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Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Smartlists within Microsoft Dynamics GP Help You Look Even Smarter!
Myth Buster: Integrations are Expensive and Complicated
Buy 1 User, Get 3 Offer for Microsoft Dynamics GP Now Available!
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7 Great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 for Human Resources and Payroll!

Besides having added the Right Click Menu functionality and the default lookups that can exclude inactive employees, there are some very exciting new features added to the Human Resources and Payroll Modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Read our blog post to find out our 7 favorite features


 New Microsoft Promotions You Won't Want to Miss!

 Microsoft is offering several exciting promotions for new Microsoft Dynamics GP customers.  You won't want to miss these savings!


Buy 1, Get 3 Offer


Bigger BAM Offer


Buy 1, Get 50% Off Offer


Offers expire June 24, 2011


Learn more!


Fun Fact

The keyboard layout as we know it today was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1868. His first typewriters had the letters arranged in alphabetical order but he changed it to the QWERTY arrangement. He contracted with the Remington Arms Company in 1873 to build and market his typewriter. It did not sell well for the first 15 years.


Customer Case Study: Distant Lands Coffee

Resource Group customer, Distant Lands Coffee, cost-effectively extended the reach of their ERP data companywide by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP Light Users.

"Light User licenses let us extend business-critical information from Microsoft Dynamics GP to help people throughout the company work more effectively - at a fraction of the cost of full licensing."

Steve Whales, IT Director
Distant Lands Coffee 


Distant Lands Coffee

Shake Your Desktop Free of Clutter in Windows 7

During a typical workday it is easy to clutter your desktop with multiple open programs. This can get annoying if you are trying to focus on one particular project, but you don't want to minimize all of the open programs. Windows 7 has a fun little tool that you may not even know was there. Quickly reduce the clutter on your screen by clicking on the title bar of the window you want to keep open, and while still holding the title bar, shake it quickly back and forth until all the other windows minimize to the taskbar, and then let it go. To make them return, shake the title bar again of your active window. Voila! Shake away!


P.S. You can do the same thing by pressing the Window key & Home key, but it is not nearly as fun!


Read our Blog Post on the Distribution Software Blog

The Resource Group recently joined the Distribution Software Blog.  Read our latest blog post Adapte to Soaring Commodity Prices with Microsoft Dynamics GP Functionality.

Put the Power of Bing on Your Very Own Website

A rule of thumb for an effective website is to make it easy for your visitors to find what they need. By putting a Bing search box on your site, you're doing just that.


The search box powered by Bing provides a fast, customizable search solution for your website. Visitors to your site can search the entire Web, just your site, or any sites that you choose.


Get started by visiting this web page for "Terms of Use" and "Next Steps":


Take a Microsoft Dynamics Training Class

The Resource Group has a complete training center and certified trainers.  We offer Microsoft Dynamics GP training classes at our Renton facility. View the current training schedule. 

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Efficiency. Seems simple enough right? If you look up the definition you may get 3 different explanations:

  1. The state or quality of being efficient.
  2. Accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.
  3. Effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time, and money. The ratio of the useful energy delivered by a dynamic system to the energy supplied to it.  

Does it still seem simple enough? Perhaps not, but it is a word that we hear every day in our businesses and impress upon our employees that they need to be efficient. How do you know if you are efficient within your company? If you think you are efficient because your revenue is good, you may be mistaken. It's definitely a benefit if you have good revenue, but you may still have inefficiencies which are hindering an even larger revenue potential. If you are struggling to hit your revenue goals, then this is a telltale sign that you can be more efficient in your operations.

As a business operates we need to look at our efficiencies on a daily basis to measure our successes. Take some time to review your current software, reports, processes, cross-department communications and workflows to see if they still make sense in your business. You may quickly find out where you can redefine your business to become more efficient.


For information on how The Resource Group can help you to make your organization more efficient, contact us at 425-277-4760 or



Ann Haucke

The Resource Group


Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses todaBusiness Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamcis GPy is having easy access to accurate and informative business data. Without strong reporting it can be extremely difficult to make informed decisions.


