Business Insights - September 2011  

Is Cloud-Based Backup Safe?

Doubts about backing up your laptop online? Read this article that weighs the risks and benefits of cloud-based backup. 


Top 5 Sites for Accounting Software Research


Learning to enhance your Google or Bing searches is one way to eliminate hours of pointless queries.  Another way is to find a few information websites that give you exactly what you are looking for.  Here are 5 sites that provide valuable non-biased information around accounting software. 



View Videos on Microsoft Dynamics GP 


Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer delivers greater control through personalized access to vital metrics. Watch the video.


Dynamics GP: Business Analyzer

Dynamics GP: Business Analyzer



Watch a short video on how you can gain insight into your business operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP by improving quality and streamlining your organization.


Dynamics GP GL: Manage Your Operations

Dynamics GP GL: Manage Your Operations




 The Resource Group


 This Business Insights email is brought to you by The Resource Group.  We are a professional service company that helps organizations streamline business processes and gain valuable insight.  We hope you enjoy some of these specific business and finance related topics.  



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4 Tips to Successful BI in Your Business


Written by Sean Ingalls, The Resource Group


More and more companies are spending extensive amounts of money implementing BI (Business Intelligence) tools, yet not addressing the process of information coming into their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.  In an age where data is king, effectively safeguarding the input process, combined with the appropriate BI tool, can provide a huge return on your investment as well as a unique competitive advantage in an ever changing and dynamic business world.  Here are 4 tips to help you achieve successful BI in your business:


Tip #1:  Understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Understanding what you eventually need to have in order to make decisions is half the battle.  Once you know what information is vital to decision making, you can identify which application and subsequent BI tool is relevant.  From there you can identify the input points in your process.


Read the complete article for 3 more tips. 



Change Challenges

Does your organization struggle with change? When change in your organization happens without clarity, resource support and engagement it's likely to be difficult, costly and painful.  Poorly managed change not only impacts your organization it can adversely impact your customers too. 


Read about three common myths that frequently cause change initiatives to run aground. 



Learning from Others to Build a Profitable Small Business


Joan Nowak's article on Manta describes 7 common mistakes people make when building their small business. We have pulled two of our favorites to share with you today.


1. Great Products the Market Doesn't Want
It's easy to get caught up on how great your product is and why you think so, but why should your market care? Make sure you define who the ideal customer is for YOUR products and services. Be clear on this, find out where they are and how to reach them, and then apply your resources to pull them in.


2. Talk More Than You Listen
If you want to earn a customer's business, you need to solve their problem or fill a need. So before you jump into your sales pitch, take the time to ask questions, listen carefully and determine what the customer needs.


Read the full article to learn 5 more mistakes you shouldn't make and why.


5 Signs Your Business is Outgrowing QuickBooks


Written by Matthew Holden, FMT Consultants


Growing businesses often don't realize how crucial business software is to company expansion. This is especially true for a company's accounting department, an area of business in which even the most subtle increase in productivity can mean an exponential growth in workload. To help decipher whether or not your company is ready to transition away from QuickBooks, review these 5 signs that indicate that it might be time to consider a scalable ERP solution.


1. Transactions

The number of financial transactions your company handles on a daily basis should be a good indication of whether QuickBooks is still the right solution for you. For example, if your bookkeeper handles a few simple daily transactions QuickBooks may be your best option. If your company requires detailed revenue and expense tracking, a more robust ERP system may be a better fit to handle your growing needs.


Read the full article to learn 4 more signs.




Clean up Unwanted Formatting


Copying and pasting text gets to be problematic when that text is styled even slightly. You copy a quote from a web site and suddenly it's twice the size of the text in the document you're writing. While you may want to copy the style from time to time, this is often annoying. Text cleaners can remedy that problem. Text Scrubber is a good option for Windows, and PlainClip will get the job done on Mac (although there are more expensive, more robust options like CleanText and TextSoap).