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Recession Intervention: Why ERP is Critical Now
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - The New Way to Do Business
Save Time + Money = You Become a Hero
Healthcare Software Solutions: All-in-One vs. Best of Breed
8 Key Elements Of A Successful Subscription Billing System
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Attend a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Event!

Dynamics CRM 2011 has been three years in the making and represents a significant leap forward in terms of application functionality, extensibility, and usability.  Madrona Solutions Group will be hosting a free briefing and demonstration of CRM 2011.  Register today and join The Resource Group at this exciting event!


CRM 2011 Launch Briefing 

Thursday, February 3rd

8:00am to 10:00am

Harbor Club in Seattle.


Register for CRM Launch Event 


Short Cut Key Strokes for Excel

Become faster and more efficient with Microsoft Excel by cutting out some mouse clicks and adding these short cut key strokes to your memory:

  • Ctrl+N will open a new workbook
  • Ctrl+Tab will move to the next open workbook
  • Shift+F11 will insert a new worksheet
  • Ctrl+B will bold the text in the cell you are in
  • Ctrl+U will underline the text in the cell you are in
  • Ctrl+~ will show you the formulas that are in your workbook

Commerce Services Early Access Promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP for Retail

Microsoft has opened an early access period that will allow you to receive a 100% discount on the Commerce Service Module as well as the cost of the Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP). The offer is only valid until May 31st, 2011 at which point customers who have participated will be charged for what is in place on a prorated basis based on your BREP end date. Learn more about Commerce Services or for more information on this great offer please contact us 

Fun Fact

According to the International Telecommunication Union, close to 200,000 text messages are sent every second. The number of text messages that are sent worldwide has tripled between 2007 and 2010.

Dynamics GP 2010 Reports with some Heat!

 Heat maps that is!  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services includes a new version of Report Builder.  Report Builder 3.0 has added a new map wizard.  The map wizard allows users to create reports to help visualize aggregated data against a geographical background.   The map wizard is a fantastic way to visualize Microsoft Dynamics GP sales data! Read our blog post to learn more.

Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 and ERP System Considerations

The United States Senate recently passed a major overhaul to the FDA's food-safety laws called the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010.  One of the major changes will give the FDA the right to order companies to recall tainted food products.  The bill has several sections that are dedicated to the topic of product recalls.  Have you formulated a plan to deal with this change? How does your ERP system accommodate possible compliance issues? Read our blog post to learn the key functionalities your ERP System should provide.

Office Tip - Screen Space

Need More Screen Space?

Working on your laptop and wishing you had more screen space?  In the top right hand corner below the red exit button there is a small arrow pointing up.  This arrow collapses the ribbon leaving only the tabs.  To bring back the ribbon just click the same arrow only now it is pointing down.  For all of you keyboard shortcut fans, use CTRL + F1.

Take a Microsoft Dynamics Training Class

The Resource Group is an authorized Microsoft Learning Center.  We offer Microsoft Dynamics GP training classes at our Renton facility. View the current training schedule. 

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We tend to think of thorough cleanings at certain times of the year. Spring cleaning is pretty common.  Fall cleaning is becoming more popular as we put away the summer toys, clothes, boats, and vacation cabins.  Start 2011 by doing a good scrubbing of your business.  Not only is it necessary to take the time to look back at 2010 and make strategic decisions based on what we learned, but it's a great time to purge the "debris" of the past year.


A well-known business writer named Jim Blasingame from The Small Business Advocate wrote an article titled "It's Time to Do a Year-End Business Cleanup", he advocates a December "baggage elimination" such as....

  1. Retool your organization - Don't let an unproductive employee - or an unproductive software and systems - hold you back for another year.
  2. Fine tune customers - Use the ABCD approach. Identify the most profitable As to the least profitable Ds. Worship the As, cater to the Bs, encourage the Cs and teach the Ds about self-service.
  3. Scrub accounts receivable. Take the hit, and write off uncollectable A/R this year so you can start the new year with a clean list.


Take this advice to heart and let us help with your business clean-up. This could be the year that you eliminate the "work-arounds" in your business processes. Clear out the manual and repetitive data entry, and the ongoing frustration come month end reporting. There's no reason your business can't jump into 2011 with a fresh start!


For the rest of Jim's clean-up advice, click here. 



