Business Insights - October 2011  

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Do You Know How to Enter a Room? 


Watch this quick video on the dos and don'ts from Entrepreneur Magazine and stand out and be remembered at your next meeting. 


Still passing around excel spreadsheets to manage your company's budget?


Microsoft Forecaster Test Drive


Test Drive Microsoft Forecaster


Considering the Cloud for your ERP?


Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud Test Drive

 Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud



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4 CFO Mistakes That Can Slow Company Growth

Chief financial officers are in a prime position to dissuade their companies from taking action that would stymie growth, but they must use arguments that consider overall business strategy rather than cost alone. Often criticized for saying no, CFOs can help their companies avoid some common mistakes by leveraging the power of no. So when is it good to say no versus when to say go? In the article How Not to Grow on, you will learn four common mistakes along with solutions for avoiding them from finance executives themselves. This is a must read - you do not want to stunt your growth potential!



9 Etiquette Rules That the Boss Shouldn't Break

From the office Christmas party to friending employees on social media, here are nine new and old etiquette rules you need to commit to memory, starting with "don't always stay behind your desk" to "don't add employees on social networking sites". 



Windows 8: Improvements for Businesses 


Many of the features that you hear about in regards to Microsoft Windows 8 are meant to drive interest for home users. As a business user these features may not mean much to you, but there are features that have been designed just for you too. At a recent developer's conference, Microsoft unveiled some of business features in Windows 8 that might pique your interest:

  • Connectivity, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband improvements
  • Built-in malware protection
  • File management improvements
  • Improved multi-monitor support

To learn about more improvements in Windows 8 for business users like yourself, click here.




Overwhelmed by Your Email?


If you are like most people you probably get inundated with email on a daily basis. You most likely start and end your day by checking your email. If so, the Microsoft Office support team has put together a best practices for Outlook 2010 guide. They not only explain how to use some of the powerful features of Outlook 2010, they give you some great tips on how to be more organized and communicate more effectively. Some of the Outlook features they cover are often overlooked or misunderstood. This article takes the time to give you tips so you can use Outlook to its maximum potential. You will surely want to bookmark this page and share it with your colleagues!