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Positive Coaching is a nonprofit, whose mission is to educate and encourage positive attitudes and behavior in all athletic endeavors by coaches, parents, administrators, media, and players.
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  Soccer Fans
World Cup 2010: demand for England v USA tickets goes 'crazy'
Telegraph (English Publication) 
By Harriet Alexander
Despite extra staff, phone lines at Thomas Cook Sport, one of four official package providers, were jammed, with calls taking more than 45 minutes to be answered.

Fifa released a million tickets on its website on Saturday, with England's opening match against the USA in Rustenburg expected to be one of the most highly sought-after games in the group stages.

Outside of hosts South Africa, no two countries have bought more advance tickets than England and the United States.

Betsy Sharpe, a member of the Rustenburg Tourist Association, said: "It's been absolutely crazy. If you have not booked yet you are really going to have problems."

Nathan Wilson, managing director of Thompson Sport, said: "As of Saturday morning, we have sold out half of all our packages. All our packages for the final are now sold." 

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Tip of the Month

Successful coaches always insert water breaks into their practice plans.  It has been proven that proper hydration improves the athlete's ability to think, endure, and be safe.  At Positive Coaching, we recommend a water break at least every 30 minutes.  Of course if you are in climates that are dry, windy, high heat, little to no shade, you may need to hydrate more often to avoid deadly heat emergencies!

"Quote of the Month"

"I don't believe professional athletes should be role models.  I believe parents should be role models....Its not like it was when I was growing up.  My mom and my grandmother told me how it was going to be.  If I didn't like it, they said,  "Don't let the door hit you on your rear on the way out!" Parents have to take better control." 

                                                  --Charles Barkley

Tom Van Buskirk
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A Word from the Coach
 "The 12 Ways of Stresslessness"


One of our goals at Positive Coaching is to help coaches deal with the tremendous stresses associated with coaching. I have had 3 undefeated seasons over 25 years and the stress was always there.

      I have listed below some key points that we talk about in our coaching and sport parent clinics:


1. Physical exercise - Discipline yourself to a routine that is aerobic and fun.


2. Diet - Eat a well balanced meal. Stay away from the fast foods and concession stand, rediscover fruit and H20


3. Notes - Under stress the memory is challenged.  Write notes in you appointment book including phone numbers and directions.


4. Travel - Add more time for travel than normal.  It is such a pleasure to arrive early and safe.  Also a great way to observe the other team and meet new friends.


5. Anticipate - Do you need gas, cash, coins, etc.?


6. Quiet Times - Schedule quiet times that fits your schedule, best times are early in the morning and before bed at night.  It's a bonus if you can find time during the day.


7. Humor - Seeing humor during the day will lower your stress level; its everywhere.


8. Perspective - Ask yourself, "Why sweat the small things?"  Or, "Just how important is this situation?"


9. Say No - What part of no do you not understand?  As coaches and sport parents we always take on to much. learn how to prioritize and say no to the things that are not as important to you.


10. Relationships - You can improve your relationships with others if you expand your views and conversations to things other than those related to your work or team.


11. Rest - We need at least 8 to 9 hours of rest (sleep).


12. Positive - Be positive, people do not want to be around negative people. I you are negative all the time, they might even get up and leave you.


Feel free to print this out and put somewhere for easy reference.  


Enjoy the seasons!


                     --Coach V