Ann Haucke

The Resource Group

Recession Intervention: Why ERP is Critical Now

Did you know that timely technology investments can help businesses battle a down economy and spur recovery? Cuts alone don't cut it. Increase operational processes, improve employee productivity and align with compliance standards are not just empty buzzwords. Here's your chance to download the complimentary whitepaper titled Recession Intervention: Why ERP is Critical Now. You'll learn...

  • Why technology investments make sense
  • How other businesses have benefited and how you can too
  • Surprisingly, low upfront and ongoing costs are a reality
  • And how you can leverage your current systems vs. a "rip and replace" model

Download the whitepaper to learn more, and share it freely with your executive team. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help control costs and boost efficiencies during hard times. Give your business the competitive edge it deserves.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - The New Way to Do Business

Let's face it - every business has its ups and downs, but how can you reduce or even eliminate those "downs"?  One way is to get started off on the right foot by using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. The new features within this upgrade are creating new ways to do business through enhanced insight and extended connections, all while making life easier. Download the "What's New? Top New Features within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 brochure and learn how to reduce and even eliminate the "downs" of your business. After all, who needs more "downs" after the last couple of years in this economy?


Save Time + Money = You Become a Hero

Everyone dreads expense reports (including your accounting department) and wishes it was easier to submit and process. Many companies have a very cumbersome system for expenses that involves manually moving information between systems and researching receipts after the fact. They're never easy to analyze for reporting purposes.


In the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study, "Medical Device Maker Eases Travel Expense Management, Generates Time and Cost Savings", featuring Dornier MedTech, you can see how one company was able to leverage Microsoft Dynamics GP to reduce the processing time of expense reports by 64% and save $191,000 annually. To learn more about how you can realize results like this and become the hero of your organization, contact us today!


Healthcare Software Solutions: All-in-One vs. Best of Breed

When purchasing a new business management application, many organizations face the challenge of whether to purchase an "all-in-one" or "best-of-breed" system. This is often seen in the healthcare industry because of the unique requirements around medical billing. Consider the choice: an all-in-one solution is one application handling both medical billing and basic accounting functions. Or, a best-of-breed is one application that performs the medical billing functions while another application provides the accounting functions. We can shed some light on this choice. Read our whitepaper on Healthcare Software Solutions: All-in-One vs. Best of Breed


8 Key Elements Of A Successful Subscription Billing System

Piecemealing your billing solution wastes valuable man-hours with manual entry and duplication errors. The Resource Group provides automated and integrated subscription billing solutions for high technology, start-up, and eCommerce companies. Whether your data originates within your ERP solution or an external application, we can bring together a complete solution to help you provide periodic billing to your customers and obtain accurate financial reporting. Download our white paper to learn the 8 Key Elements Of A Successful Subscription Billing System


Upcoming Free Events

Join The Resource Group for a free seminar or webcast and discover new ways to improve your business. 

Seminar: Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP

Try out Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 financial-management (ERP) software at this free hands-on seminar. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP could help improve your business processes with easier navigation, seamless integration, and powerful reporting and business Intelligence.

Where: The Resource Group, Renton, WA 

When: Choose from one of the following 3 dates:


Webcast: How to Grow Your Distribution Business in 2011 Without Borrowing Money!

Debt is a major problem for many distributors. But unlike the government, you do not have the option of just printing more money to pay what you owe others. As the economy continues to recover, you may be looking to expand your business and increase sales. The challenge is to grow your business without increasing your debt. Register today and learn how to Grow Your Distribution Business in 2011 Without Borrowing Money with Software ThinkTank and 30-year distribution industry expert, Jon Schreibfeder.

Where: Webcast

When: Tuesday, January 25th 1 p.m-2 p.m. PST

Register Now 


Recorded Webcast: Best Practices for Meeting Product Safety & Recall Compliance for Distributors

If one of your products failed today, would you have the ability to act fast and not slow down your distribution business? Don't wait for the worst to happen! View this recorded webcast and learn best practices you'll need to know when a product recall happens. View the Recording  


Recorded Webcast: Making Sales Tax and PCI Compliance Simple for Distributors and Manufacturers 

Is meeting the state destination sales tax requirements a timely, error-prone, manual process for your business? Are your exempt certificates in readily available electronic documents, or are they a mess of unorganized papers? View this recorded webcast and find out how you can save time and reduce the risk of costly audits by automating with an end-to-end solution. View the Recording  

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