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Positive Coaching is a nonprofit, whose mission is to educate and encourage positive attitudes and behavior in all athletic endeavors by coaches, parents, administrators, media, and players.
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At 68, Pele Awaits His Payday
Sports Superstar Attained Fame, But Fortune Eludes Him; Latest Projects: Cleats
 By Matthew Futterman
The Wall Street Journal

Pele, perhaps the greatest player ever in the world's most popular sport, is still trying to scratch out a living at the age of 68.
He's just signed a merchandising deal with Nomis, a little-known Swiss cleat manufacturer, in a move that could become a runaway success-or yet another example in a lengthy list of business deals whose history is as spotty as his goals were sublime.
On the soccer field, Pele's legacy is virtually unrivaled in the modern history of international sports. A member of three World Cup champions, he scored nearly 1,300 goals in a career that spanned three decades and two continents. But during the 32 years since his retirement, Pele, once one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, has failed to leverage his fame into the vast fortune that other sports superstars like Michael Jordan enjoy today.


 10 Tips for Being a Successful

Sport Parent

                          Sports Parent                

  • Keep the fun in sports
  • Do no harm!
  • Communicate
  • Be positive
  • Know your child athlete
  • Know yourself
  • Model good sports behavior
  • Appreciate effort
  • Empower your child to speak up
  • Know the sport your child plays
"Tip of the Month"
As a coach, if you have difficult parents, try giving them an assignment, like keeping statistics during a game or match.  They will focus more on the mechanics rather than on the emotion of the event. 
You may even be so brave as to ask them to film the game or match and  hope that they are careful with the sound on the film (I had one parent who wasn't and boy did we get an earful)!
Tom Van Buskirk
Positive Coaching

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A Word from the Coach
 You Never Know Whom You Touch !
A vast majority of kids who quit sports do so because of either a coach or parent. I have heard the following rationalizations:

-The coach was too tough
-The coach was not tough enough
-The parents thought their kid was the next (insert ANY superstar's name here)
-The kid's parents are idiots
-The kid has no talent (this coming from a coach of a team of soccer players...who were five years old!)

I coached my son's teams in baseball, basketball and football for eight years. During that time, I NEVER once spoke of winning or losing. I had every team focus on simply getting better during practice. Winning and losing is simply a by-product. We experienced defeat many times, but never had a "losing season."

I recently ran into a player that I coached years ago, who was with his mom. His mom recalled a game when he came off the field after he ran a long way for a ball that he missed resulting in the other team scoring a run, putting them ahead. He was upset as he came off the field and apologized to me. His mother said that after six years he still remembered my words, "Keep running, always run and next time it's yours", as I hugged him.

I didn't remember the incident and have no idea if we won or lost the game. It struck me that we never really know whom we touch and in what way we can impact someone's life-either positively or negatively.
--Coach Walje