbor area. Watch for the smoke signals! Until then, join us at and share your journey with us.

Sustainable Film Production
Rebel logoThe East Hollywood Neighborhood Council (EHNC) has just become the first NC to endorse a film. Typically, film related issues are limited to film permits and street closures but the EHNC has embarked on a journey to establish NC standards for sustainable film production. The Film Industry has established procedures for filmmakers in LA that address behavior and hours of operations, etc. but nothing that lays down a zero-impact, sustainability standard.

The film is entitled AT WHAT PRICE and it is produced by Rebel Without A Car Productions. Enci is the Writer/Director, Christine Jerian and Catherine MacKinnon are the Producers, and the remaining crew will be locals who all take an oath of sustainability as part of their commitment to the project.

The film will be shot locally and a "Footprintologist" will be monitoring and advising the production so that the net result will be a carbon footprint of zero when the film shoot is wrapped. 

Those who know Enci know of her commitment to sustainability and of her desire to leave things better than she found them. To assist in this endeavor, the film crew will also include a Citizen Forester and an Urban Arborist, both of whom will work with the production team on tree plantings and a community garden.

In the spirit of sustainability, there will actually be two films being shot in East Hollywood, one is AT WHAT PRICE and the other is a documentary film by Dustin Slaughter that simply asks the simple question, "Can Hollywood go Sustainable?" 

Through it all, Enci intends to celebrate the diversity of the community (101 languages!) involve the neighbors (most of the crew are within walking and riding distance) explore local sources for everything from equipment and gear to food and wardrobe (why do we have to drive to Burbank to shoot a film in Hollywood?) establish an industry standard for sustainable film production (Greensters on bikes will replace the Teamsters) and...oh, yeah...make a great film!

To follow the journey, join us on the Rebel Without A Car Productions facebook page and share your ideas for sustainable film production.

Park[ing] Day LA
Parking Day LAPark[ing] Day LA hits the streets of Los Angeles on Friday, September 18th, as community activists, neighborhood leaders and urban planners throughout the city step up to the curb, put a quarter in the meter, and proceed to transform curbside metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

Jane Jacobs, in "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" writes that in order to make a city safe, prosperous and worth living in, one must start with "lively and interesting streets."

To that end, Park[ing] Day LA is an opportunity for community members to engage passers-by, motorists, members of the press, city leadership and yes, even the authorities, in a rational and respectful dialogue of everything from our city's parks and public space to the environment and allocation of land to mobility issues and local beautification projects.

Whatever your concerns, whatever your inspiration, and whatever your message, Park[ing] Day LA is an opportunity for you to create community, engage the public and create a dialogue, all while taking advantage of one of the best real estate deals in town, the public park(ing) space.

For a recap of last year's Park[ing] Day LA visit

Park[ing] Day LA has a twitter page on

For an overview of the origins of Park[ing] Day visit

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