Many companies rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are manually updated with information that may or may not be current. Imagine if your business had reporting that would allow your operations to see if they are in alignment with the strategic goals of the company.  All of this can be easily done with Microsoft Dynamics GP which has integrations into your other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.  Additional benefits of having accurate data presented with tools that end users are familiar with will allow for easy adoption of a new system, improved planning, and better decision making.


Read this informative document about how Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your business. When you are ready to take your company to the next level, contact us and we will help you get started.  


Smartlists within Microsoft Dynamics GP Help You Look Even Smarter!

SmartLists is a tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP that let you create predefined information queries and is an easy way to get to the information your business needs access to.


Microsoft has taken it even one step further and created default SmartList favorites. Check out a full list of SmartLists within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and see how SmartLists can help you look even smarter!


Myth Buster: Integrations are Expensive and Complicated

Microsoft Dynamics has a new tool available that "busts" the myth that integrations are expensive and complicated. Its name you ask?  It is "The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics" and the best part of this tool is that it is free. Yes, that's right, free. What it does for you is connect your Microsoft Dynamics GP system with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. In itself that may not sound all that impressive, but what is impressive are the out of the box mappings between the two and the bi-directional data communication. See how one company was able to leverage this free connector, gain faster service and reduce development cost.  Read Microsoft's case study on BSN, a health supplement maker, and learn how you can make these improvements to your organization today.


Buy 1 User, Get 3 Offer for Microsoft Dynamics GP Now Available!

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to provide you with control and visibility into what is going on in your business, helping you make smart decisions which directly impact your bottom line and propel your business growth.


To help you realize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft just announced the "Buy 1, Get 3" offer - a Microsoft Dynamics promotion valid March 1, 2011 through June 24, 2011. Purchase one (1) Microsoft Dynamics GP user and get two (2) additional users for no additional license cost.


Now is the time to jump on this opportunity! View full offer details here and contact us to take advantage of this limited time offer.


Upcoming Free Events

Join The Resource Group for a free seminar or webcast and discover new ways to improve your business. 

Seminar: Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP

Try out Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 financial-management (ERP) software at this free hands-on seminar. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP could help improve your business processes with easier navigation, seamless integration, and powerful reporting and business Intelligence.

Where: The Resource Group, Renton, WA 

When: Choose from one of the following 2 dates:


Webcast: How to Select a Solution Provider

Avoid the Most Common & Expensive Software Selection Mistakes.  Many promise, but few deliver.  Find out why selecting the right solution provider could mean more to your software selection process than building a cordial business relationship; it could mean failure. Join the SoftwareThinkTank and authors of How to Select a Solution Provider, George Brown and Mark Stuyt, for this exclusive webinar.

Where: Webcast

When: Tuesday, March 29th 11 a.m-12 p.m. PST

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Webcast for Healthcare: Automate Your HR & Payroll Process with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Healthcare providers have complex requirements when it comes to payroll and human resources management. Employees work in multiple departments at different rates in limitless combinations and they have a variety of training, certifications, and health records that must be tracked accurately. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solid human resources and payroll solution for healthcare providers that handles these complex issues. Join us for a free webcast to learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help automate HR & Payroll processes for your healthcare organization.

Where: Webcast

When: Wednesday, May 11th 10:00 a.m-10:30 a.m. PST

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Pacific Northwest Distribution Summit

Is growing your distribution business frustrating? Join us for this half-day event to connect with other local distributors and to learn about software solutions that can help your business grow to the next level through automation, process improvements, and better insight.  Hear from Keynote Speaker, Jim Willems on "Taking Your Inventory Workflow Optimization to the Next Level." Jim Willems has over 20 years consulting experience and has done speaking engagements across the country for distributors. 


The Resource Group is a seasoned team of business professionals that help companies gain valuable business insight from their financial systems, enabling customers to manage their business more efficiently and effectively.  For more information please visit